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Joseph Stashko

Joseph Stashko's Public Library

Jul 17, 15

It's been a fantastic 4+ years at the @guardian, but I'm off to pastures new. Specifically: @buzzfeedUK.

Jul 10, 15

"a talented bunch of people in one of the quirkiest and innovative cultural venues in the UK"

Jul 10, 15

Thanks @PDutczyn via @kerziouk for the recommendation. My wife and I can't wait to watch it!

Cc @JosephStash

Jul 08, 15

Here's @abelardinelli joining the ever-growing list of people who write better articles for @timesredbox than me

Jul 06, 15

Stop wasting time forgetting and resetting passwords. Get Dashlane, the world's easiest password manager -it's free!

Jun 27, 15

Oh totally, the unelected titans of Silicon Valley are definitely the right people to "reboot democracy"

Jun 03, 15

Be inspired by what @PatrickMeier is doing Join us @CivicDrone for

May 07, 15

3D Print Your Own #EdStone

Mar 31, 15

So...this is going to be my new home from May. All a bit exciting.

Mar 11, 15

Okay so does anyone else think that apart from the gross cutlery/plates these flats REALLY aren't that messy? Anyone?

Feb 23, 15

Want to work at @TheEconomist? We're hiring a deputy news editor & a deputy community editor

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