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Michel Bauwens

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about 3 hours ago

"Greeks should not be bowed by this “gunboat diplomacy,” to use Karl Whelan’s words. Over the coming week, Tsipras and his team need to prepare plans for coping with default, including the introduction of a parallel currency that could subsequently become a new drachma. There is a chance that a resounding No vote in the referendum will bring the creditors to their senses. But if it doesn’t, default on the 3.5 billion euros due to the ECB on July 20 and leaving the euro is better than debt bondage.

Grexit would be painful initially. But by forcing the Greek government to curtail bank withdrawals and control capital outflows now, the creditors are frontloading some of its costs, making the additional pain of leaving smaller. Freed of debt, with a cheaper currency, and with greater policy freedom, the Greek economy would soon recover. Argentina’s started growing again only a year after quitting its currency board with the US dollar in 2001. And if the Greek government continued to service its private debts, it would soon regain market access. The country’s future prospects would then depend on how well (or badly) it was governed. Let the Greek government and the Greek people be responsible for that."

about 4 hours ago

"Feenberg (2002) argues, social conflict may help us to identify possibilities for social change. This paper is not a comprehensive survey of the recent history of contention around ICT. Rather, it is a sketch of the fall and rise of some differing ways in which ICT h These cases illustrate some of the shifts in the nature of the struggle between competing visions and interests in the development and use of digital envisaged by Feenberg. Early attempts to assert control in the workplace were, effectively rebuffed and unions rather sought to exploit ICT instrumentally. More recent contention of the nature of technology have taken place outside the workplace, increasingly originating in more self-consciously ‘digital’ political cultures. as been enrolled in social contention."

about 4 hours ago

"Micah L. Sifry is a writer, editor and democracy activist. Since 2004, he has been the co-founder and editorial director of Personal Democracy Media. In addition to co-founding Civic Hall earlier this year, he is also a senior adviser to the Sunlight Foundation and serves on the boards of Consumer Reports and the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science. He is the author or editor of eight books, most recently A Lever and a Place to Stand: How Civic Tech Can Move the World (Personal Democracy Media, 2015) and The Big Disconnect: Why the Internet Hasn’t Changed Politics (Yet) (OR Books, 2014), and in the spring of 2012 taught “The Politics of the Internet” at Harvard’s Kennedy School. He lives with his family in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY."

about 4 hours ago

"-- Richard Stallman

The international banks, and their plutocratist politicians, have
rejected the easy course of giving Greece a path back to growth and to
repaying most of its debt. They demand Greece accept six months more
of the "help" that would leave Greece even more desperate. Apparently they want to make an example of
Greece to intimidate other victims others.

With their rejection of Greece's last offer, their arrogance is now
explicit: they demand Greece choose between the disaster of economic
exclusion and the disaster of economic occupation.

It seems to me that it is better to suffer by fighting and weakening
one's enemies than to suffer by surrendering and serving them.  It
seems to me that these banks oppress all of Europe, so rebelling
against them is imperative.

Thus, it seems to me that Greece should choose NO on July 5.  No to
the banksters' ultimatum, no to their dominion, and no to their

That's how it seems to me; but it is easy for me to say such things,
since I won't be the one who suffers.  It is for Greeks to say how it
seems to them."

about 4 hours ago

"The only sensible way forward is to cancel the Greek debt (or at least substantial swathes of it) and for the international community to support Greece's democratically elected government to rebuild its society and its economy. I ask my fellow Labour leadership candidates to echo this call to the Prime Minister, and for him to heed this call. It is in our own interests to do so."

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