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Joost Robben

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May 12, 15

"iteindelijk aan het beleid en de praktijk worden getoetst. De standaarden (het normenkader) zijn gebaseerd op de laatste wetenschappelijke stand van zaken. 
De zes IPSG’s die elk een onderdeel van de zorg beschrijven zijn:
1. correcte identificatie van patiënten, 
2. verbeteren van communicatie, 
3. risicomedicatie, "

  • the new challenge is to assure they “apply the knowledge . . . consistently and correctly.
  • Avoidable failures are common and persistent.” Disciplined use of checklists “provides protection against such failures.”
  • the pilot flying only should call for the non-normal checklist when the flight path is under control, when the aircraft is not in a critical phase of flight

  • Assessing which skills really affect sales performance and applying metrics that show how well employees deploy them are critical for allocating training resources effectively and for actually boosting sales.
  • greater significance than the others to cooperation between the human-resources function and the business units.
  • impact of learning on business results is greater when both sides “co-own” it

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  • Stanford University reported last year that the completion rate for MOOCs is as low as 5 to 10 percent.
  • In an attempt to measure exactly what companies are getting by subsidizing MOOCs, efforts to monitor student progress in these courses have increased, spurred by technological advances.
  • make MOOCs more appealing to employees with a different approach to incentives and measuring engagement.

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