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Mandy Jenkins

Mandy Jenkins's Public Library

Jul 30, 15

"They’ve watched newsrooms be emptied, news products (digital as well as print) shrivel, and communities grow increasingly underserved. I understand that some working journalists won’t speak out of fear — but it’s hard to comprehend why so few people in and out of authority will stand up, acknowledge what’s happening, and seek public solutions to this halving of daily journalism."

Jul 29, 15

"Losing the story to another news outlet would have been a far, far better outcome than publishing an unfair story and damaging The Times’s reputation for accuracy.

What’s more, when mistakes inevitably happen, The Times needs to be much more transparent with readers about what is going on. Just revising the story, and figuring out the corrections later, doesn’t cut it."

Jul 24, 15

Obligatory plug for @MissStaceyMay's delightful baseball newsletter cc @summeranne @mjenkins

Jul 22, 15

Idk how I missed this brilliance, but this Vine is required viewing for all humans. (h/t @WesleyLowery)

Jul 20, 15

"We need a codification of editorial standards beyond putting truths on the internet. Stories need to be true and interesting. I believe we will have to make our peace with the idea that to be published, those truths should be worthwhile."

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