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  • The biggest takeaway for me? Professional learning is now the responsibility of the learner.
  • In other words, if you’re not constantly learning, you’re toast.
  • Perpetual learning is supported by the company, but the learners are self-determined (with the help of surveys and evaluations.)

  • Alt-Vision
  • 1. Teachers—not technology—should be the primary designers of students’ learning experiences.
  • Teachers should be the primary designers of learning experiences

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  • identifying a human need and uses empathy and testing to arrive at a way to answer it.
  • But, we add two crucial layers, one of meaning making and one of discovery and support.
  • I believe that those involved must be able to connect the design process to self (“Where is my intrinsic motivation in solving this?”) and to the system (“What is our collective purpose in solving this in the context of the world?”).

  • It’s time that we broaden access to creating and making with technology
  • Equity describes who has the keys to the room.
  • Inclusion describes who is welcome in the room.

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  • think about how they can improve what they do by a factor of 10 times, rather than by 10%
  • It challenges them to think about everything they do in terms of revolutionary change rather than evolutionary change

  • Note: Punctuation works in German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Russian.
  • Voice commands are available only in English. The account language and document language must both be English.

  • "It's not like just providing a laptop to every student will automatically increase student achievement, but we find that it's the first step,"
  • -to-1 laptop programs on average had a statistically significant positive impact on student test scores in English/language arts, writing, math and science.
  • modest evidence of other positive benefits associated with giving laptops to students, including increased student technology use; more student-centered and project-based instruction; greater student engagement; and better relationships between students and teachers.

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  • Under Secretary of Education Ted Mitchell defies the definition of a typical bureaucrat
  • Mitchell has pushed the administration to experiment with new models of education including coding bootcamps, competency-based degrees and predictive analytics.
  • “We need innovation that cracks the code around providing access to high-quality, affordable education for the new college student who is more diverse, who has more needs, who in many ways is a challenge to the traditional system,”

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  • Have students mastered the content and apply it both in and outside of the project?
  • Did students accurately apply the key knowledge and thinking to create a thoughtful product?
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