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karen Janowski

karen Janowski's Public Library

about 6 hours ago

excellent list of writing apps. Includes many favorites and additional choices.

@KarenJan @irasocol @PeggySheehy We've wonder lounges,spark labs,maker spaces,designstudios,hackerspaces,I-labs,learning commons shark tanks
Jul 02, 15

Excellent example of a grant proposal with fantastic use of PRezi. Outstanding work.

Jul 02, 15

"If this generation is so tech savvy, why aren't we tapping into that curiosity?"
Great reflection example.

Traditional Teaching Practices vs Blended Teaching Practices #ISTE2015

Overheard @ networking fair #ISTE2015 "I don't teach SPED" - @InclusiveLN @isteconnects we have work to do!

We must look beyond labels! "He's a different kind of cool! Some people are not ready for his kind of cool" #ISTE2015 @Adifferentcool

Excellent keynote-Important reminders to see each stu as the full person they are/potential for tech to empower @Adifferentcool #ISTE2015

It isn't important for kids to decode reading - it is essential that they love and comprehend stories #ISTE2015

"Every single day my #classroom looks different, because it's determined by what my students need." Love it. #LeadandTransform #ISTE2015

"Diversity cannot be left to chance. Our students deserve better." @RafranzDavis #iste2015
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