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about 7 hours ago

That's a whole lot of starters to lose for a game in Blacksburg, but with this much time to prepare for the game, I fully expect Urban to have some tricks up his sleeve, especially when it comes to the H-back position. Braxton should have plenty of opportunities at the H-back spot, and I wouldn't be surprised to see the Buckeyes with all three QB's on the field at the same time. In the end though, it's going to be about the offensive line and Ezekiel Elliott though, with so many weapons in the passing game out.

about 10 hours ago

This seems like a bad idea. Then again, as we see with the multi-million dollar stadiums built for the World Cup in Rio that are basically empty now, maybe hosting these types of events is a bad idea all the way around.

about 20 hours ago

How would you feel if your employer asked you to "spread the word" on your personal social media profiles? Would you do it happily? Would you consider it? Would you refuse?

I firmly believe the answer to that question depends on two things.

One, if you don't believe in your company and what they do, I'd be willing to bet you would not like the idea of sharing their message with your social connections.

Two, if you've had an online presence, or "brand" if you will, for awhile I think you'd likewise be less likely to want to share their message. Not because you don't believe it, but because you are thinking more about how it appears to the people who follow you.

Now if both of those things are true, just forget it, unless they tell you it's required, in which case maybe a new job is in order.

Personally, I do occasionally share some Nuix-related stuff, especially when it involves the training classes I'm teaching. I see no conflict there. I don't share everything though, because I don't want my personal sites, or personal social media profiles to become nothing more than a corporate mouthpieces. It's still me here at the end of the day. Heck, I've changed companies 4 times since starting a blog, that history means something more than all that.

Jul 29, 15

Lots of good information here, but none more so than recognizing why it's so important to see childhood emotional abuse for what it is:

"Unfortunately, because emotional abuse is often tolerated or because the abusive parents are very secretive in their abuse (hiding their true selves when in public), emotionally abused children will assume that how they were treated at home was natural. They have no frame of reference. And so, the child will develop a skewed sense of what a healthy relationship is."

Jul 29, 15

The cover up is always worse than the crime. I mean if Le'Veon Bell gets two games for DUI and marijuana possession, the severity of Brady's suspension is completely ridiculous, but when a player has the audacity to defy Roger, look out!

Jul 28, 15

Something to look out for in people you care about. These can be helpful in helping determine when a person has gone beyond a bad day, or is simply dealing with a sad event, and has moved into depression that is affecting their ability to function.

Jul 28, 15

Some good ideas here, but especially important is number one on the list, recognize that healing is different for everyone. Some of the things on this list resonated with me, others did not. We are individuals after all.

Jul 28, 15

The NFL sure makes it hard to be a fan sometimes, but they also know as popular as fantasy football is, they'll always have an audience.

Jul 25, 15

Interesting description of what it's like to deal with social anxiety. As a survivor I was never officially diagnosed as having social anxiety but I know that I was extremely shy, fearful of how other people viewed me, and generally avoided most situations that called for a lot of personal interaction. As I healed from the abuse, that fear also went away, but I can recall many of the same things that are written about here.

Jul 25, 15

What are the chances of Grienke and Niese both having kids the day they were scheduled to pitch against each other?

Jul 24, 15

BPT - Believe, Present and say Thank You.

Good advice for how to handle any survivor who shares their story with you, not just males.

Jul 24, 15

The main concern for eDiscovery is what email communication is no longer available, but I'd suggest a secondary concern, whether the recipient grabbed a screen capture or saved it some other way before it expired, and how we would locate those. Still, it's not like we don't already have concerns with people deleting emails or other items.

Jul 24, 15

""[P]arents are so naive—they're worried about strangers and should be worried about their brother–in–law. They just don't realize how devious we can be. I used to abuse children in the same room with their parents and they couldn't see it or didn't seem to know it was happening."

"I was disabled and spent months grooming the parents, so they would tell their children to take me out and help me. No one thought that disabled people could be abusers."

"[P]arents are partly to blame if they don't tell their children about [sexual matters]—I used it to my advantage by teaching the child myself."

"[P]arents shouldn't be embarrassed to talk about things like this—it's harder to abuse or trick a child who knows what you're up to.""

Jul 24, 15

It's easy to forget that athletes are people with families and problems like the rest of us, and getting traded means more than a new team. Good for Cleveland to recognize that.

Jul 23, 15

I think this quote really hit home for me as I think about my healing, and others. When we've lived for so long as one thing, even if it's not healthy, changing requires us to see ourselves in a new way. It requires tearing down the current vision of ourselves and rebuilding it. In the middle of that process, this quote is wholly accurate.

"My clients in the above workshop were confronted with an existential crisis. They didn’t know who they were anymore. They could draft business plans, complete financial models, write inspirational speeches—but when they looked in the mirror, they didn’t know what they saw.
This disorientation led to weeks and months of stopping and starting, coming and going, and launching and pulling back. To outside observers, the situation seemed schizophrenic. Criticism was constant.
Yet, my brave clients were on the front lines of an enormous struggle. They were redefining who they were as people. Making the business changes was the easy part. Knowing who they were was hard."

We would do well to remember this about anyone trying to heal, or overcome depression, or any other trauma. They are in the midst of trying to redefine themselves, which requires a time of not knowing who they are. Not knowing who you are can look quite messy from the outside, but it's an important part of getting to the next step, knowing who you are now, and using that understanding to move past the trauma.

Jul 23, 15

This seems scary. If you don't think cyber security concerns you, you should probably be aware of how many things currently, or shortly will be, connected to the internet. Yes, it's cool to be able to control your house from your smartphone, or start your car from inside using it on a cold day, but if the communication is going across the internet insecurely, that means anyone else can too! We're not just talking about a defaced website, or even credit card information, we're talking about things that can kill you.

Frankly, until this is secured as much as possible, the self-driving car is a non-starter. I kind of like the idea of the self-driving car, but not so much if it can be hacked and actually controlled by someone else.

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