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  • It’s time that we broaden access to creating and making with technology
  • Equity describes who has the keys to the room.
  • Inclusion describes who is welcome in the room.

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  • think about how they can improve what they do by a factor of 10 times, rather than by 10%
  • It challenges them to think about everything they do in terms of revolutionary change rather than evolutionary change

  • Note: Punctuation works in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian.
  • Voice commands are available only in English. The account language and document language must both be English.

  • "It's not like just providing a laptop to every student will automatically increase student achievement, but we find that it's the first step,"
  • -to-1 laptop programs on average had a statistically significant positive impact on student test scores in English/language arts, writing, math and science.
  • modest evidence of other positive benefits associated with giving laptops to students, including increased student technology use; more student-centered and project-based instruction; greater student engagement; and better relationships between students and teachers.

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  • Under Secretary of Education Ted Mitchell defies the definition of a typical bureaucrat
  • Mitchell has pushed the administration to experiment with new models of education including coding bootcamps, competency-based degrees and predictive analytics.
  • “We need innovation that cracks the code around providing access to high-quality, affordable education for the new college student who is more diverse, who has more needs, who in many ways is a challenge to the traditional system,”

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  • Have students mastered the content and apply it both in and outside of the project?
  • Did students accurately apply the key knowledge and thinking to create a thoughtful product?
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