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  • Where does Outlook 15 for Mac store profiles/identities?

  • Where does Outlook 15 for Mac store profiles/identities?

  • Macintosh HD ▸ Users ▸ User Name ▸ Library ▸ Group Containers ▸ UBF8T346G9.Office ▸ Outlook ▸ Outlook 15 Profiles


  • I’ve estimated that although Rescator and his band of thieves stole 40 million credit and debit card numbers from Target, they only likely managed to sell between 1 and 3 million of those cards. Even so, at a median price of $26.85 per card and the median loss of 2 million cards, that still more than $50 million in revenue. It’s no wonder they want to keep the authorities out.

  • Let’s Encrypt is a new Certificate Authority

  • Jetpack by
  • Jetpack simplifies managing WordPress sites by giving you visitor stats, security services, speeding up images, and helping you get more traffic. Jetpack is a free plugin.

  • Gateways and Bridge Mode

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    Hello Everyone-




    I see a lot of questions every week asking about the difference between a modem and a gateway. To better help everyone understand the differences between these two devices, I've created this thread in hopes of better explaing each device. I'll also explain bridge mode and the benefits of enabling bridge mode.

  • Net of insecurity

    The kernel of the argument


    Fast, flexible and free, Linux is taking over the online world. But there is growing unease about security weaknesses.

  • Ask Ars: “My SSD does garbage collection, so I don’t need TRIM… right?”


    Is your browser configuration rare or unique?  If so, web sites may be able to track you, even if you limit or disable cookies.


    Panopticlick tests your browser to see how unique it is based on the information it will share with sites it visits. Click below and you will be given a uniqueness score, letting you see how easily identifiable you might be as you surf the web.

  • Microsoft Action Pack 
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    Microsoft Action Pack is a yearly subscription for businesses that want to begin, build, and grow their Microsoft practice in the cloud-first, mobile-first world through a wide range of software and benefits.

  • Microsoft Virtual Academy

    Clearly, the best offering in the bunch is the Microsoft Virtual Academy. While it doesn't provide software downloads, it does provide in-depth technical knowledge and training around Microsoft products in almost all categories. And, Microsoft has steadily improved the service over the past year. Personally, I've spent a good amount of time there and find it very valuable.

    Courses can be taken in whole or in bits, and your progress is stored. When a course is completed, you'll receive a completion certificate and also be awarded points.

  • W150ERM/W150ERQ/W170ER


    This is an unofficial repository for Clevo's bioses and manuals.
     Last update : November 2015

  • Something to keep in mind when turning on multicore support on a virtual machine is that it means that it has to wait and obtain 2 cores to schedule execution of VM instructions on. Running VM's in a single core configuration reduces contention for idle cores.

    This is why, even on huge VMWare ESX servers, you don't give virtual machines more than one core unless they will definitely benefit.

  • 21A: WinSCP was not designed for copying VM files out of your  ESX(i) host, take a look at Veeam's FastSCP which is designed for moving  VM files and is a free utility.
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