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about 2 hours ago

"In May 2014, Shawe and Elting filed four lawsuits against each other. Shawe distributed a litigation hold notice, which applied to text messages and laptop data. However, he failed to image or preserve his own iPhone or laptop per the litigation hold, and deleted 19,000 files from the laptop before it was imaged pursuant to an expedited discovery order. "

He was the co founder of an eDiscovery company for eff's sake! To quote the young kids, I just can't with this.

about 2 hours ago

"Invalidation is triggering. It makes a white hot anger rise up inside. We want to defend ourselves the way we couldn’t when we were young. At the same time, we lean towards self-doubt because we’d all rather believe the abuse didn’t happen at all. Invalidation makes healing slow down and we feel like we don’t have a right to share our story anymore.

In the end, we can’t control other people (or the things they say). We can only control our behavior.

“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.” — Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching"

This is very true, and is something I try to mention often when we talk about whether a survivor should tell their story. I'm all for any survivor who wants to tell their story, but that survivor should also be prepared to deal with people who don't respond very well. OR not deal with them, as the case may be. In the end, our healing doesn't require those people, it only requires ourselves. So even if the response is invalidation, you continue down that path, and validate yourself.

about 3 hours ago

Randy Gregory was already facing a four-game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy. That suspension is going to be longer.

The Cowboys took a lot of gambles trying to improve the defense last year, signing Greg Hardy, drafting Randy Gregory, hanging on to Rolando McClain, etc.

Those haven't worked out well. We hope Gregory can benefit from treatment for his life, let alone his football career. But for Cowboys fans, these gambles are turning out to be increasingly difficult to accept.

It's been more than twenty years since the Cowboys were in a Super Bowl.

about 16 hours ago

"They might find out now and that is OK. I am sharing my story because my desire to help someone stay one more day by letting them know they are not alone outweighs any fear of what someone might think if they know I’m not perfect.

So let them find out. I am still the same person they knew yesterday."

This is something that I watch when others write, because I know that I don't face the same "risk" as some other bloggers when it comes to mental health issues. Mine are, for the most part, in my past. They were part of healing from childhood abuse, and as I started to both heal, and learn healthier coping mechanisms, the mental health issues have become part of my past. Not that I don't have to keep an eye on myself, and continue to do the things I learned in therapy, but it's not a continuing struggle either.

For other folks who are dealing with current mental health issues, it can be difficult to be "public" because, as much as we don't like the stigma, people do see you differently. I'm glad that there are some folks willing to step out and talk about it anyway. It's the only way we have to fight stigma, and to let others know they are not alone.

about 20 hours ago

"Some of Dropbox’s underused features include commenting on files, bookmark storage, podcast hosting, and creating photo albums. There’s even some pretty impressive team collaboration and PDF annotation tools that many people haven’t tried yet.

In other words, if you use Dropbox to its full potential, you could save yourself a lot of headaches.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, though. If you use Dropbox alongside a couple of other apps, you can easily automate a large number of repetitive tasks, saving you time, and shortening your to-do list."

Hmm, I do a lot with Dropbox already, but there are some serious things to think about in this article as well. Take a look and see of any of them could help you automate your Dropbox life!

about 20 hours ago

Because if you've ever wanted to learn a bit about forensics, you already know free information is hard to find. This article not only has a link to some free training, but also to forensic tools that you can use.

about 20 hours ago

"In these days of “clean eating” and “all natural” everything, there’s also a growing resistance among women to being “medicated” in general. “I hear from a lot of people who don’t want to medicate themselves for their mental health issues,” says Natasha Tracy, 38, a mental health speaker and writer who has been dealing with the challenges of bipolar disorder for 18 years, including periods of feeling suicidal. “Some of them won’t even work with a mental health professional at all because they know that the doctor will want them to take something. They want to believe that there’s a ‘natural’ way to fix this problem. If you had a problem like a broken foot, you wouldn’t expect an herb to fix it. People think a natural remedy will work for mental illness because it’s ‘just their emotions,’ but it’s biological; it’s in your brain. The brain is an organ just like any other. The brain is a very fancy organ and does a lot of things, but just like your lungs or pancreas can get sick, your brain can get sick.”"

