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  • How it works—creating group-worthy tasks


    Tasks are considered group-worthy if they are complex and have multiple entry points so that all learners can access the problem. The tasks are open ended, have multiple representations, and may have more than one solution.  (Boaler)


  • Within the first two weeks of school next year I plan to explicitly teach the behaviors and expectations of positive group interactions.

  • In July, by contrast, NOAA had no problem adjusting the global temperature history. In that case, the method they used guaranteed that a growing warming trend would substitute for "the pause." They reported in Science that they had replaced the pause (which shows up in every analysis of satellite and weather balloon data) with a significant warming trend.


  • President Obama's Clean Power Plan is built upon a pack of lies. This I know because for the past two decades I have read and published reviews of literally thousands of peer-reviewed scientific papers that show rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations have little impact on global climate.
  • The reality is that rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations are stimulating the productivity of the entire biosphere, where despite all of the many real and imagined assaults on Earth's vegetation that have occurred over the past several decades,

  • Three-dimensional models focus on concepts, principles and generalizations, using related facts and skills as tools to gain deeper understanding of disciplinary content, transdisciplinary themes and interdisciplinary issues, and to facilitate conceptual transfer through time, across cultures and across situations.
  • Facts provide the foundation and support for deeper, conceptual thinking and understanding. Three-dimensional concept-based curriculum models value student inquiry and constructivist learning to support personal meaning-making.
  • By separating factual knowledge from conceptual knowledge, we highlight the need for educators to teach for deep understanding of conceptual knowledge, not just for remembering isolated and small bits of factual knowledge

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