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Feb 10, 16

"Mental illness and suicidal thoughts can affect anyone, of any age, of any background, at any time. Like with physical illnesses, people don’t choose to have a mental health problem. And they need the appropriate care to get better.

Mental illness and suicidal thoughts are common issues for young people. In 2014-15, nearly a third of concerns expressed to ChildLine related to mental health.

It can be difficult to know if a child is suffering as they often keep it to themselves. But we’re here to help you spot the signs and know how to support them."

Feb 10, 16

"It has been well-documented (link is external) that autobiographical memories associated with smell are frequently more intense and emotionally tinged than memories associated with other sensory cues. This is due to the uniquely direct access smells have to the olfactory cortex, and the proximity of this area of the brain to the limbic system and the amygdala. Several recent studies, however, reveal another singular characteristic of olfactory-cued memories: In addition to arriving at the brain through different channels than other sensory information, olfactory cues tend to trigger memories from a different part of our past than those our other senses."

Unfortunately, for survivors, these experiences can be powerful and disturbing. Smells that trigger abuse memories can come at very arbitrary times and can leave us utterly unable to function for a short time. I've been somewhat lucky in this regard, I don't have any every day smells that serve as reminders to my abuse, but I know some others have had to deal with that struggle.

Are there smells that remind you of your abuse? How have you dealt with them?

Feb 10, 16

I've known some people who had to deal with having their identity stolen over the years, and I've seen what an absolute mess it can be trying to find their way through the maze. Now there's one place to get all the information the government has about dealing with identity theft. That's not bad!

Feb 10, 16

"I remember when I was in high school, one of my friends was learning to write code and, as some friends and I were giving him a hard time about spending his free time reading about Java for Dummies (or something like that), he said, “Technology is going to change everything, you’ll see.”

Said friend now makes a lot of money (much more than Biglaw money) working for Google. What was preventing me or my friends from learning how to code? Cynicism. The exact kind of cynicism that asks the question, “Why should I care about legal technology?”"

Technology isn't going anywhere. I feel the same way about the work I do as a trainer. Sure, you could just keep doing what you're doing and not attend any training to attempt to learn how to use a given tool more efficiently. That only means that when someone does learn a better way of doing things, and changes your workplace, you'll be the one left behind.

Do you want to be that person?

Feb 10, 16

This is big news for anyone who runs an organization's Instagram account as well as having a personal one.

It'll also be nice for all those teens who have one account their parents know about and one they don't, which I hear is a thing. ;-)

Feb 04, 16

This is pretty good advice. Someone dealing with a mental health issue is unlikely to suddenly seek out someone to help them. They may, however, ask someone who is there, sticking by them the whole time.

Feb 04, 16

"It's still not clear how, but a disproportionately large number of websites that run on the WordPress content management system are being hacked to deliver crypto ransomware and other malicious software to unwitting end users.

In the past four days, researchers from three separate security firms have reported that a large number of legitimate WordPress sites have been hacked to silently redirect visitors to a series of malicious sites. The attack sites host code from the Nuclear exploit kit that's available for sale in black markets across the Internet. People who visit the WordPress sites using out-of-date versions of Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader, Microsoft Silverlight, or Internet Explorer can then find their computers infected with the Teslacrypt ransomware package, which encrypts user files and demands a hefty ransom for the decryption key needed to restore them."

Keep an eye on your sites folks. It's not clear how this is happening, but it might not hurt to check on the .js files in your Wordpress install.

Feb 03, 16

The worst thing about this isn't the suspension, I think he got what you get for hitting an official.

No, the worst part is that Dennis Wideman sat on the bench prepared to take his next shift without anyone batting an eye, when he was so concussed he didn't even see a linesman standing right in front of him.

So much for a concussion protocol.

Feb 03, 16

"Histories of child abuse are common among military members and may be important to consider when treating their mental health needs, according to a report from Canada.

People who join the military are more likely to report being abused as children, and that trauma may be more closely linked to suicide risk than trauma experienced during deployment, researchers suggest.

"It's not that deployment-related trauma is not significant, but the relationship is less than childhood-related trauma," said lead author Tracie Afifi, of the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg."

This study was related to the military in Canada, and found that the risk of suicide was significantly higher in members of the military who had a history of child abuse, regardless of what type of trauma they may have experienced while in the military.

What this tells us, is that adults dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts may also be survivors of abuse. That means that telling an adult to look around at their current life, and ask what they have to be depressed about, is missing the point in a million different ways. Current mental health issues are very likely not tied to current events, but to childhood ones.

If you're struggling with depression now, and were abused as a child, get help for both of those things.

Feb 03, 16

"In the case of Max Bielfeldt, he never wanted to leave Michigan. He redshirted as a freshman, stayed three more years, graduated from the School of Kinesiology as a redshirt junior and wanted to return for his final year of eligibility.

Beilein said no. Bielfeldt’s career at Michigan? Closing time.

You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here.

Oh, and he can’t go to Indiana either."

This is one of the reasons I will never buy the argument that college athletes are fairly compensated through their scholarships. Those can be yanked at any time, for virtually any reason. In this case, Michigan yanked this kids scholarship because they wanted to move him out of the way of a younger kid on the basketball team, and then wanted to control where he could transfer.

Thankfully the NCAA at least let him transfer to Indiana, since he's already graduated and has one year of eligibility left. But it shouldn't have come to this. If someone spends four years, one redshirt, at a program, graduates, does all the right things, etc. he should either find himself a part of the team for one last year, or free to play wherever he wants, like every other adult in the US. Michigan doesn't own his basketball rights, and if they do, then this is not a collegiate sport.

