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Michael Faris

Michael Faris's Public Library

May 23, 15

"The reason that I get grouchy is that I hate how the risks that we’re concerned about are shaped by the fears of privileged parents, not the risks of those who are already under constant surveillance, those who are economically disadvantaged, and those who are in the school-prison pipeline."

May 23, 15

Acknowledging that the protracted legal battle has been both trying and costly, Durand-Baïssas is now seeking €20,000 (~$22,200) in damages from Facebook and to have his profile reinstated. "Facebook has a very Anglo-Saxon conception of freedom of expression," Durand-Baïssas's attorney, Stéphane Cottineau, added. "On Facebook we can read homophobic and racist comments, or comments that praise terrorism, but we don't have the right to see a thigh or a bit of breast in a nude photo."

May 19, 15

"Because what good would white supremacy be if it did not confer upon the people who benefit from it the authority to be the final arbiters of what is and what isn’t racist? What use is a system of domination if it does not dictate the terms under which it can be criticised, and the form that that criticism is permitted to take?
Comments like this aren’t unique – they are classic examples of how white supremacy operates to quell legitimate concerns from people of colour. It is not enough that we suffer under white supremacy but we are also told that we trade in it, enjoy it: that we derive pleasure from witnessing and indeed living racism, in the way that only those who do not experience racism can say with such self-assuredness."

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