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katie moffat

katie moffat's Public Library

Feb 11, 16

Interesting partnership: "The New Yorker Presents" from Amazon. Watch the Season 1 trailer

Feb 08, 16

As part of the 2016 Shakespeare Festival, we’re launching a new digital project with the BBC

Feb 06, 16

It's #LibrariesDay - here's an interesting list of digital library projects:

Feb 05, 16

Geofeedia Raises $17M To Help Businesses Tap Into Social Location Data -

Feb 03, 16

proof that @mikebutcher is a machine– an interview every 10 mins non-stop since 10am for #techfugeesLIVE

Feb 02, 16

Check out the new Facebook at Work website - congrats @codorniou
If you do BUSINESS DIGITAL you should probably start trying to sell your clients a Facebook at Work strategy:

Jan 29, 16

Snapchat makes adding people way easier with profile URLs via @TechCrunch

Jan 29, 16

“Once Upon a Jihad” Life and death with the young and radicalized: (by @perryalexj)

Jan 29, 16

Do you have a story to tell about the '96 Manchester bomb? We want to hear from you! Find out why here: @mcrhistfest

Jan 28, 16

2014/15 adult and child Taking Part record level data are now available on UK Data Service. Sign up at for access!

Jan 27, 16

The Audience Agency team predicts what lies ahead for 2016 for the arts #artsmarketing

Jan 26, 16

Open call: UK organisations / artists submit your digital ideas for Shakespeare festival: #ShakespeareLives

Jan 26, 16

Digital Snapshot from @katiemoffat - test of its worth, everyone in the office is reading it, and we work with her!

Jan 25, 16

“Difference between a community & a network is that you belong to a community, but a network belongs to you” -Bauman

Jan 25, 16

37% of mobile users already blocking ads, 42% considering it, says @globalwebindex only leaves 21% not

Jan 23, 16

Love the sentiment analysis grid on #ows (h/t @revdancatt)
Bret Easton Ellis on Living in the Cult of Likability - via @instapaper
20 years ago today, debuted “on-line” on the web/ @ylichterman

Jan 22, 16

A new data journalism tool - and a new way of reporting uncertainty HT @paulbradshaw

Jan 22, 16

How astronaut @Cmdr_Hadfield & two British animators created a fun YouTube science show

Jan 20, 16

I could read this all day

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