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14 Apr 14

Read me (and other, more eloquent types) in this ebook on the Facebook brand reach 'apocalypse' cc @ThePaulSutton

10 Apr 14

Don't rush to change your password after #Heartbleed concerns, explains @alexhern

10 Apr 14

Tools for social storytelling and curation

09 Apr 14

7 essential LinkedIn stats: When to post, what to post and how to improve via @thenextweb 6. Get employees to share

09 Apr 14

Today @marvelapp was featured in @TechCrunch, support your local London startup and give us a retweet!

09 Apr 14

@lordlancaster great article #SageOne by @BidConsultant on writing winning bids and tenders

08 Apr 14

900 copies of my 'Small Business Marketing @ForDummies' book sold so far! Read the Amazon reviews & buy your copy at

07 Apr 14

@katiemoffat I’ve not really told many people but I’m recording my made up stories:

04 Apr 14

Follow @Opera_North on Tumblr to find out what is going on behind the scenes of #ONBoheme

02 Apr 14

You’ve gotta be in it to win it. Three simple steps to video search results #videoseo:

01 Apr 14

@katiemoffat A lot of the finance and hosting providers do this well. &

28 Mar 14

Literally laughed out loud. "The Klout Score has grown into the standard of influence…"

28 Mar 14

Want to know how @tocaboca make our apps? Here's the story about Toca Pet Doctor:

28 Mar 14

"OK Google: I'm dead. Now what?"
(Actually, a very useful service. More websites should have this.)

28 Mar 14

"A preoccupation with safety has stripped childhood of independence."

28 Mar 14

.@notch's post about the Oculus acquisition is a good read. It brings up a good point about it's kickstarted origin:

28 Mar 14

74% of mobile owners ok to receive a push message from the retailer whose Wi-Fi they are using

28 Mar 14

His phone rang. The caller ID read 'Mum' ...exactly 6 years since the day she died. #6SECFILMS #GENRE

28 Mar 14

What I wrote about comments in #ShowYourWork (quote by @nataliedee):

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