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Jennifer Groff

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  • is deeper learning something new under the sun or just a re-branding of old educational dogmas?
  • Is deeper learning a single, overarching concept, spanning the whole curriculum, or does it take one form in algebra and another in history?  That is, could the various academic subject areas each have their own ways of defining what it means to learn deeply?
  • self-determination theory, developed by the psychologists Edward Deci and Richard Ryan, which suggests that what young people need most are opportunities to define and express their own identities, build competence in various domains, and enter into satisfying, collaborative relationships. Unlike grittiness, these things clearly lend themselves to instruction

  • I always joke that when people say “we need to redesign education,” they’re saying something like “let’s redesign commerce!” It’s just that big.

  • "learning engineers" — professionals who understand the research about learning, test it, and apply it to help more students learn more effectively?

  • Competency-based learning turns higher education on its head – starting not with the curriculum, but rather the competencies one should exhibit upon completion (according to, say, employers). From there, course developers design assessments that test for these competencies. Then – and only then – do we turn to the task of developing the curricula that prepares students to demonstrate mastery on the assessments

  • technology’s Law of Amplification: Technology’s primary effect is to amplify human forces. In education, technologies amplify whatever pedagogical capacity is already there.
  • Amplification neatly resolved the paradoxes of my research. Why did MultiPoint, for example, work in our pilots, but not when we took it to other schools?
  • It was because our positive results relied on special conditions that we had imposed

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