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Mike McBride

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about 6 hours ago

"1. In 2007, 1 in 2 children in India, both boys and girls, were victims of sexual abuse.

2. Almost 35% of all children in Africa are sexually abused or raped.

3. A child is raped about every three minutes in South Africa.

4. In the United States, a child is raped about every two minutes.

5. Every eight minutes in the U.S., child protective services responds to a report of sexual abuse.

6. 500,000 babies will be born this year in the U.S. who will be sexually abused before they turn 18.

7. In this country, 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men were sexually abused or raped when they were a child. That's over 40 million survivors.

And please note: In countries such as Mexico, Columbia, Uruguay, and Pakistan (among many others) where marriage to children 12 and 14 years old is "legal," it's still child sexual abuse, even if the marriage is considered sanctioned by the government. "

These are stunning facts. Go read the whole thing to learn more about these facts, and what sort of impact these numbers are having.

about 7 hours ago

"If you don’t, you should. When litigation is anticipated, it’s never too early to begin collecting potentially responsive data and assessing it by performing searches and testing the results. However, if you wait until after the meet and confer with opposing counsel, it can be too late.

On the very first day we introduced eDiscovery Daily, we discussed the danger of using wildcards in your searches (and how they can retrieve vastly different results than you intended). Let me recap that example.

Several years ago, I provided search strategy assistance to a client that had already agreed upon several searches with opposing counsel. One search related to mining activities, so the attorney decided to use a wildcard of “min*” to retrieve variations like “mine”, “mines” and “mining”.

That one search retrieved over 300,000 files with hits."

Really, how can you agree to search terms without knowing what the terms will return? It's like going to court and asking your witness a question that you don't know the answer to already, and don't they teach you not to do that in law school?

Oct 12, 15

"Over the last ten years, social media has become part of the fabric of our lives. The use of social network sites has become as routine as using a cell phone or email. Social media is used in all aspects of our lives, whether in communications or information seeking, on personal or business affairs."

Wow, we really have reached a point where not using any social media just makes you out of touch with society. If that's what you're looking for, OK, but don't pretend it's just a fad, even if some individual social networks might be.

Oct 12, 15

Should we just go ahead and suspect everyone who suddenly improves in sports from now on? I don't think we should, but it's hard to argue if someone wants to be skeptical. What happens to Florida now? It has been an amazing season up to now for them, but it's hard not to see it differently now, huh?

Oct 12, 15

"You know how all the depression blogs and ads recommend ‘talking to someone’ and ‘reaching out’. Well, that’s the first thing I did. Admittedly, it took me a long time to get there. For months I suffered in silence thinking I was simply upset with life and not actually going through depression. But the more I suffered alone, the worse it got, so I decided to tell a friend about it.

Here’s what they don’t tell you. Your friends, unless they’ve been through depression before or they are trained psychologists, will have absolutely no clue how to react or cope with your depression. Some will simply pass it off as a temporary phase, others will think you’re being overly dramatic. The friends that didn’t ignore it altogether just kept telling me “everything will be okay”. And when your body keeps shouting, “you will never be okay!” this kind of advice isn’t much help.

Which brings me to one of the main reasons I decided to write this post…
Here are a few pointers to keep in mind if a friend or loved one ever tells you they are experiencing depression:"

Go check out the pointers, but also read more about Stacy's story.

Oct 12, 15

I'm a big fan of email threading technology, especially one that can identify the endpoints of email threads. Why look at every single email when it takes 15 emails for a small group of coworkers to plan lunch, when you can just look at the end of the thread, scroll through the previous messages quoted in that last email, and decide the whole conversation is irrelevant?

It only makes the review process more efficient, and as a non-lawyer, I can't understand what could be wrong with that?

Oct 10, 15

Agreed. Raising awareness is a big part of encouraging people to feel safe and ask for help, but if the help isn't available, it's not doing any good for them. How do we make sure help,is there when necessary?

Oct 09, 15

I can't say that I started blogging for all of these reasons back 14 years ago, or that I continued for all of these reasons. But, a couple of them were true then, and remain true today.

I blog to share my knowledge and my passions, to connect with other people, whether it be professionally here, or to talk about sports, or to remind child abuse survivors that they aren't alone. The last 14 years have helped introduce me to a whole bunch of people who I wouldn't know had I not started a blog, and given me a creative outlet for the things I want to share. I've never done it to make money, but it's still managed to enrich my life and been worth all the time and effort!

Oct 08, 15

Honestly, I haven't given much thought to boarding passes. When I have a printed one, I typically hang on to it and throw it away once I reach my destination, assuming that once the flight has been completed, it has no value. (I am crazy about not losing it before a flight, out of what is probably an irrational fear of someone else boarding the plane in my place, but hey, it's my fear.)

Given all of the information about me that is available in the text, let alone the barcode, I should probably hang on to all of them until I get home and shred them though, instead of tossing them at the hotel. Or, always just use electronic ones, which stores them on my phone, but really,aren't we all taking precautions to protect all of the other data that's on our phones anyway?

Oct 08, 15

FanDuels and DraftKings can say whatever they like, but whenever money is involved, it's gambling, and all of the same sorts of things that are true about gambling addiction when it comes to playing slots, or betting on games, apply here too!

