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Joe Jones

Joe Jones's Public Library

  • Details of the meeting were not immediately known. Wade did not comment to reporters as he left the United Center, rolling down the window of the black Suburban he was in simply to give the peace sign with a smile.

Jul 02, 09

Library books that should have been weeded years ago.

  • Fast forward to the present. I grew up near Cleveland and have been a fan of the Cleveland Indians major league baseball team from the first time I saw them play when I was 8 years old. For years I wore a baseball cap with the cartoon Chief Wahoo Indians logo on it. But one of the first things I did when I moved to Montana was to get rid of that cap. I figured it would be insulting to local minorities here. Wrong. Much to my surprise, I've seen Native Americans out here wearing that same cap. Based on my experience, they seem to prefer to be called Indians, not Native Americans. Or at least they don't seem to care which word is used. But I still feel that the Chief Wahoo logo is inappropriate. I've replaced my cap with one that has a "C" on it and I feel much better as I try to follow St. Paul's advice to the Thessalonians: "avoid the very appearance of evil."
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