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Michel Bauwens

Michel Bauwens's Public Library

about 19 hours ago

"W.E.B. Du Bois and the others you mention in your book, Collective Courage: A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice?"

about 19 hours ago

"strategic partnering arrangements, based on a co-planning approach, through which the public sector can connect with third sector organisations (voluntary, charity and social enterprise organisations) to share responsibility for designing services based around service user needs. Once designed and trialed, such services can then be commissioned for the longer term through a competitive tendering process."

about 23 hours ago

"In Molecular Red, McKenzie Wark creates philosophical tools for the Anthropocene, our new planetary epoch, in which human and natural forces are so entwined that the future of one determines that of the other.

Wark explores the implications of Anthropocene through the story of two empires, the Soviet and then the American. The fall of the former prefigures that of the latter. From the ruins of these mighty histories, Wark salvages ideas to help us picture what kind of worlds collective labor might yet build. From the Russian revolution, Wark unearths the work of Alexander Bogdanov—Lenin’s rival—as well as the great Proletkult writer and engineer Andrey Platonov.

The Soviet experiment emerges from the past as an allegory for the new organizational challenges of our time. From deep within the Californian military-entertainment complex, Wark retrieves Donna Haraway’s cyborg critique and science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson’s Martian utopia as powerful resources for rethinking and remaking the world that climate change has wrought. Molecular Red proposes an alternative realism, where hope is found in what remains and endures."

Oct 04, 15

"L'atelier s'appuiera sur les textes, études et analyses des politiques sociales en Europe pour interroger les apports des communs. Une observation synthétique du fonctionnement des systèmes sociaux en Europe sera rappelée, ainsi que le calendrier politique des prochaines réformes: renégociations de la convention chômage pour les salariés du privé (UNEDIC) ; les travaux de simplification du code du travail lancé par le gouvernement et la conférence sociale d’octobre ; l’agenda européen des réformes sociales relatif au déploiement de la stratégie Horizon 2020 révisée (2014/2015) pour des société inclusives, innovantes et réflexives, conférence européenne sur l'Europe sociale de décembre 2015 (Luxembourg).

Enfin, il proposera d'identifier les outils qui serviront une meilleure compréhension des systèmes de protection sociale européens, l'impact des réformes en préparation, ainsi que les pistes d'actions pour les mois qui viennent."

Oct 04, 15

""So if you say there are people who enthusiastically want some of the new technologies to replace parts of government, [...] I'm agnostic on that. If we as a society decide to deliver a service for our citizens, I'm agnostic on how it happens, so long as it happens as well as it possibly can.""

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