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Julian Ridden

Julian Ridden's Public Library

Apr 16, 15

Latest exciting MOOC news from Canvas Network: Canvas Network News: Nailed It | Canvas Community

Apr 16, 15

We've got some new features on the website. Wander over to our "sign up" link to be sure you get our next newsletter

Apr 16, 15 - A new #CanvasLMS community is here.
282 registered users at 8:30, just passed 400... #instructure #canvasVLE #canvasLMS

Apr 16, 15

Our Lead Consultant for Teaching & Learning @NextEraEd will be presenting at #ECAWA2015 conference @ECAWASecretary

Apr 12, 15

Teacher Guide to iPad App includes ideas & video tutorials for History & Geography Lessons.

Apr 11, 15

“It’s LMS Dear Watson” with Julian Ridden @EduRidden #ECAWA2015
“It’s LMS Dear Watson” with Julian Ridden @EduRidden #ECAWA2015

Apr 10, 15

A new update for ClickView for iPad/iPhone is now available. Improves Single Sign-On workflow

Apr 09, 15

See that #maharahui15 trending hashtag and wonder what it is, check out my "Mahara: What is it?" micro-talk ;).

Apr 09, 15

Great project for schools MT@MeredithFrost: Superhero mural created with 8,024 Post-It notes:

Apr 09, 15

@holden I finally got around to contributing to the user innovation conversation you inspired me with a year+ ago

Apr 07, 15

Sad it took a comedian to ask #Snowden some real questions. Big Journalism, again, failed everyone. Kudos to Oliver.

Apr 07, 15

Such a great range of topics on offer at this year's #maharahui15 - if only I could attend all of them :( #mahara

Apr 07, 15

Have you signed up yet for the upcoming Moodle Mahara meet up #MMMup? . I have and hope to see you there

Apr 06, 15

Everything I Learned About Education, I Learned From Watching The Princess Bride #Edchat -

Apr 05, 15

Watch Guided Tours #AppleWatch

Apr 01, 15

SpaceX Photos Are Now Available Under a Creative Commons License

Mar 31, 15

Why not fork our website? Hack it to pieces and write your own version, see what makes it tick over on @github

Mar 21, 15

For online to really matter in #education, we need to redefine competency: #onlineed #talkonlineed #elearning #edu

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