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Mike McBride

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Apr 29, 16

This situation tonight is something that shows the real danger of hacking. We all know what kind of havoc can be created when someone steals your personal information, but here it's not just someone gaining access to information about this kid, it's someone getting into the account and planting information.

That's the real danger in hacking, that anyone, anytime, can make public what used to be private, or create wholly new "data" from nothing, and have it accepted as truth.

Laremy Tunsil may have, at some point, smoked from a bong. It may have been years ago, as he claims, or not, we don't really know. What we do know is that video came out at exactly the right time to cost him millions of dollars. That was no accident. Someone meant for that to happen.

That is a hacker targeting an individual in order to ruin them. There are so many insecure databases out there where a hacker could do the same thing to any of us. It's only going to get worse, I'm afraid.

Apr 27, 16

Hackers are getting faster whilst defenders are treading water. Over 99 per cent of attacks compromise systems within days (four out of five do it within minutes), and two-thirds of those siphon off data within days (a fifth do it in minutes). Whilst there was an improvement in the number of breaches detected in 'days or less' noted in the last DBIR, that turned out to be a temporary blip. This year, less than a quarter of breaches were detected within the same timeframe – meaning attackers have almost always gotten away with the goods before anyone notices.<br /><br />Worse yet, it's usually not the victim that notices the breach, but a third party (normally either a security researcher or law enforcement).<br /><br />Nearly two-thirds of all breaches are still traced back to weak or stolen passwords – a basic security failure.

This is not good news, not even close. Your data has been hacked, you might as well accept that.

Apr 27, 16

When the subject of child sexual abuse comes up, we get uncomfortable. In this inspirational talk by Jill Tolles, we are challenged to find the courage to have this conversation and be a hero for the 1 in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys who are effected by this silent epidemic.<br /><br />Jill Tolles has taught Communication Studies for the past 10 years at the University of Nevada, Reno and is a member of the teaching faculty at the National Judicial College.

Apr 26, 16

Our media generally frames victims of sexual abuse as white and female. And the national discourse on the subject of molestation and rape is largely within a heteronormative paradigm. The concept of male-on-male child sexual abuse is seen as something that rarely happens; when it does, the perpetrator is often dismissed as a sexually deviant recluse.<br /><br /><br />The idea of mainstream, straight-identified men—prominent, successful ones, even—molesting young boys is still deemed an anomaly. That misconception may prove all the more confounding for young black boys in a society in which role models are hard to come by.

This is all true. As a white male, I see it. I can't imagine how much more that goes for African-American men. Our culture refuses to see men as victims because their somehow afraid that will diminish the narrative of women as the victim, always.

And this gets doubled if the abuser is a woman.

But, sexual abuse is sexual abuse. Gender doesn't matter!

Apr 24, 16

"This parceling out of exclusive negotiating rights to exiting college players has always been presented, even from its low-key inception in a Philadelphia hotel 80 years ago, as a way to ensure competitive balance by giving bad teams first crack at better incoming players.

An added benefit for NFL owners, however — arguably the greatest benefit — is that the draft denies college stars the windfall of potential bidding wars among multiple teams, keeping salaries lower than they might otherwise have been."

These are both true. All we have to do is look to leagues like European football leagues and see that it is absolutely possible for the richest teams to simply buy the biggest names and dominate the competition. On the other hand, those players are also free to negotiate a contract anywhere, for any amount, which is, unarguably getting them more money than a draft system would.

So, which is better?

Apr 24, 16

A new study has found a link between a lack of sleep and an elevated risk for illness.<br /><br />The new study builds on previous studies that found that a lack of sleep impacts that activation of the immune system, inflammation, carbohydrate metabolism and the hormones that regulate appetite. Now Finnish researchers at the University of Helsinki have found that sleep loss also influences cholesterol metabolism.

This is why working all those extra hours is at the very least leading to a higher likelihood of illness, but might possibly be killing us as well.

Is what you're so proud to be working on at 2AM worth it?

Apr 23, 16

"RW Kyle Okposo, New York Islanders: He’s produced five points in five games while averaging four shots per game. The 217-pound Okposo is leading the Islanders with 13 hits. With so many teams looking for scoring and size, Okposo is helping himself with a strong overall game.

C Frans Nielsen, New York Islanders: Nielsen will be looking for a significant raise this summer over the $3.5 million he’s earning. He may get it. He often appears on underrated lists. A versatile player who can check and score, Nielsen has three goals and four points in this first round. His three goals tie him with John Tavares for the team lead. He’s playing 23 minutes per game."

These two guys are going to get offered a lot of money, and a lot of years, somewhere this Summer. I'm not sold that the Islanders can, or should match that. It's going to be very difficult for both of these guys to be back in Brooklyn next season and the Islanders are going to have to hope that some of the young kids are ready for the next step, and that Ryan Strome and Anders Lee bounce back. Otherwise, this is going to be a very thin team offensively.

Apr 23, 16

US-CERT (U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team) based its alert on news Thursday from Trend Micro's TippingPoint group, which said it had been told by Apple that QuickTime on Windows had been deprecated, or dropped from support, meaning no future security updates will be issued and development has been halted.

Lose it, it has vulnerabilities and won't updated. That is a recipe for disaster on your PC.

Apr 23, 16

Encryption and how you control data your is a hot topic right now, but understanding encryption and how it relates to your personal data is confusing. YouTuber CGP Grey explains encryption, as well as some of the issues up for debate right now, as simply as possible.

