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Mandy Jenkins

Mandy Jenkins's Public Library

about 17 hours ago

On building a strong foundation: @marklittlenews and his great @Storyful journey:

Aug 27, 15

Stop and think before sharing. Is it worth it? Will it upset others? You can become numb while staring at a screen.

Aug 25, 15

"Disappointment is often expectation not realized. Sometimes we feel disappointment because we had clear expectations, and maybe even made ourselves vulnerable and let people know we were excited about something, and then we didn’t get it. When that happens, we need to remind ourselves: That’s why the boldest among us will be disappointed, because they were brave enough to want something even though they had no control over the outcome. We have to understand that what makes us brave about that ambition is being willing to live through the potential disappointment of it."

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