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  • Stop Spotlight from Indexing Time Machine Backup Volumes & External Drives

  • How can I selectively override some A records on a Bind DNS Server?
  • However, if you want to do this with DNS, using BIND as the resolver server, and you need to override specific names only (rather than whole zones), I believe you will need to use the Response Policy Zone (RPZ) functionality. This can possibly be done in conjunction with the use of views in order to make these changes only affect specific clients.

  • Global Information Assurance Certification

  • Moving Fusion VMs to ESXi
    • Open Terminal.
    • Run the following command, inserting the correct VMWare Fusion vmdk file source and new vmdk destination:


      /Applications/VMware\  > -r /path/to/vmware_fusion.vmwarevm/vmware_fusion.vmdk -t 4 /path/to/esxi.vmdk

    • The conversion process, once complete, will create two files: filename.vmdk, and filename-flat.vmdk.
    • Launch the vSphere client through your web browser to your ESXi server.
    • Once logged in, go to File | New | Virtual Machine
    • In the Configuration window, select Custom.
    • In the Storage window, select the datastore location to store the new VM.
    • In the Virtual Machine Version window, use the default option of Virtual Machine Version: 8.
    • Select the desired settings for Guest OS, CPUs, Memory, Network, and SCSI Controller.
    • In the Select a Disk window, choose the Do Not Create Disk option.
    • Click the Finish button.
    • In the ESXi server settings, select the Configuration tab then click on Storage.
    • In Storage, select your datastore and right-click to select Browse Datastore.
    • Select the folder name that corresponds to the new VM.
    • Select the Upload button.
    • Upload the filename.vmdk and filename-flat.vmdk files from Step 3.
    • Once complete, you will only see the filename.vmdk file in the datastore.
    • Select the VM and Edit virtual machine settings under the Get Started tab.
    • Click the Add button in the Virtual Machine Properties window.
    • For Device Type, select Hard Disk, and choose Use an existing virtual disk.
    • Locate the datastore and select the existing disk.
    • In the Advanced Options, leave the default settings.
    • Select Finish and OK to close the Virtual Machine Properties.
    • At this point, you should be able to boot to the newly migrated VM.
  • Guidance for this came from MacTech's June 2013 issue, reproduced at the author's blog here. Many kudos to Rich Trouton for this article.


  • "Thank you for contacting Garmin International.

    The Viago application has been removed from the application store, and is not going to be improved further. Mapping updates will still be released, and technical support for the product will still be available. We will not be updating the application for any future iOS versions. It will still be downloadable from your purchase history in the future.

    With Best Regards,


    Customer Care - Map Update Team

    Garmin International



    913-440-8280 (fax) Att: Britton 5948

  • Turn on "three finger drag" for your Force Touch trackpad
  • "Three finger drag" is a Multi-Touch gesture in OS X. It lets you use three fingers to move the active window on your screen.

  • Your favorite IT manager – OpenManage Essentials – is into networking now

  • With a tweet, astronomers crack open mystery of a massive bulge at the center of our galaxy
  • X-shaped lump at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

  • While filming the behavior pairs of photons, Radoslaw  Chrapkiewicz and Michal Jachura, two of the researchers, noticed  something called two-photon interference. 

      In two-photon interference, pairs of distinguishable photons act  randomly when entering a beam splitter (which divides a ray of  light). But nondistinguishable photons exhibit quantum  interference, which affects their behavior. The pairs are always  either transmitted or reflected together. 

      "Following this experiment, we were inspired to ask whether  two-photon quantum interference could be used similarly to  classical interference in holography in order to use known-state  photons to gain further information about unknown-state photons.  Our analysis led us to a surprising conclusion: It turned out  that when two photons exhibit quantum interference, the course of  this interference depends on the shape of their wavefronts [an  imaginary surface joining all adjacent points with the same  phase]," Chrapkiewicz told

  • iPhone

    Timer Register Delta 60

    Timer Register Expires 660

    Timer Keep Alive Expires 660

    Timer Subscribe Expires 660

    Timer Subscribe Delta

  • HTTPS offers three things: secrecy, integrity, and authenticity.
  • Man in the Middle code injection is not a theoretical problem; It is an active, widely used attack. In the case of Verizon Wireless' so-called "Perma-Cookie," it's even a business model.


    Using a Man in the Middle attack, Verizon Wireless modifies traffic on its network to inject a tracker (it added an HTTP header called X-UIDH) that is then sent to all unencrypted sites that Verizon customers visit. This allows Verizon to, in the words of the EFF, "assemble a deep, permanent profile of visitors' Web browsing habits without their consent."

  • What does a full-stack developer mean?
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