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katie moffat

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about 12 hours ago

Do read this: "Why I was wrong about Snowden." Honest piece from a doubter who changed his mind #NSA

May 23, 15

Video edited on the iPhone: some clips from #TDC15

May 22, 15

Gosh. The film @TBWALONDON have shot with Rankin for Coco De Mer is very, very good. #NSFW

May 22, 15

Google Analytics Resources for Beginner and Intermediate Level Users /by @jeffsauer #analytics

May 21, 15

At 6.50 we hear from #Hooked writer Benjamin Dix.

The series reports the drug trade.

Part 4:

May 21, 15

If you are enjoying this talk I can highly recommend watching the documentery Particle Fever #TDC15

May 20, 15

To mark Dementia Awareness Week @ace_national have shared some transformative arts projects, incl @ChloeMeineck:

May 20, 15

There's a website which lets you nominate your friends to receive an expletive-laden phonecall from Elmo:

May 20, 15

Here's the companion blog post to yesterday's talk on Influencer Marketing at #ds15

May 20, 15

@katiemoffat Hi Katie,Surely @ao are up there in the good books?Few CS nightmares here: Hope this helps! :)

May 19, 15

This is some straight-up, no-bullshit advice for entrepreneurs from @tedr. Read it and live it.

May 19, 15

Thanks - xcited this week - @BBCRD and I are doing #bbcrdsound and then it's off to #tdc15 for utter mayhem

May 19, 15

Morning! Thrilled to announce @ignite100 is expanding to London and Manchester - backed by some amazing investors

May 18, 15

If you want to know more about what system The Guardian uses for metrics: it's called Ophan. #Newsgeist

May 15, 15

Great by @alexhern on how he finds himself getting emails intended for other "Alex Hern" people. Email is so broken.

May 15, 15

Tweet-to-order pizza: PR stunt or the future of social? > finally someone has done this! Well done Domino's

May 14, 15

@ade @katiemoffat It's true. The report:

May 13, 15

I wrote a thing! "What is Strategy?" ::

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