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katie moffat

katie moffat's Public Library

Mar 27, 15

The Radio 4 schedule according to Prince begins with some life lessons from the purple one:

Mar 27, 15

Sent a message to #CornerhouseScribbler? Lots of lovely stories so far. Go on send us yours

Mar 27, 15

@katiemoffat Agreed. I kept a Periscope diary and there was a lot of pointless streams. Some good too.

Mar 26, 15

@OrkneyLibrary - the story of how one library on a small island became an internet sensation.

Mar 25, 15

Target reached with 78 backers: "Women speak out: inspiring stories from rape survivors" by @MADIHANEKOM. Congrats!

Mar 21, 15

What a difference a year makes...

Mar 20, 15

Tony Benn's 10 most memorable quotes

Mar 19, 15

Interesting. Fradio is basically Meerkat for audio - HUGE music rights issues here, no?:

Mar 18, 15

End of the Fourth Estate?

Young people really care about the news:

v @azeem:

Mar 16, 15

Knowing which websites you're browsing is not very intrusive - MI5 chief

Mar 15, 15

This vegetarian ramen proves you don't need meat to make a good bowl

Mar 13, 15

Blue Velvet, Cornerhouse,1986 (Image: bfi) and once more as our final film... #30DaysofFin

Mar 12, 15

The latest digital trends, tools and tips on YouTube updated twice a week:

Mar 12, 15

@katiemoffat TSOHost are very affordable and extremely good support - - Use the code TSO90 and get 10% off too. :)

Mar 12, 15

Read & download our financial services report & trends radar and understand how digital is disrupting the industry

Mar 11, 15

Just backed @katiemoffat's Contributoria: "Is hashtag campaigning hot air or a powerful tool for change?"
Hashtag campaigning: hot air or tool for change? < pls back @katiemoffat's @contributoria pitch. I want this written

Mar 11, 15

I just supported 'Is hashtag campaigning hot air or a powerful tool for change?' by @katiemoffat on Contributoria

Mar 11, 15

Google Calendar for iPhone! how did that take so long?!

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