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Kristin Hokanson

Kristin Hokanson's Public Library

  •   This session is designed as an introduction to Google Apps for Education and to help educators be in the driver's seat to better personal productivity, creating, sharing, and collaboration with Google Drive. Educators will learn how large files can easily be shared for project based delivery without the need to email files, share on a flash drive, or turn in paper. Topics covered: Encourage teachers-student interaction, encourage student-student cooperation, and supporting diverse student talents & ways of learning. We will also cover some of t

  • The sites below are considered to be great resources that provide ideas or blueprints for an entire PBL project. Included in most plans are project titles, content addressed, 21st century skills, driving questions, products, procedures, and evaluation. The resources in this collection tend to focus on the entire PBL process.
Apr 16, 15

"These projects are examples of the work that is done at all of the High Tech High Schools. It is our record of what we have done and how to get there. Teachers can utilize this to show off what they have done with their students, and get ideas from others teachers. Students can show their parents and friends the work that they have done, and the community can see how project based learning enables students to do and learn."

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