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18 Apr 14

Hello, World
Good work, Austin. This is an engaging post. One way to make it even more engaging is to replace some of the general language with more concrete examples, hypotheticals, stats, et cetera. Also, see where you can say things more succinctly, though of course your somewhat elaborate diction is your signature style.

Profile Post:
Good post. This is thoughtful and interesting. It lacks a little of the engagement of your voice post. You do all of the tasks and do have a larger idea, but the example posts, for example, don't illustrate your larger theme as well as they could. Consider describing more posts to emphasize the impact of a plurality of voices. Otherwise, good careful work.

Voice post:
Good solid writing throughout this post.  Well-framed, good examples.  


  • ribe me as an average student from an average family living an average life in sunny Southern California. Yet, from another perspective I am one the happiest, most privileged, wealthy and well-educated individuals in the world. The many barriers between me and the rest of the world create an illusion of normalcy, effectively concealing the relative opulence I live in. Coming to terms with my own ignorance to the disparity in living conditions in my own backyard has inspired me to dig deeper into the concept of inequality and its greater implications.  
  • dead-set on becoming a doctor, a class I took in my first semester opened my eyes to the potential for impact the field of global health offers. Since then I have invested my energies into acquiring the tools I believe to be necessary for impact through studying Global Health and Mathematics/Economics. Professionally, I am interested in Health Metrics and Evaluation, particularly in developing settings. I am optimistic about the future, but plagued by the lingering fear that widespread suffering is intrinsic to human existence.
  • the necessary ethical shift

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18 Apr 14

Hello, World
This is the strongest of the three posts right now. Bold, clear, funny, smart.  I marked a few blips in the voice, but otherwise very well done. Introduces you, your attitudes, your persona.  Well done.

Profile Post
This post answers my prompt questions, but it lacks the force, focus, and fun of your other posts.  Feels like you're checking off the required answers, rather than creating your own post.    Develop with its own focus and more of your voice. 

Voice Post:
This post has so much potential.  You've got a terrific blogger.  But you're letting your extended excerpts stand in for your analysis of them.  Explain to me how these work to create that Coke Talk voice.  Do some close reading here, Liz.  More of your voice showed up here in this post than in your profile post. 


  • m not disappointed. Amongst my old friends  "Full Frontal Feminism" by Jessica Valenti and "Feminism is for  Everybody" by bell hooks and "How to Be A Woman" by Caitlin Moran are  little slime pockets of trash with titles like "The War on Men" by Suzanne  Venker, "Women First, Men Last: Feminism's War on Men and Its  Devastating Effects" by Steven Adams, and "Feminism: The Ugly Truth" by  Mike Buchanan. That last one is my favorite, mostly because the cover  is of a deranged looking woman baring sharp teeth. I browse a few of  these, looking at excerpts and descriptions. I'm delighted to learn a few fun new facts, such as:
  • ludacris
  • schools, ect.

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18 Apr 14

"Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts
October 9-12, 2014
Dallas, Texas"

  • Voice Post
  • similarity
  • American pop culture and that she is not one of those FOBs (fresh of the boat). 

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