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Kevin Crouch

Kevin Crouch's Public Library

Feb 09, 16

NFL players react on Twitter to @MoneyLynch's retirement: #ThankYouBeastMode

Feb 03, 16

"Developed by teachers at Summit Public Schools, the PLP is an online tool that allows teachers to serve as instructional coaches while students set individual goals, create roadmaps to achieve them, learn content at their own pace, and dive into meaningful projects that connect to the real world."

  • Don’t get stuck on first solutions. Look beyond the obvious or the easy. Ask more questions. Bring in other points of view. Find another way to understand the problem. Approach it from a different angle. If you are typically data-driven, seek out stories or go get some hands-on, action-driven insight.
  • Learn from experience. Memorable experiences impact the way in which you lead and manage. Seek out more and diverse experiences, and just as important, reflect on lessons learned from those experiences. What changes in knowledge, skill level, attitudes, behavior or values resulted from your experience?
  • Create networks of value. Learning-agile people recognize that others are essential to their learning and performance. They build ties and relationships that increase their access to people who can provide new experiences and opportunities to learn. Research has shown that high-quality networks are open, with people who don’t all know each other. They are diverse, crossing critical boundaries. And core relationships are deep, trusting and mutually beneficial.

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  • Great leaders dare to be different. They don't just talk about risk-taking, they actually do it. And one of the leaders shared with me the fact that the most impactful development comes when you are able to build the emotional stamina to withstand people telling you that your new idea is naïve or reckless or just plain stupid. Now interestingly, the people who will join you are not your usual suspects in your network.
Sep 24, 15

Creativity generating conversations at AISC.

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