Feb 03, 16

As a remote worker, I use quite a few of these, but not all. The ones I use all the time?


As well as things not on this list:

Google Drive

I may have to take a look at a couple of others on this list though.

What apps help you work remotely? What does your list look like?

Feb 02, 16

"According to a study from Ohio State University, something as subtle as phrasing can have an effect on someone's tolerance. Using a questionnaire designed to measure attitudes toward people with mental illness, participants were given one of two versions of the survey: In one version, all references were to "the mentally ill," and in the other, all references were to "people with mental illness." Unsurprisingly, researchers found that across all demographics, people who received the "mentally ill" survey showed less tolerance than those who read about "people with mental illness.""

I haven't given that a lot of thought, but I do know I try to not refer to specific people as being "mentally ill" as much as I try and describe them as struggle with mental health issues or depression, etc. It just sounds nicer to me, and apparently can have an effect on how those people are perceived by readers. So, I will try and be even more aware of it going forward!

Feb 01, 16

"Sometimes the first step is the hardest. A step towards acceptance. A step towards treatment. A step towards recovery. When you live with a mental illness, often times that step involves therapy.

But therapy can be a scary concept, especially if the same voice in your head that’s fueling your mental illness is saying you don’t deserve it. There’s always someone worse. It would be a waste of time. Therapy makes you weak.

But who cares if there’s “always someone worse”? Therapy is not a waste of time, and it certainly doesn’t make you weak. If you think you might need therapy but are hesitant to take the first step, here are some messages from our readers that might change your mind."

It's sad to think that folks dealing with mental health issues don't think they deserve to get help, but it's just another example of how issues like depression lie, and cause us to not see ourselves clearly.

Everyone deserves to get help of some sort. If therapy is available for you, don't talk yourself out of it.

Feb 01, 16

"Whether we like it or not every lawsuit now has ESI and IT is responsible for helping protecting ESI."

This is one of those things that I don't think the legal industry truly understands. IT's job is first and foremost about keeping all the technology running and proiding useful solutions to business needs. Keeping track of data for potential litigation is not a huge priority. In fact, most people in IT would not even think about it unless directed to do so by the legal department.

So make sure you've communicated with them and come up with a process by which they can do what is needed. Don't assume everyone else spends their days thinking about eDiscovery. They don't.

Feb 01, 16

If you're like me, you might have utilize more than one cloud storage service. I use Google Drive most often, but I also use Dropbox and Box too. MultCloud is a service that allows me to tie them all together in one place. MultCloud does more than just provide a single log-in for all of the cloud services that I use. It also allows me to move files between services with a simple drag-and-drop.

By connecting your cloud storage services through MultCloud you create a single dashboard page on which you can view and access the files within all of your cloud storage accounts. To move a file between the services you just select a file from one service and drag it to the other.

This actually looks pretty cool. I might just have to check it out to help manage my various cloud accounts, some of which are work accounts and some personal. Working remotely means having stuff filed all over the place sometimes.

Has anyone out there used MultCloud or anything like it?

Feb 01, 16

I didn't watch the All-Star game because, well, it's a freaking exhibition game, but this is just such a great story. Good for Scott, there's nothing like embarrassing the league after the way he got treated.

Feb 01, 16

"I completely get it. It’s easy to say you accept mental health issues until you actually see it. Sometimes, it’s messy. Sometimes, it involves F-bombs. It’s easy to look at her and just think she’s “one of those bad kids.”

But she only swears when she’s really feeling bad and is starting to lose control. I wanted to walk over to those parents and explain: “She has bipolar disorder. She gets to a point where she’s no longer in control of her words or her body. She was overstimulated and overwhelmed and feeling horrible inside. She’s not stable yet. It will get better soon. She’s not really like that, she’s lovely!” But would that make a difference?

It’s easy to share memes on Facebook say you support mental illnesses, but until you’re there, in the thick of it, you can’t understand what it’s like. Would you accept it if a mental illness incident happened in front of you? Would you feel compassionate, or would you judge? Does my daughter need to have a giant sticker on her forehead saying “Mental illness on board, please be kind”? Why can’t people just be kind anyways?"

I found this article interesting on it's face. It is easy to say we support people struggling with depression or child abuse survivors, but when someone is in the worst of it, and it's not cute and sympathetic looking, can we really say that we're supportive?

On another level, I also found this interesting when thinking about boys who are abused or dealing with mental health issues. Boys don't tend to just "look sad" when they have depression, or when they are dealing with trauma. They might just act out, and it might even be somewhat violent or anti-social. It happens, because pain can take that form sometimes, and can be expressed that way.

It might not be easy to understand that kind of expression of pain, but it might even be more important that we do, before those struggling people damage themselves, or others.

They need support, and healing too.

Jan 28, 16

This is interesting. I've published a few items on LinkedIn out of curiosity, and I could see some benefit in terms of getting likes/comments and potential getting your LinkedIn profile in front of some secondary connections based on those. On the other hand, I have seen a lot, and I mean a lot, of people "publishing" nothing more than marketing pieces on LinkedIn. That really does create a platform that doesn't prove anything about your level of expertise. If someone wants to know about my level of expertise, I would much rather they come check out what I write on my own site, rather than seeing my stuff mixed in with 100s of other peoples marketing messages.

What has your experience with publishing on LinkedIn been?

Jan 28, 16

And here we thought the John Scott situation with the NHL would be the biggest All-Star joke in sports this season. This might not be as much of a joke, but there's something seriously bizarre about it nonetheless.

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