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Mandy Jenkins

Mandy Jenkins's Public Library

Aug 29, 16

A quest to solve the mystery behind an abandoned bag of photo slides found on a New York City street corner leads the reporter Deborah Acosta and her audience to uncover truths about life, love, and loss.

Aug 18, 16

How journalists at one company, @storyful, handle "vicarious trauma," i.e. looking at disturbing footage all day.

Aug 11, 16

How did news organisations handle the Philando Castile Facebook Live video? @cward1e via @firstdraftnews

Aug 09, 16

Bullshit curation is dangerous. Unless you are constantly reading minute to minute news, and from multiple sources, it is quite easy for these explosive headlines to stick in the consciousness and become truth.

Aug 07, 16

Here are the 50 healthiest foods of all time (with recipes)

Aug 06, 16

The despair of poor white Americans

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