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Julianne Miranda

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  • ent associations addressing the complex issues of incorporating information technologies and resources into the higher education missi
11 Mar 14

"Instead of overreacting to misbehavior, the very best teachers learn to redirect their students, again and again, to more productive, engaging material. As a teacher, I’m great at directing other people’s attention as it wanders. Working on my own is harder."

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11 Mar 14

The Center for Contemplative Mind in Society transforms higher education by supporting and encouraging the use of contemplative practices and perspectives to create active learning and research environments that look deeply into experience and meaning for all in service of a more just and compassionate society

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01 Mar 14

You already have in your hands and heart the potential for a truly healing impact in another’s life

25 Feb 14

Good advice for using Twitter to identify potential opportunities

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24 Feb 14

The brain is neuroplastic and can change with meditation. This study shows important parts of the brain grew with regular practice of meditation.

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