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Mandy Jenkins

Mandy Jenkins's Public Library

Jul 14, 16

The most important #Brexit headline of the day: Larry the cat escapes Downing Street eviction h/t @mjenkins

Jul 01, 16

"Speak your opinion more fervently in your classes if you’re a student, or at meetings in your workplace. Proudly take credit for your ideas. Have confidence in the value of your contributions. And if the space you’re in doesn’t have room for your voice, don’t be afraid to carve out a space of your own. Y"

Jun 21, 16

"Until now, the Times has been having its cake and eating it too. It has been pulling in hundreds of millions of dollars a year in subscription revenue, but also getting the benefit of advertising revenue based on all of those readers. But to the extent that the Times is successful in convincing its readers to pay for the new higher-priced paywall, it will be giving up some potentially lucrative advertising revenue. That double-edged sword is a sharp one."

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