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Maggie Leber

Maggie Leber's Public Library

Sep 23, 15

"The Historical Thesaurus of Scots (HTS) is a new online resource which aims to categorise the vocabulary of Scots, from the earliest records to the present, according to semantic field. "

Sep 17, 15

"ReactiveMongo : How to write macros handler to Enumeration object?"

Sep 11, 15

Creator's blog for Plover, the open source stenographic program.

Sep 10, 15

"Should you use Scala’s built in scala.Enumeration class, or roll your own sealed class objects? The answer depends on which you value more: having a single lightweight class, or better type safety."

Sep 08, 15

"The world's first linear algebra book with fully interactive figures."

Sep 04, 15

"OSv is the open source operating system designed for the cloud. Built from the ground up for effortless deployment and management, with superior performance."

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