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  • In a video made public on Sunday by officials, one airport worker takes the laptop and hands it to another employee.

    • Somali officials identified the lone fatality as suspect Abdullahi Abdisalam Borleh. He was sucked out of the airliner through the hole from the blast Tuesda
    • He knew precisely where to sit and how to place the device to maximize damage, the source told CNN.

    • The three were scheduled to be transported to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, a U.S. military hospital, after arriving.
    • White House officials said earlier Sunday that recently detained student Matthew Trevithick also was released -- but not as part of the prisoner swap -- and had left Iran. There were no additional details.
    Oct 04, 15

    Brought to you by @benmonnett @jheil65 You asked for it, here it is; use it! #gafesummit

    Sep 20, 15

    NEW POST: 12 ways to use Google Classroom's newest features…

    Aug 22, 15

    @jheil65 did you see badges are in the immediate future @NCM So stoked to have learned from your #WTF @CUERockStar

    Aug 03, 15

    There are over 175 math teacher blogs at

    Need an idea? Looking for a resource? Try it out. #MTBoS #mathchat

    Jul 25, 15

    Check out the still growing list of #CrapDetection resources started by @hrheingold

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