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Kevin Crouch

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11 Apr 14

"Indeed, researchers claim to have found all sorts of stuff they shouldn't have seen, such as usernames, passwords, server encryption keys, and more.

So although your passwords probably weren't exposed because of this bug, they possibly were, in just the same way that although you didn't win the lottery this week, someone did.

That means that some writers are urging you to change all your passwords, just in case.

The argument is, "Why not?""

  • We suggest you wait until you know that a site is not vulnerable, for example because it makes a clear statement to that effect, or use a public testing service that connects to a website to estimate whether it's safe or not first.


  • When you read these résumés, you have two thoughts. First, this applicant is awesome. Second, there’s something completely flavorless here. This person has followed the cookie-cutter formula for what it means to be successful and you actually have no clue what the person is really like except for a high talent for social conformity. Either they have no desire to chart out an original life course or lack the courage to do so. Shy away from such people.

    Bias hiring decisions toward dualists. The people you want to hire should have achieved some measure of conventional success, but they should have also engaged in some desperate lark that made no sense from a career or social status perspective. Maybe a person left a successful banking job to rescue the family dry-cleaning business in Akron. Maybe another had great grades at a fancy East Coast prep school but went off to a Christian college because she wanted a place to explore her values. These peoples have done at least one Deeply Unfashionable Thing. Such people have intrinsic motivation, native curiosity and social courage.

25 Mar 14

Turning documents into conversations.

11 Mar 14

"For years the promise of technology has been the ability to produce a more productive workforce. The challenge however is that while technology may improve productivity and efficiency by automating routine tasks, today it does not embody or transfer the human conditions necessary for building interpersonal relationships. Humanizing technology is still in its infancy therefore when trying to maximize efficiency and develop connectedness, there’s a careful balance that must be struck. That said, not all steps or activities in a given process require humanizing. To that end, Humalogy examines blending available technologies with human effort to maximize performance and potential."

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