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Mandy Jenkins

Mandy Jenkins's Public Library

Oct 02, 15

"“People just didn’t get it. They didn’t understand the power of curation; they didn’t understand in an era of so much content out there that needs to be organized that curation was as critical a part of the media value proposition as the writing itself.”"

Oct 01, 15

"Were you, uh, drunk at the time?" @mjenkins @BenFischerSBJ @knecessary

Sep 28, 15

Takeaways from the Reshaping Social Newsgathering panel w @acarvin, @mjenkins, and @Niketa Blog: #ona15

Sep 26, 15

In April, @LaurenKlinger wrote about @willneville's advice for talking about money #ona15negotiate
Expand the pie: 5 tips for the compensation conversation #ONA15negotiate

Sep 26, 15

@mjenkins yep, in fact, 75% of female Internet users have experienced online violence: #ONA15

Sep 26, 15

Some great tips for salary negotiation from @willneville and @katiehawk, even if you're not at #ona15negotiate

Sep 25, 15

.@AdrianKLee You can check out @VA_PTSD_Info's #PTSD Coach self-care app here: … #ugctrauma #ONA15

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