What's ridiculous about it is the way the leagues and media outlets try to pretend that this isn't gambling somehow so that they can remain "clean" and above reproach. Because, you know, being involved with anyone gambling on the actual game would be awful, but betting on individual player results somehow isn't. (As if professional gamblers couldn't influence those numbers just as easily as they could fix a game.)

Nope, it's just fantasy sports, but it's real money, which brings out real problems.

Oct 08, 15

Even as a Cowboys fan, I'm not thrilled with Greg Hardy's behavior. I've held my nose and "rooted" for lots of people that I wouldn't want to be friends with over the years, but Hardy does come across as truly clueless. The comments about coming out "guns blazing" and about Tom Brady's wife I guess were supposed to be funny, but coming from Hardy, they aren't/ There's something to be said for the context of any joke, and the context around Hardy really is not conducive to trying to be funny about a woman's looks, or guns. Seriously dude, get a clue.

Oct 07, 15

"The case lays bare how toxic and twisted social role of masculinity is. It has relied on the cartoonish cliche of school boys as horny, hormonal messes who always want sex. It caricatures boys as constantly "up for it" to the extent that their ability to consent or not to sexual acts is taken less seriously. 

When men are sexually assaulted by women, we often fail to take the victims seriously because of gender stereotyping about power dynamics. It is deeply ingrained in society to see all intercourse, consensual or non-consensual, as something which men do to women; the female is passive and receptive while the male is assertive and dominant."

It's funny how every other group out there is constantly telling us that gender is a social construct, and no one should be stereotyped, and that rape victims are never to blame, etc. Yet we still tell ourselves that all boys "wanted it" and were lucky to be sexually assaulted.

Oct 07, 15

"It isn’t what you think.  The most damaging aspect of child sexual abuse isn’t the abuse.  It’s what the abuse does to you emotionally and psychologically.  It’s the hidden burden you had to carry for too long.  It’s that shameful secret.  

Here’s how it works.  My stepfather was a great guy.  He was nice to me and to other people.  He was charismatic and outgoing.  Everyone enjoyed hanging out with him.  I did, too.  But I didn’t like what he was doing to me.  I didn’t understand why it kept happening or what it meant.  None of it made sense.  It left me feeling alone, disconnected, and confused."

As an adult survivor, it's the things we learned as a child that keep us from being healthy. I know this is true. I wasn't being abused as an adult, but the things I believed about myself, and the world, and my inability to connect to anyone around me, prevented me from truly living

Oct 07, 15

"Whenever I bump into you in the high street, in the gym, the pub, uneasiness washes over me. I don’t know who to be: the school child me, with high grades but a rebellious streak; young adult me, flirting with socialism and madness; or “mature” me, literary, tired, and slightly jaded.

The truth is, depression has pretty much wiped me of my identity. I don’t know who I am anymore, so I don’t know how to relate to you. I’m worried that you’ll judge me, size me up and condemn me for not making a decent effort with my life. You’ll ask about my annual salary, if I have any kids yet, where am I holidaying this year. I’m not willing to share details with you, and sorry, but I have no interest in how you are doing either.

Depression makes you selfish: you need to concentrate so hard on getting yourself through the day, that other people can be pushed out onto the peripherals. Close friends remain; it is true that I have kept in touch with a few select people, who float sporadically in and out of my life. But even these folk I sometimes avoid, or do not return their calls. They all know about my illness, they understand that I could have a bad week and not feel like talking. But how do I explain that to someone I was once in the same class with and I haven’t seen in over a decade? Will you understand, will you pity me, or will you politely end the conversation and back off, go home and tell fellow ex-classmates, ‘Guess who I met today, and is now completely insane?’"

I found this article very interesting. Coming out of the other side of depression, I no longer feel this way when I run into people I know, pretty much I can be approached anytime now. But, when I run into people who knew me before, I do have that anxiety about how to relate to them. I'm not the same person I was back then, and I have no desire to be that person, because I was trying so hard to hide what I was going through. It's one thing to be connected on social media, where I can slowly consider how I relate to people, it's quite another to be face to face with someone. So forgive me if I seem to be a bit awkward and overly thoughtful. That's jut me trying to figure out who I am in relation to you and our shared history, today. If you can understand that though, I'm more than happy to reconnect!

Oct 07, 15

Lots of links to quality eDiscovery resources in this post. Naturally, I wanted to make sure you all saw them!

Oct 07, 15

"Depression is very common, affecting one in five people — if not you, then a friend or family member. This makes a basic knowledge of the disorder vital for everyone. Dr. Patricia Deldin of the University of Michigan Depression Center debunks misperceptions to encourage a better understanding. "

Oct 07, 15

"Predictive coding tools have serious ROI beyond litigation, because employees can find what they're looking for -- quickly."

Makes sense to me. I've worked with some folks who are using their eDiscovery tools to simply store and index data that they may need to search at some point. Most of the time that decision is driven by the need to be prepared to deal with eDiscovery, but once the data is there, it opens up other possibilities.

Oct 06, 15

"As I lay here in bed writing out my thoughts, I hope and pray that my words can somehow make a positive impact to anyone struggling with ANY type of mental illness: You are not alone and there is nothing wrong with you. Just like a patient with cancer or heart disease, you did NOTHING to bring this on and your illness DOES NOT define who you are."

This, IMHO, is the paragraph that most resonated with me when I think about depression and mental health. Too many of us spend far too much time thinking there is something wrong with us, and that we have to suffer in silence when the exact opposite is true.

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