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Mandy Jenkins

Mandy Jenkins's Public Library

about 22 hours ago

"In both cases (and quite a few others, including the Cincinnati Enquirer), these papers had not endorsed a Democrat for president in generations.


Sep 28, 16

That sound you hear is @mjenkins @r2000c @MrSadi & @abaltakov high-fiving.

Sep 19, 16

Recap + photos of @amywebb's world-famous tech trends at #ONA16 (w/ @codyboteler) #ONAnewsroom #ONA16tech

Sep 19, 16

.@ryeisenberg, @mjenkins & @nasrhadi share tips for working with remote teams. Live blog: #ONA16remote #ONA16

Sep 19, 16

If you'd like to talk more about comments and community on news sites, join our community: #10yearsUP

Sep 19, 16

How we structured comments with @seattletimes Under Our Skin #10yearsUP thanks for shoutout @JenniferBrandel !

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