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Maggie Leber

Maggie Leber's Public Library

Nov 18, 15

"A distributed monitoring system based on a lightweight streaming protocol. To get started, please read the most appropriate documentation:

For engineers that want to instrument their code, see here
For operations staff who want to aggregate metrics, monitor systems and familiarise themselves with the failure modes, see here
Funnel allows systems to push, pull, mirror and aggregate metrics from disparate systems, all with a unified API. High-level dashboards can then be created by down-stream consumers (in this case, pushing to elastic search and visualising Funnel data with Kiabana)"

Nov 16, 15

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Nov 15, 15

"Capturing JVM- and application-level metrics. So you know what's going on.

This is the Scala API for Dropwizard's Metrics library.

Initially this project started out as a line for line copy of the Metrics-scala module, released for multiple scala versions. Metrics dropped the scala module in version 3.0.0 and this project continued separately with the help of @scullxbones."

Nov 14, 15

"This module provides some support for @codahale Metrics library in a Play2 application (Scala)"

Nov 12, 15

"Metrics is a Java library which gives you unparalleled insight into what your code does in production.
Metrics provides a powerful toolkit of ways to measure the behavior of critical components in your production environment.

With modules for common libraries like Jetty, Logback, Log4j, Apache HttpClient, Ehcache, JDBI, Jersey and reporting backends like Ganglia and Graphite, Metrics provides you with full-stack visibility."

Oct 31, 15

"The main intent of this tool is to create reproducible analysis using Scala, Apache Spark and more.

This is achieved through an interactive web-based editor that can combine Scala code, SQL queries, Markup or even JavaScript in a collaborative manner.

The usage of Spark comes out of the box, and is simply enabled by the implicit variable named sparkContext."

Oct 31, 15

"A more friendly, browser-based interactive Scala prompt (REPL).

Based on the IPython notebook project, this project will let you interact with Scala in a browser window, which has the following advantages over the standard REPL:

Easy to view and edit past commands
Commands can return HTML or images, allowing richer interactivity (charts, for example)
Notebooks can be saved and loaded, providing a bridge between interactive REPL and classes in a project
Supports mixing Scala expressions and markdown, letting you create rich, interactive documents similar to Mathematica"

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