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Michael Faris

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Mar 29, 16

"And that’s the key thing: no matter how backward-looking citations may appear, in their fastidious recounting of the publication history of past sources, they are in fact always future-oriented, communicating information that may be necessary for a reader in a situation that we cannot yet fully imagine. Citations are the highway markers of an ongoing conversation, one that does not end with the text presently being written, but that has the potential to stretch both forward in time and outward in unexpected directions. Any given scholarly exchange could result not just in the rebuttal of prior arguments but in those arguments’ potential recirculation and reinterpretation in the context of another scholar’s work."

Mar 26, 16

"Interracial relationships are often socially glamorized as the relationship of the liberal. It is for those evolutionary individuals that have ascended race into colorblindness. But, on the contrary, interracial dating can enable racism. The “I can’t be racist, I have a black lover”  excuse is used to validate racist behavior. What is the intersection between race and romance? Dating a black person for a year does not cure centuries of hate. It is possible to love on a black body without actually loving the black body. Our beliefs follow us into the bedroom. Black pussy can cure many things, but micro aggressions, white privilege and white supremacy are not one of them."

Mar 23, 16

"Some frightening scenarios that have unfolded suggest it’s just a matter of time before dangers mount. For example, in January, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency reported that drug traffickers hacked the GPS of U.S. border patrol drones to make it possible for them to cross the border with Mexico illegally and avoid surveillance. (DHS didn’t respond to our request for comment.) Back in 2011, Iran was said to have hacked a CIA spy drone and forced it into a soft landing to probe the aircraft’s contents. In another twist, drones can not only be hacked but also be used to do the hacking: A group of researchers at iTrust, a research center at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, recently developed a drone that can fly up to office buildings and hack printers, sending sensitive information directly to the drone."

Mar 23, 16

"It is no coincidence that the many intellectuals who have recognized the coercive violence of early capitalism have often put their scholarship to political ends, yet these figures are left out of Beckert’s narrative. He may have coined the phrase “war capitalism,” and he does cite Williams and James in a few footnotes, but he fails to acknowledge outright in the body of his text the radical origins of the concept. The notion already appears fully formed in the final chapters of the first volume of Marx’s Capital under the guise of “primitive accumulation”:"

  • where conventional pornography offers to satiate desire with manicured and manufactured bodies, the truly amateur webcams that do offer up fleshly images for the most part make no concessions to those conventions of female sexiness. These are women who sometimes look awful in the morning, don’t hide their cellulite and only get made up the way they, not we, prefer
  • The images these sites offer are both banal and arousing, deeply ordinary and deeply disturbing. They mess with the ideas we have about our own desires — about what we find attractive or interesting in people. They invite us to be intimates and keep us at a distance. No wonder we are fascinated but don’t necessarily “get it” right away.

  • Jennifer Ringley of JenniCam created her initial Webcam site on April 14th, 1996, uploading images of herself every three minutes from her dorm-room in Dickenson College Pennsylvania. She was motivated to set up her cam after seeing a Webcam called The Amazing Fish Cam which was pointed at an aquarium in the offices of Netscape. Four years later her site, now located in her apartment in Washington D.C., gets 4.5 million hits a day and has transformed Ringley into a Net Star: one of a small elite number of Webcam girls who have attained a level of fame on the Net which has not yet become apparent in the Offline world.
  • these sites are populated by strong voices that often consciously refuse to be pigeon-holed or controlled. These sites offer a form of resistance to traditional paradigms of sanitized broadcast media through their confessional and contradictory nature. In these sites there are seldom apologies for contradiction or outbursts. There are statements of a day to day reality and images of a lived experience of reality. A reality recorded Online - a reality that is public not private.

  • It’s just as easily dismissed (messing around with Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue and ridiculous amounts of glitter) as it is admired (exercising finely-honed skills to produce heirloom-quality ceramics).
  • to craft can be a conscious choice that forms identities and builds communities—whether those include rejecting consumer culture or embracing family traditions
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