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  • the approach I am suggesting is to find ways to make most of the actual logic in your code become encapsulated into classes that depend mostly on data.
  • our goal should be to refactor or write our code in such a way that logic is grouped into classes that only depend on primitive types and data classes, not other classes that contain logic.
  • something will have to tie all of these logic containing classes together.  We we need these tie-together classes,

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  • I criticized the overuse of dependency injection for the sole purpose of unit testing
  • I said don’t create all these extra interfaces, use IoC containers all over your app, and mocks everywhere just for the purpose of being able to isolate a class you want to unit test
  • for the most part, that unit tests and practicing TDD in general do more good for the coder than the software.

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about 21 hours ago

#VideoRecomendado: Toyota Kata Overview de @hhiroshi

about 21 hours ago

AngularJS Cheat Sheets: Core Services, Directive Definition Object, and ui-router #AngularJS

I’d love 3 good references for “don’t automate all the scenarios”. I have @lunivore “Step Away from the Tools”. Others? #bdd

@jbrains @lunivore I’m on record with “The only necessary BDD tool is in your head.” Not sure where though.
about 21 hours ago

Reflux - Creating Your First Action in React - #React lesson by @johnlindquist #free #new

about 21 hours ago

Angular Automation with Gulp is going to be a great series from @simpulton

about 21 hours ago

Integration testing tips: When to clean the database

about 21 hours ago

"Toyota Kata: Grandes desafíos en pequeños pasos" #ToyotaKata #Kaizen #Improvement

about 21 hours ago

Embracing SQL In Postgres

about 21 hours ago

Tonight! Setting up a Continuous Software Delivery Workflow: Tools and Techniques Learn computer programming meetup

about 21 hours ago

AngularJS Architecture: ui-router state params for sharing information by @simpulton #pro #AngularJS

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