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jeffery heil

jeffery heil's Public Library

17 Apr 14

This was in the library

16 Apr 14

@alysasuh @sdteaching @jheil65 @seanfloyd I feel like we should use this for our project: Twitter Etiquette

16 Apr 14

Last 20% post! Piano playing "success". And I used youtube to edit my video! #usdedu

15 Apr 14

I embedded the code that I created using! RT @jheil65 Are you going to share your new ninja skills?
cc: @rrdurflinger

11 Apr 14

Figured out how to embed my Instagram feed on my blog. NOW I can go to bed! #usdedu

09 Apr 14

#jdp10 Day 2 (April 3): creating a 'promise tree' for the environment & learning how to teach.

28 Mar 14

About to host my first Web Tool Wednesday for SDCOE.

28 Mar 14

@JudyArzt Please help #usdedu students collect images for Global Classroom Project:… #usdglopro Pls RT!

22 Mar 14

Dan Meyer's resources from Friday's keynote at CUE14

11 Mar 14

@jheil65 “@DailyCupofYoga: Not enough time to read #yoga books? Why not try listening to your inspiration” #usdedu

10 Mar 14

Tool to practice speaking: Flipgrid

  • Google has made thousands of books available for use in K-12 classrooms  through Google Play for Education.
  • The books in Google Play for Education range from classic works of literature  to recent textbooks.
  • The online store now includes additional information about each app, including  the target grade levels, subjects and supported Common Core standards. The goal of  this change is to make it easier for teachers to find the apps best suited to  their students' needs.
07 Mar 14

Check out #usdedu's awesome collection of classroom photos! Share yours with #usdglopro

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