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Joel Bennett

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Nov 24, 15

Lightshow lets you test new and existing language grammars with GitHub’s syntax highlighter (linguist?)

Nov 17, 15

Logical Fallacies exposed as NFL Referee calls.

Nov 13, 15

The largest collection of MSBuild Tasks, loggers, and task factories.
Includes the PowerShell Task Factory.

Nov 10, 15

simulate WAN characteristics like Network delay, Packet loss, Packet corruption, Disconnections, Packet re-ordering, Jitter, etc.

like clumsy.

Oct 27, 15

A music programming language ...

Oct 26, 15

Geared toward managing extensive music collections with comprehensive rip/sync/metadata features.

Oct 01, 15

A pretty Open Source markdown editor with a nice outline and preview, and with support for exporting via Pandoc, Discount, cmark or MltiMarkdown to formats like PDF, DOCx etc.

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