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Mark Marino

Mark Marino's Public Library

Jun 22, 15

"Sustenance: A Play for All Trans[]Borders, Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0/b.a.n.g. lab, The Mobile Voices of LA’s Immigrants, USC Visions and Voices"

Jun 11, 15


A.N.A.C.A.O.N.A. IS A ROBOT. It represents itself as a robot. It is not a "Carib robot" or a "Taino robot"--just look at the words...there are no such things. The first mistake one would make is in dealing with this device as if it were human.

A.N.A.C.A.O.N.A. therefore does NOT represent Tainos or any other indigenous peoples, nor is it a spokesperson for any indigenous peoples or persons. In addition, her knowledge base is incomplete, and will remain incomplete for a long time to come."

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