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Kara Carrell

Kara Carrell's Public Library

Oct 04, 11

This is an interesting article that shows a way to understand how to better capture video like a journalist would. this is great for Digital Planet

Sep 22, 11

this is an interesting idea to acknowledge learning that happens in non-traditional ways. 

Sep 07, 11

Great tool for creating a small book!! could use for guides for students to keep! 

Sep 02, 11

This is a great community of people learning how to and creating 8-bit educational video games to add to the $10 TV-computer market for developing countries 

Aug 31, 11

this is just a simple, moving video on the concept of learning.. 

Aug 26, 11

Celly is a SMS based program that allows for pretty structured group SMS. 

Aug 18, 11

The Design Thinking Toolkit for Educators contains the process and methods of design, adapted specifically for the context of education.

this is largely for teachers, but i thought it was interesting to see the similarities in how we engage design thinking into our work. 

Aug 17, 11

a “video collage” about student life created by college students themselves and presented using the wonders of HTML5, allowing them to “cite” books and videos that are being presented in the remix as they are being shown.

Though we primarily work with students younger than college age, i think the larger themes of learning, and identity are important. there are also a LOT of resources indexed in this video about learning. 

Aug 17, 11

this is a great video that talks about crowdsourcing, and how people use various tools to do so, and what that means for the world. video style inspired by Michael Wesch
i used a similar video by Michael Wesch to talk about the internet on webby day at Youth Design Team

Aug 16, 11

examples of how museums are using social media, mentions tools, and MuseumNerd,

Aug 16, 11

Here's an article I thought we NLI peeps, and perhaps Pearson as a whole may be interested in. It showcases a youth program in the UK for "hacking for change" and spotlights one young newcomers experience in the program.

Jul 07, 11

could be used to create a page where people ask the YDT questions.. or ask a scientist? 

Jul 04, 11

this is an example of a way someone merged science content with mobile access. 

Jul 04, 11

a QR code generator

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