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katie moffat

katie moffat's Public Library

about 5 hours ago

My new post tries to explain why Trump has confounded the political press. It's not what you have read before.

Nov 28, 15

My weekly review of good stories about media, tech, politics. And Doctor Who & 80s music

Nov 26, 15

Using words to sell art. Brilliant @Tate long-copy ads on the Tube.

Nov 26, 15

Google Podcasting is happening. via @JamesCridland

Nov 25, 15

Do you have what it takes to become a collector? Try the new free #Waddesdon families app!

Nov 24, 15

@katiemoffat hmm probably too soon. We have launched a debut xmas video which seems be driving sales

Nov 20, 15

Facebook now helps you see less of your ex (and vice versa) after a breakup

Nov 19, 15

@noahchestnut one data point: this (not that good?) Saints podcast gets ~30-70k plays an episode

Nov 19, 15

I half expected this blog post to start with "Sponsored by SquareSpace!"

Nov 17, 15

Google’s Natural Language Search Gets Smarter

Nov 16, 15

G20 and Beyond: a digital diplomacy primer from @Arturo_Sarukhan

Nov 16, 15

Following Criticism, Facebook Says It Will Enable Safety Check In During More Human Disasters

Nov 16, 15

37 international artists confirmed for #Biennial2016 free festival of contemporary art

Nov 15, 15

“@janinegibson: Debunking: Rumours About Paris Attacks On Social Media You Shouldn’t Believe” <weird and disturbing

Nov 14, 15

Paris. Brilliant, calm, insightful @NewYorker piece on the banlieues & Jihadism. A long read, but well worth it

Nov 13, 15

Very good @jason's What I learned from passing on investing in Twitter & Zynga—& saying yes to Uber & Thumbtack

Nov 12, 15

A showcase of one page websites

Nov 11, 15

@katiemoffat You've been accepted to the #twitterdeepsearch beta and your fully searchable @kifi library is ready!

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