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  • There is a subtle but important difference between the Definition of Done and Acceptance Criteria
  • The term applies more to the product increment as a whole
  • that the product increment is shippable

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  • se mostró cómo por refactor aparecen patrones, para mejorar el código en desarrollo, pero NO APARECEN desde el principio. Al comienzo, TDD brega por el “menor código” que pase el test. Todo mejoramiento de código pasa por refactor
  • prefiero aplicar TDD escribiendo tests SOBRE CASOS DE USO

  • Those giants were marketing up a storm. They were gods. They were rulers.
  • During this time I watched in horror as team after team put the database at the center of their system. They had been convinced by the endless marketing hype that the data model was the most important aspect of the architecture, and that the database was the heart and soul of the design.
  • I witnessed the rise of a new job function. The DBA!

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  • Recently, however, the use of Apache has fallen below 50 percent for the first time in more than a decade, and a newer, open-source Web server known as Nginx, is quickly gaining ground.
  • Although Nginx is now hovering around the 14 percent mark of total Web servers worldwide, IIS has made new gains instead of falling out of the competition as was expected. Despite the popularity contest that is currently ensuing, a quick look at the benchmarks and the pros and cons of each of the top three Web servers reveals that Nginx may be the best option.
  • Apache HTTP Server remains the undisputed leader in Web servers,

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11 Apr 14

Help me collect a list of the best Chrome extensions for web developers

@hhariri You can install Chromebleed into Chrome to check the sites you care about.

debugging #nodejs … #NowWhat?
11 Apr 14

The Authenticated App With AngularJS + DreamFactory User Management

11 Apr 14

. @rdlauer dropped some pretty big news in this blog post - - Something Visual Studio users should be happy about.

11 Apr 14

More FubuMVC lessons learned, this time it’s on our “fubu new”, the value of standardization, and polyglot prog:

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