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karen Janowski

karen Janowski's Public Library

Aug 02, 15

@KarenGournay We have hundreds of these, mainly in science, but more coming in Math. Everything is free! #atchat

Aug 01, 15

Great Padlet example of technology to reach all learners

Jul 30, 15

Melissa Brown, AT Consultant Heather Weaver, AT Consultant Johnita Porter, Supervisor
website for Plymouth Schools in Michigan

Jul 29, 15

"ust-in-Time Videos on Digital Accommodations & Modifications and Tablet & Laptop Accessibility Features.
Learn about educational technology and assistive technology that can be implemented all year to improve classroom learning. On this webpage you will find digital tools that align with the STAAR A online test tools and how you can use them in your classroom! Also included are accessibility features for a variety of tablet and laptop operating systems - located at the bottom of the page.

Jul 29, 15

Information for Mentor Teachers - IMPORTANT

Jul 29, 15

My preso/ workshop description site for those of you at #BLC15 who were interested: #creativity #newliteracies

A3: My focusing on what students are ABLE to do and believing that IEP stands for “I expect progress” #satchat #spedchat
Jul 27, 15

@ipadqueen2012 @KarenJan
My #2ekids ?d if #IEP='individually interpreted by each implementer"
#satchat #spedchat #LD

@KarenJan Clocks, calendars, box-like classrooms, grades (levels and assessment), set curriculums, most discipline policies. #satchat
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