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Joseph Stashko

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Apr 30, 16

On the Times' omission of Hillsborough from its front page

Apr 27, 16

Morning tweets from @moorehn on profitability of branded content & news's lack of metrics access is required reading

Apr 21, 16

*slaps forehead* Why has no one thought of creating high-quality journalism before? It’s all so simple!

Apr 15, 16

"I'm 28 and I make $4million per year, what do you do?" - how to self-identify as a complete nob:

Mar 16, 16

Some exciting things about to go down on Brace yourselves...

Mar 16, 16

@benedictgarman @JosephStash In case you missed it, this post from me yesterday explains what you should be after

Mar 06, 16

You'll go mad trying to spot the Oscar statuette amongst these C3-POs

Feb 29, 16

Lessons from The Big Sleep: a new podcast series unpacks the stories of journalism’s reinvention @theage #JExplainer

Feb 19, 16

There is literally no way anybody will ask me "So is the @guardian going to introduce a paywall". No way at all.

Feb 13, 16

The weirdest Twitter spat of the day. I think Chorley edges this one:

Feb 07, 16

Just uploaded my 100th item to Depop in 2016. ONE HUNDRED THINGS!!! Please go and buy them

Feb 05, 16

I wrote this for @thetimes last year about my brain spiders. I hope you find it enlightening/explanatory #timetotalk

Jan 30, 16

Modernising the modernist: how the FT's @helenbarrett renovated her 1960s townhouse

Jan 26, 16

Will never stop tweeting pop music Palin remixes (h/t @rising)

Jan 17, 16

ah, the good old days when men were men & walls were walls & grief ate away at us silently, warping us into monsters

Jan 12, 16

Excited to have written for @GrantaMag – an essay in which I walk through tree graveyards in Scotland's far north

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