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Marc Lijour

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Apr 18, 15

See how VBrick Rev enterprise webcasting solution fits into Cisco's Capture-Transform-Share strategy.

  • Currently, to keep track of what you’re eating, you have to manually enter each food. What if a simple photo of your plate was enough to analyze its nutritional content? 

  • Three customers at this week’s event spent $100 million in the last quarter to upgrade their networks to support Cisco’s current market transitions, like the Internet of Everything (IoE).
  • IoE is currently on a $4.5 billion annual run rate at Cisco in incremental product pull through, growing at 40% to 50% per year, Chambers says.
  • The size of our deals are the biggest they’ve ever been

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Apr 16, 15

Canada's innovation occurs down a single train corridor. Via @Communitech

  • User-generated content (UGC) and personal capture / screencasting of content are getting really hot
  • the movie project
  • The online workspace for collaborating over lessons

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Apr 05, 15

Good, brief overview of Canada's science, tech & #innovation ecosystem from @OECDinnovation.

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