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Matteo Spreafico

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Mar 19, 12

Great article on SQL Server snapshots and their possible uses

  • Snapshot Pros and Cons
  • Uses for Snapshots: Winners and Losers
Feb 21, 12

Backbone Events vs. Ember Bindings - A Benchmark: …One of the reasons why Backbone approaches events the way it does.

Feb 21, 12

Familiar tools like Skype and Spotify can boost office productivity, if you use them creatively, says @wisebread:

Feb 21, 12

GE Data Visualization - #dataviz #health

Feb 21, 12

Flickr Founder Launches Location-Based Notes App
(Interesting potential for exploring & discovering hidden history...)

Feb 21, 12

Run the “perfect” #socialmedia contest and drive engagement with these tips

Feb 19, 12

The future becomes a bit more distributed -> “power of patterns” & "pattern sensitivity" (H/T @raesmaa)

Feb 19, 12

"barriers to entry have been lowered" & "we’re in pioneering times" - good post by @jobsworth -

Feb 19, 12

Excellent debate on "What We Need Are Standards in the Cloud" - @samj vs @b6n -

Feb 19, 12

"Condolences to all financial journalists. You are about to be replaced by a costless algorithm" -

Feb 19, 12

Developers pay attention: @singlyinc is now available to anyone with an @github account! Love what they are doing

Feb 19, 12

Grazie a te @ivanapais :-) Il tuo articolo mi era stato segnalato da @Joygunz Hai visto questo?

Feb 18, 12

New article: "Four Principles of Low-Risk Software Releases" #devops #continuousdelivery

Feb 17, 12

GWI.6 Trends: China is the most socially engaged internet market in the world via @CampaignAsia #globalwebindex #smwldn

Feb 16, 12

5 things you need to know about China's internet ecosystem from Tom Smith, GlobalWebIndex - Campaign Asia Pacific

Feb 15, 12

What Are The Top 6 Categories Of Content Shared on Facebook?

Feb 15, 12

Foursquare Solves A Basic UI Problem That Eludes Google Maps And Yelp via @FastCoDesign

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