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  • You can easily create an ActionBlock<TInput> which posts items to itself after it's processed it's action and waited an appropriate amount of time.
  • create a factory
  • ITargetBlock

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  • for building concurrent applications. It promotes actor/agent-oriented designs through primitives for in-process message passing, dataflow, and pipelining
  • From an architectural level, the two interfaces that matter in TDF are the ISourceBlock<T> and the ITargetBlock<T>. Sources offer data and targets are offered data.
  • the ActionBlock class. This type allows us to run a snippet of code (like an Action<T> delegate) to perform some action on each input element.

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  • has made background and parallel processing extremely easy for .NET developers
  • extremely easy to create batch-processing pipelines in your applications
  • doesn't have more than one thread and there's no concurrency to worry about as there's no shared state between actors

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  • blocks (or nodes) are entities that may send and receive data and are the basic unit of composition
  • predefined blocks
  • Think of the predefined blocks as being equivalent to keywords in C#

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