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What happens on the internet in 60 seconds #edchat
Sep 03, 15

@KarenJan Yes! I wrote this iOS 8 Accessibility Mini Book & am about to publish another soon. #ldchat #atchat #ADEdu

@KarenJan @bwwojci I'm obsessed with this book"Buildings Teachers' Capacity for Success" it's been helpful in framing conversations

#HeyAAC teach language like a Jedi.
Aug 31, 15

How convenient. Here's a treasure trove of brain-based learning resources, just for you:

Aug 31, 15

Keeping these in mind for this week/year. 10 things Teachers Want in Professional Development #edchat #ackedchat

Aug 31, 15

Annotating PDF’s is a Bad Lesson Plan | Teacher Tech #tfsk12

Aug 27, 15

Special Needs Digest: 13 Helpful Phrases You Can Say to Calm an Anxious ... #spedchat #edchat #psychology #parenting

Aug 27, 15

Article about Ss with ASD & AT - w/ AT more likely to participate in general large scale assessments #atchat

@KarenJan We still have lack of knowledge of AT, how to choose AT, how to implement AT, and apply to Ss with High Incidence #atchat

A2 when we design for learning not plan for teaching #satchat
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