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Max Kaehn

Max Kaehn's Public Library

Jul 10, 16

A BIOS or UEFI replacement. Included disabling the Intel Management Engine.

Jul 07, 16

"Apparently, to adopt a social democratic system like that in the Nordic counties, you need a trust level above 80%. With a trust level under 50% now, America simply doesn’t have the necessary social foundation for socialism."

Jun 21, 16

A good argument for limiting magazine sizes instead of particular classes of gun.

Jun 16, 16

"the "well-regulated militias" cited in the Constitution almost certainly referred to state militias that were used to suppress slave insurrections. Payton explained that the founders added the Second Amendment in part to reassure southern states, such as Virginia, that the federal government wouldn’t use its new power to disarm state militias as a backdoor way of abolishing slavery."

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