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May 03, 16

5th Grade Student Minecraft Calculator: via @YouTube

May 02, 16

Bookmark our #IAedChat google site with an archive chats and other helpful resources! Suggestions welcome!
Bookmark our #IAedChat google site which houses an archive of these chats and resources!

Apr 27, 16

A2: Use #YouTube videos like this for discussion on engineering, mathematics, electricity, physics #MineCraftEd

Apr 27, 16

How much is a diamond worth? Also love Game Theory - Not school app though #MinecraftED

Apr 27, 16

W/ #Shakespeare400 happening, teach a classic through Minecraft #MinecraftED

Apr 19, 16

@bretdom @ChrisNordmannGeniushour @AnIowaTeacher Ted Talk Presentations in May! Read all abt it here!!! #LS125 …

Apr 18, 16

@AnIowaTeacher check out the PD framework that we set up at Oelwein. Giving teachers Ts choice & time was goal.
@AnIowaTeacher @a_krehbiel13 It’s from my personalized PD model:

Mar 25, 16

In case anyone needs some BYOD resources :) #moedchat

Mar 18, 16

Here is a list of links I created for #breakoutEDU #MOedchat

Mar 16, 16

A6: Here is my #YouTube playlist for #FL #Second Language Teachers #MinecraftEd

Mar 16, 16

Yes we did this with Chichen Itza and Tenochtitlan #MinecraftEd

Mar 10, 16

Access extra #PARCC Prep resources #engchat #litchat #edtech #ccss #CommonCore

Feb 19, 16

@AnIowaTeacher @tylercbritt my district uses DORA but it isn't my favorite; is a fab online comp practice resource

Feb 19, 16

Another great resource
There are great books with ideas and teacher experiences. + the summer conference #ankedchat

Feb 19, 16

I just presented abut flipping. Here is my presentation. There are links to videos for different purposes #ankedchat

Feb 17, 16

A5: My first #Minecraft lesson was #Mayan vs #Aztec builds #MinecraftEd

Feb 17, 16 Always use this structure as your 1st lesson #MinecraftEd

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