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karen Janowski

karen Janowski's Public Library

May 26, 16

Are YOUR students getting what they need in a "timely manner?" #ATchat #spedchat #patinsicam

May 23, 16

Technology for seniors. Good factual information. An untapped population

May 22, 16 Brilliant tool for creating video lessons & much more. An example: #edchat #techchat

May 21, 16

The Reality of Inclusion Is Not as Simple as You Think - #spedchat

May 20, 16

Quality is impacted. It's the argument I make for why I can't use Google Hangouts for delivering PD. #atchat

May 16, 16

We have a theory that drives our work @mollywopy @virtuallykaren @kstridegoudie @spencerideas

May 16, 16

“16 Modern Realities Schools (and Parents) Need to Accept. Now.” @willrich45

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