Apr 23, 16

With 90% of children under 10 going online, and 86% of children aged between seven and 11 using some form of online ­communication, the risk is there from an early age.<br /><br />The more you know about the kind of social networking sites your child belongs to and what information they like to share, the more likely you’ll be able to keep them safe.

But it does require you to know about the technology that kids are using. It might be funny to joke about how the kids can use these new-fangled devices that we don't even understand, but if you expect to keep an eye on what those kids are doing, it's going to require some familiarity of your own. Social networks and online gaming might not be your cup of tea, but your kids are using them, so you should be too.

Apr 23, 16

"WASHINGTON — Suicide in the United States has surged to the highest levels in nearly 30 years, a federal data analysis has found, with increases in every age group except older adults. The rise was particularly steep for women. It was also substantial among middle-aged Americans, sending a signal of deep anguish from a group whose suicide rates had been stable or falling since the 1950s.

The suicide rate for middle-aged women, ages 45 to 64, jumped by 63 percent over the period of the study, while it rose by 43 percent for men in that age range, the sharpest increase for males of any age. The overall suicide rate rose by 24 percent from 1999 to 2014, according to the National Center for Health Statistics, which released the study on Friday."

Clearly, we are doing something wrong, and it is costing people their lives.

Apr 23, 16

This apology for unreadable text always makes me wince because it is a self-inflicted wound. When you show text to the jury, it should be because you want the jury to read and understand something. Large blocks of small, difficult-to-read text usually serve only to distract and annoy an audience.

I'd say this goes double for trainers. Don't repeatably, apologize for things not looking correctly, fix it.

Apr 23, 16

Research is just now beginning to understand how profoundly the emotional trauma of early child hood affects a person as an adult. They realized that if not healed, these early childhood emotional wounds, and the subconscious attitudes adopted because of them, would dictate the adult’s reaction to, and path through, life. Thus we walk around looking like and trying to act like adults, while reacting to life out of the emotional wounds and attitudes of childhood. We keep repeating the patterns of abandonment, abuse, and deprivation that we experienced in childhood.

This post has some good information, but also a questionnaire that can help you determine if childhood abuse is still having a negative impact on your day to day life without you even realizing it.

Take a look!

Apr 23, 16

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have become an important tool not just for large companies, but also for individuals to improve web privacy, dodge content restrictions and counter growing threat of cyber attacks.<br />Opera has released an updated desktop version of its web browser with a Free built-in VPN service to keep you safe on the Internet with just a click.<br />That's a great deal!

That is a pretty nice deal. Anyone used it yet?

Apr 23, 16

There are several hypotheses on why re-victimization happens. Children come to view themselves as “damaged goods” who don’t deserve or shouldn’t expect better. Abused children aren’t able to recognize safe from unsafe people, and if they do, they don’t have the internal or external resources to protect themselves from danger.<br /><br />In a recently published study, a team of researchers from the University of Washington found that substance misuse, particularly blackout drinking, predicted incapacitated sexual re-victimization.<br /><br />

This is all something that many of us recognize, if not in ourselves, than in other survivors we have known. And I do believe that seeing ourselves as damaged is a big part of that, which is sad because surviving should teach us that we are strong, and can survive anything.

That's the truth we struggle to learn.

Apr 23, 16

"Nearly 70,000 pictures and videos showing child sex abuse have been removed from the internet in the past year, the UK charity leading the efforts to combat the abuse has said."

This is good work being done by the IWF, and while it's scary to think about how many images there are out there, it's good to know that they are making a difference. Let's hope they continue to do so!

Apr 13, 16

We’ve known for years that our minds need downtime in between focused work. But add the 24/7 stimulation of smartphone technology and, psychiatrist and author Edward M. Hallowell says, we overload the brain’s circuits, which causes smart people to under-perform at work.<br /><br />This frequently happens within the standard eight-hour workday. Take that information overload and stretch it out over 10 or 15 hours of overtime at the office, and you lose productivity quickly.

Gee, just when businesses convinced themselves that all this technology could get us to work more, it turns out they may be shooting themselves in the foot with it. ;-)

Apr 13, 16

"The thought that networking would be one of the most important aspects of my career never occurred to me. It wasn’t until much later that I understood what people were saying. The problem wasn’t that I was a bad networker, it was that I was following a recipe that was just not made for my personality.<br /><br />It took me years to find the type of networking that works for me. It’s more natural, more organic. It doesn’t happen in large settings, and usually doesn’t involve me thinking up questions in advance. And it certainly does not make me have an anxiety attack because I’m worrying about being interested and interesting."

Let's face it, us introverts need all the tips we can get. Here's some good ones to think about, and act on!

Apr 13, 16

Because of the perceived risk in revealing this news, too many people suffer in silence. Too many pull themselves together to face the world, but alone at home they crumble in shame, guilt, and agonizing pain. The pain is the worst part of it, and while feeling it you are sure this is the only way you have felt and the only way you will ever feel again. That is why ending the charade is so important. As I have become more open about my illness, with my husband, my doctors, my church friends and even my siblings, it is easier to win the battles. The storms still roll in, but I have many willing hands ready to hold an umbrella for me until it passes. That is why if you find out someone you know and love has depression, your reaction will make a difference. It is why if you are struggling with mental illness, you must take down your mask.

Might I add, there is a really, really high likelihood that someone you know does have depression.

Apr 13, 16

So, while the experience of depression is relatively unique to each individual who suffers from it, there are certain characteristics that ring true for all of us who’ve been there—namely (and perhaps most importantly in many cases) what depression is not:

Go read the list, but needless to say, I agree, depression is not funny, glamorous, a decision, finite, or a source of shame.

Don't treat it as such.

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