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  • The model of individualism presented as so noble and so embattled in these oxygen-propaganda movies is in fact the authoritarian ideology of our time, the instrument used by the 1 percent to drive down wages, dominate and distort the political process and make all attempts at collective action by those below look stodgy, embarrassing and futile.

  • The best "Pythonic" way to do this, exploiting the with statement, is listed as Example #6 in PEP 343, which gives the background of the statement.

    @contextmanager def opened_w_error(filename, mode="r"):     try:         f = open(filename, mode)     except IOError, err:         yield None, err     else:         try:             yield f, None         finally:             f.close()

    Used as follows:

    with opened_w_error("/etc/passwd", "a") as (f, err):     if err:         print "IOError:", err     else:         f.write("guido::0:0::/:/bin/sh ")
06 Mar 14

"In this interactive tutorial, we'll cover many essential Python idioms and techniques in depth, adding immediately useful tools to your belt."

  • In this interactive tutorial, we'll cover many essential Python idioms and techniques in depth, adding immediately useful tools to your belt.

  • Think Python


    How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

  • This is the second article in the article mini-series on Python LDAP applications

  • This article mini-series by Matt Butcher will look at the Python application programmers interface (API) for the LDAP libraries, and using this API, we will connect to our OpenLDAP server and manipulate the directory information tree.

  • Page controls ARE supported by the Python lDAP module, but the docs had not been updated for search_ext to show that. The example linked by Gorgapor shows how to use the ldap.controls.SimplePagedResultsControl to read the results in pages.

  • essential information that
     every serious programmer
     needs to know about
     algorithms and data structures

  • Several of the nation's leading technology companies released new data on Monday detailing the extent of NSA surveillance of their users. Numbers released by Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn and Facebook show that in the first six months of 2013, the NSA submitted requests for private information from at least 59,000 user accounts.

  • What if the universe had no beginning, and time stretched back infinitely without a big bang to start things off? That's one possible consequence of an idea called "rainbow gravity," so-named because it posits that gravity's effects on spacetime are felt differently by different wavelengths of light, aka different colors in the rainbow.

  • If you use an iPad for any type of writing or journaling, you probably use Apple's wireless bluetooth keyboard.  I decided to post a list of some of the keyboard shortcuts that work with the keyboard bluetoothed with an iPad or iPad 2 or even your iPhone.

  • Our standard image organizer and raw converter is Lightroom 5. But there are cases where we prefer to use other raw converters for some images and cameras. For our Nikon D800 and the Fuji X-Trans cameras we really like the details we get from PhotoNinja. Because there are no Develop plugins for Lightroom we always look at the best workflow integration possible.


    Fortunately the developers of PhotoNinja made some good effort to make the integration quite effective. PhotoNinja allows you to create JPEG/TIFF images that incorporate the instructions needed to create them from the raw files in PhotoNinja.

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