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  • One place where full containers really helps is running clusters on a single machine.
  • If all you want to do is run a single-node Cassandra instance in docker, this should get you going
  • the tobert/dsc208 image

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  • Docker is designed to deliver your applications faster
  • With Docker you can separate your applications from your infrastructure AND treat your infrastructure like a managed application
  • Docker helps you ship code faster, test faster, deploy faster, and shorten the cycle between writing code and running code.

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  • By default boot2docker installer will install the VirtualBox as VM provider and you can use the Parallel VM provider instead if installed on you Mac.
  • There is a huge performance increased on using Parallel as the VM provider. You will notice that the Docker container will start faster than before.

  • It runs completely from RAM, is a small ~24MB download and boots in ~5s (YMMV).
  • a lightweight Linux distribution made specifically to run Docker containers

  • I’d like to take a bit and show you how to use Docker with Vagrant.
  • Vagrant’s creator, Mitchell Hashimoto, took the boot2docker VM and created a Vagrant box
  • boxes, which are essentially VM templates created for each back-end provider

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  • Vagrant is a technology which takes a file ( Vagrantfile ) to install an operating system ( could be anyone, normally is the OS that you will use in your servers or cloud instances ) and install all the libraries and software you need to run the programs and processes that form part of your final application
  • Vagrant could install your OS and then your Docker packages to run your Docker containers in your computer and in your server.
  • All this allows you to create similar environments

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  • Vagrant is an automation tool with a domain-specific language (DSL) that is used to automate the creation of VMs and VM environments.
  • a user can create a set of instructions, using Vagrant’s DSL, that will set up one or more VMs and possibly configure those VMs. Every time the user uses the precreated set of instructions, the end result will look exactly the same.
  • Vagrant makes this work by using a number of different components:

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  • an open source project to pack, ship and run any application as a lightweight container
  • The idea is to provide a comprehensive abstraction layer that allows developers to “containerize” or “package” any application and have it run on any infrastructure
  • The use of container here refers more to the consistent, standard packaging of applications rather than referring to any underlying technology

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  • Full machine virtualization offers greater isolation at the cost of greater overhead, as each virtual machine runs its own full kernel and operating system instance
  • Containers, on the other hand, generally offer less isolation but lower overhead through sharing certain portions of the host kernel and operating system instance
  • full machine virtualization and containers are complementary

  • Docker is a program that makes running and managing containers super easy
  • It has the potential to change all aspects of server-side applications, from development and testing to deployment and scaling. It’s pretty cool.
  • This post is a walkthrough of the issues you’ll face running Docker on OS X and the workarounds to deal with them

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  • Because the Docker daemon uses Linux-specific kernel features, you can't run Docker natively in OS X. Instead, you must install the Boot2Docker application. Boot2Docker includes a VirtualBox VM, Docker itself, and the Boot2Docker management tool.
  • The Boot2Docker management tool is a lightweight Linux virtual machine made specifically to run the Docker daemon on Mac OS X
  • The VirtualBox VM runs completely from RAM, is a small ~24MB download, and boots in approximately 5s.

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