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Kevin Crouch

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Jul 02, 15

Spreadsheets are old news. Say goodbye to rows and columns and hello to instant insights. Learn how here:

Apr 12, 15

"Kegan (1994) says transformative learning happens when someone changes, “not just the way he behaves, not just the way he feels, but the way he knows—not just what he knows but the way he knows”  (p. 17)."

  • This can’t be done simply by adding these ‘new’ skills and dispositions to the existing curriculum. Doing this would just add more to the already impossible workload of teachers, and it would not work to build a 21st century system. A new mindset is required, one that can take account of the new meaning of knowledge and the new contexts and purposes for learning this knowledge.
Mar 20, 15

An interesting website.

A full paper on scaling personalized learning.

  • Curriculum must be aligned to the district’s vision for teaching and learning
  • Instructional practices must be aligned with the district’s vision for teaching and learning
  • direct instruction, mastery learning, blended and project-based learning, flipped models, etc.

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Feb 28, 15

7 Step #Content Creation #Strategy for Epic #ContentMarketing #marketingtips

Feb 28, 15

[New Blog] 5 Classroom Strategies That Help Introverts & Extroverts Do Their Best Work:

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