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Michel Bauwens

Michel Bauwens's Public Library

about 3 hours ago

"Working to change the world making lofty use of cybernetics (as conceived by Plato) and consolidation of talent and good will to international level - Initiating, stimulating and maintaining an international widespread movement of ethics, co-engineering, co-construction, sharing of knowledge and skills to enable progress - Ingeniously teaching interdependence and raising the level of consciousness by real time experiments in order to get people (thanks to information technology) to become agents of positive change and reverse this general trend towards individualism, materialism and pessimism - Conceptualizing unconventional solutions to rewrite the existing socio-economic and behavioural models then meet the various local issues - Acting singularly locally and ingeniously combining added-values at the global level to build the future global civil society – An alter-globalization program under development – A process that requires the involvement of people whose aspirations are similar."

about 3 hours ago

"our revolving loan fund: the financial version of an Amish barn raising."

about 5 hours ago

"How do you make sure billions of people around the world have access to food?

You start a revolution.

At least that’s what two leading U.S. scientists argue in a new report. Feeding people will require cleaner energy, smarter farming and women’s rights, but also a “fundamental cultural change,” according to Paul Ehrlich, president of the Center for Conservation Biology at Stanford University, and University of California, Berkeley, professor and researcher John Harte.

“What is obvious to us is … that if humanity is to avoid a calamitous loss of food security, a fast, society-pervading sea-change as dramatic as the first agricultural revolution will be required,” they wrote in their report published last week in the International Journal of Environmental Studies."

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