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John Lucero

John Lucero's Public Library

about 6 hours ago

1. Briefly Reveal Something About Yourself
2. Ask an Open-Ended Question That’s Fairly Easy to Answer
3. Direct the Conversation to Current Events

Aug 26, 15

So I am trying to live this way. I ask myself: would I wear this out of the store? Will I use this tomorrow? And if the answer is no — I put it back.

Aug 26, 15

"I haven't done one of these in a long, long time... Here are twenty-seven new or recent books, ranging from true crime to science fiction, architecture to media theory, for your back-to-school or end-of-summer reading pleasure. "

Aug 24, 15

"A cotton pad with a dab of the oil on Stan Smiths, white leather Vans, or any white rubber parts seems to remove any stains without damaging the fabrication. "

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