The article is about women, obviously, but I think this sort of "logic" is something many people are falling prey to. The idea that they can simply eat or meditate their way to good mental health. I'm not saying the eating healthy, and other practices shouldn't be part of taking care of yourself, physically and emotionally, but when you are talking about something like severe depression, and other mental health issues, those things need to be part of an overall health plan that also includes medically proven treatments, which can be therapy and medication.

We're losing too many people to suicide, and may of those losses could be avoided if we treated mental illness like an illness, instead of a character flaw.

Jul 22, 16

"Puck Daddy points out that the Islanders can opt out of their lease after the 2018-19 season, so it wouldn’t be surprising if a Queens-area building alongside the Mets stands as merely one of several rumored options.

There have already been a few:"

We'll probably be hearing a lot of rumors. As long as one of them doesn't include Quebec or other places outside of the New York Metro area!

Jul 22, 16

I guess we know why he was dismissed now, and frankly, good. I'm glad.

But, it really is all on Mike Weber to replace Zeke now.

Jul 21, 16

"PTSD not only affects one’s mental health but it can negatively affect one’s marriage as well. The symptoms of PTSD can create problems with trust, closeness, intimacy, communication, decision-making, and problem-solving, often giving rise to the destruction of relationships. The loss of interest in social activities, hobbies, or sex can lead to one’s partner feeling a lack of connection or being pushed away. A PTSD spouse can feel isolated, alienated and frustrated from the inability to work through the problems and help his or her partner. Partners may feel hurt or helpless because their spouse has not been able to get over the trauma. This may leave loved ones feeling angry or distant toward their partner."

Lots of good insight in this article, especially if your spouse is dealing with PTSD. Check it out and know what to expect!

Jul 20, 16

If this doesn't convince you to use a password manager just look at it this simply. We are seeing more and more hacks aimed at grabbing passwords from random websites, not so much to get access to those accounts, but to try and run the same usernames and passwords over other websites and gain access to those accounts. For example, the LinkedIn breach contained some really old data, but how many people were using the same combination on banking and other sites? Turns out, enough to make it worth while for hackers to get that data.

So, really, to protect yourself from that, you should never repeat passwords across different sites. Good luck remembering all the passwords you have setup! There's no way.

Personally, I use LastPass, but there are other options out there, and you should really be thinking about it.

Jul 19, 16

Correa is not necessarily a master hacker, but got access thanks to a combination of lax protocol and a little bit of luck. Astros GM Jeff Luhnow used to work for the Cardinals before taking the Houston job in 2011. Correa happened to know his old boss’ password from his time with the Cardinals, which Lunhow failed to change significantly after switching teams.

It may not seem like much, but it is still unauthorized access to a computer system, which is the definition of hacking as a crime. It's probably best to keep that in mind the next time you want to guess your spouse's password to their work email, for example. (Among many other seemingly "fun" pranks you could play on friends and family)

Crime. Jail time. For dropping in and checking another team's scouting notes.

Jul 19, 16

Yeah, I go back and forth all the time, and there a couple of things that I commonly forget, so I'm sharing this for all of us who have to go back and forth between a Mac and a PC because of our professional duties.

Heck, this article is worth taking a look at just to grab the RedQuits app and close programs by closing the open window on the Mac!

What kids of everyday things cause you to pause or click around when you're switching between the two?

Jul 18, 16

There are 22 rule changes listed in this article, so I'm not going to even pretend that more than a couple would ever be implemented. However, I definitely think a couple of them should be.

For example:

2) After an icing, the offending team can't call timeout.

6) If a skater loses his helmet, he has to immediately leave the ice.

22) Shooting the puck over the glass in your own zone is no longer a penalty.

A couple of others probably won't be implemented, but I think they would really help the game:

8) After an icing, you can't put your goaltender back on the ice.

9) Overtime is 10 minutes of 4-on-4 and that's it.

20) Goaltenders have to serve their own penalties.

Which of the 22 rule changes would you implement? Any that are missing?

Jul 17, 16

One month after the International Association of Athletics Federations, track and field’s world governing body, made the unanimous decision to ban Russia’s track and field team from competing in the Olympics, a group of antidoping officials is aiming to bar the entire nation.

