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Aug 27, 15

#Java remains at the top of the charts! 20-29 yrs of age? Check out our program

Aug 24, 15

What a design-centric company culture looks like:

  • Basho Technologies and Cisco have partnered to integrate the Riak KV NoSQL database with Apache Mesos.
  • Cisco Intercloud Services chief technology officer Ken Owens said: "Enabling Riak KV with Mesos on Intercloud, we can seamlessly and efficiently manage the cloud resources required by a globally scalable NoSQL database, allowing us to provide the back-end for large-scale data processing, web, mobile and IoT applications.

  • KOSP, which was revealed at LinuxCon, provides both Ethernet connectivity and a key/value store that allows applications to access drives directly without needing to be managed by a storage server.
  • this "means that the current functionality of the storage server in technologies such as Swift can be pushed either down into the drives or up into the software layer.
  • It removes an entire level of storage server hardware at the system level,

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Aug 21, 15

@nparnessCTV features @TDSB repair backlog reaching $3.5-B. Provincial funding must change to #fixourschools.

Aug 20, 15

"Messaging and chat apps continue their rise in popularity, especially among young people" -@niemanlab on our survey

Aug 20, 15

#Cloud technologies are rapidly expanding organizations. Are you in #NorthernON? Take time for our quick survey.

Aug 20, 15

Quelles technologies à venir pour l’entreprise ?

Aug 20, 15

Pirate MEP: Microsoft's walled garden is no consumer pleasure park

  • With a population of just more than three million, the single corridor between San Francisco and San Jose has the greatest concentration of high-tech jobs in the United States;
  • These innovation “super ecosystems” share key attributes: an entrepreneurial culture where geeks are gods, deep talent pools, great research universities, abundant risk capital, enormous scalability of new innovations and the brand power to continually refresh themselves from globally mobile capital and talent.
  • population density (more than six million), vibrant immigration and nascent entrepreneurship culture, the Toronto-Waterloo corridor already has many of the ingredients essential to building a Silicon Valley-like innovation super ecosystem in Canada.

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  • H.265, the successor to the H.264 codec around which Cisco standardized its WebRTC products, has become the target of patent trolls seeking to get more royalties
  • The total costs to license H.265 from these two pools is up to 16 times more expensive than H.264. H.264 had an upper bound on yearly licensing costs, whereas H.265 has no such upper limit," Rosenberg has written
  • The licensing terms also preclude use of H.265 in freely distributed software such as browsers, he says.

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Aug 18, 15

I made an overview of the U.S. economy thing and you should read it

Aug 17, 15

ICT investment continues to decline in Canada. #innovation #HCP2015

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