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Karen Keiller

Karen Keiller's Public Library

  • Lakehead University Library provides the past three years of examinations for viewing in PDF format via myCourseLink. Once logged in, look for the "Past Exams" course in the "Select a course..." drop down menu.


    All exams are added shortly after completion unless the instructor has indicated otherwise. More information on exemptions can be found here.


    Unable to view the Past Exams site? Self-register by selecting "What to Do if You Cannot Find a Course" in the myCourseLink welcome screen after logging in. Then, scroll down to the "Self-Registering for NON-Academic courses" section and follow the Self-Registration link.

Mar 13, 15

"Yet this most basic of efforts may offer more than simply adding an online twist to vocational training. It may finally offer a reasonable shot at harnessing the web to provide effective schooling to the many young Americans for whom college has become a distant, unaffordable dream.

Intriguingly, it suggests that the best route to democratizing higher education may require taking it out of college."

Mar 04, 15

"Now facing significant enrollment declines and budget crunches, higher ed would be wise to continue embracing and adapting disruptive forces for its own good."

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