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  • What we measure will fundamentally drive the system and school designs that we implement. Many schools are turning to a range of practices, such as creating learner profiles or flexible learning pathways that afford students choice, that stand to personalize learning
  • But implementing the inputs that we associate with personalized learning is not enough; we need to measure our progress in a manner that actually refocuses our outcomes at the individual student, rather than at the cohort level.
  • many of the schools surveyed in the recent RAND study reported difficulty implementing competency-based pathways along which students advance upon mastery

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  • Simply put, microlearning is a way of teaching content. In microlearning, content is divided into small chunks that are requested by and taught to learners on an as-needed basis. Microlearning can theoretically happen in person, but it is much more practical online, where a large library of content can be accessed.
  • We are going to investigate each of these features in detail to show how microlearning can be a valuable tool for learning and development professionals.
  • The modern learner is overwhelmed, distracted, and impatient: people unlock their smartphones up to 9 times every hour and most learners won’t watch videos longer than 4 minutes

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  • Attempts to standardize individual student outcomes are an unhelpful, if not downright harmful, way to promote the development of human beings
  • Zhao has concluded that the most fruitful form of education—and the one with the best chance of empowering children to overcome poverty and other disadvantages—offers each child the opportunity to pursue his or her own goals, in a stimulating and supportive environment
  • In the alternate vision, individual differences are not flaws to be fixed; the emphasis instead is on helping all students to identify and develop their areas of interest, and to build on their strengths. Standards, curricula and tests would play a very minor role, as tools to be deployed only when they can help a particular student to progress

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