I can't help but wonder if this will turn out to be a case of being careful what you wish for. If Russia gets a complete ban for doping, expect the same thing to happen to other countries in time, and I don't think anyone can claim complete innocence on the doping front.

Jul 17, 16

Experiencing trauma in childhood can have a severe and long-lasting effect. When childhood trauma is not resolved, a sense of fear and helplessness carries over into adulthood, setting the stage for further trauma.<br /><br />Childhood trauma results from anything that disrupts a child’s sense of safety, including:<br /><br />An unstable or unsafe environment<br />Separation from a parent<br />Serious illness<br />Intrusive medical procedures<br />Sexual, physical, or verbal abuse<br />Domestic violence<br />Neglect<br />Bullying<br />Symptoms of emotional and psychological trauma<br /><br />People react in different ways to trauma, experiencing a wide range of physical and emotional reactions. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to think, feel, or respond, so don’t judge your own reactions or those of other people. Your responses are NORMAL reactions to ABNORMAL events.

Two things stand out to me here. One, as another article I blogged about recently stated, it's not just physical abuse that causes trauma in childhood, so we should be looking at of the causes of trauma and how they leave children at risk for more trauma into adulthood because of a lack of skills to deal with stressful situations.

Second, everyone's responses to trauma are different. That's why I hate when survivors of child abuse start comparing stories and symptoms as if there's some sort of "normal" reaction to child abuse. Of course there is no "normal" reaction, there's nothing normal about being abused as a child, and there's no one way to heal or overcome that abuse.

But healing and overcoming is possible.

Jul 17, 16

"Hit reports, by themselves, are of limited value, however. They do not speak to whether the hits are relevant, but merely show how many documents hit on a particular word. They can, however, sometimes identify anomalies that can be researched further by looking at sample documents. For example, if a hit report indicates that a term hits on most of a custodian’s emails, it may lead counsel to look at some of the hits and realize that a term is hitting on a signature line and may need to be removed or limited further."

I actually agree that while there may not be that much you can glean from a search hit report, I still show people exactly how to generate one during a training class. Simply put, there are lots of times when you need to test search terms before you either agree to them, or commit to using them, and as an ediscovery tech, you should be able to report back, especially when a suggested search terms is either overly broad, or overly specific.

So yeah, you should probably know how to get one from your eDiscovery software. ;-)

Jul 17, 16

"One day, a Canadian friend, whose husband and daughter I had met in Honduras during a mission trip in 2011, sent me a Bible verse after learning of my anxiety. Jeremiah 29:11, which is a verse that I had read often, says, “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.”

Upon reading that in the theme of anxiety, I began to realize where medication falls into place. God wants us to be happy, to be at peace. He wants us to live unmolested by turmoil, but the world isn’t perfect. If medication helps us get from point A to point B, if medication can give us peace, then where is the problem? The medication calmed me during rough patches and let me evaluate life clearly as opposed to a state of panic. That was the purpose of the medication: To give me a little more reaction time."

It has always confused me that many believers who have no qualms about enjoying the many things that God created around us, somehow put drugs into another category altogether, as if the god they claim is so powerful couldn't have placed those chemical compounds in to nature for just this very purpose.

No, mental illness is not a sign of weak faith any more than it's is a sign of a weak mind or character. It's an illness, period, and should be treated as such by whatever we have at our disposal.

Jul 17, 16

“There’s this notion in the public’s mind that physical or sexual abuse is somehow more harmful than verbal abuse or other types of trauma,” he says. “The scientific evidence does not support that. I think parsing out the impacts of different types of trauma leads to a kind of reductionism that may be neither necessary nor important for holistic treatment of children and families.”

This is something that, I think, is interesting. I do believe we typically think of physical violence, especially sexual violence, as being "worse". The reality though, is that much of the damage done by that violence in terms of children growing up hurting and lacking the skills that allow adults to succeed in being adults, is also done when kids grow up in toxic environments, broken homes, victims of sever bullying and emotional abuse as well. All of them grow up with similar issues, and these are all things we should be trying to support children and adults through.

So yeah, we should be paying attention to all of it.

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