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Joel Bennett

Joel Bennett's Public Library

Feb 03, 16

A single $1,600 lease that gives you month-to-month access to incredible co-living spaces and local communities around the world.

Jan 31, 16

Open source project collaboration software for handling work items, backlogs, and timelines, etc.

Jan 27, 16

Threadbase helps you find clothes that fit.

Enter your measurements or search with an item you wear. We'll find the best-fitting sizes and brands for your body

Jan 27, 16

Mattermost seems to be one of the more mature open source Slack competitors, and it's making waves by being slack-combatible.

By supporting a "superset" of Slack's webhook integration APIs, they get compatibility with most existing Slack integrations, and support importing users, channel history and more directly from slack.

Jan 27, 16

Rocket.Chat is one of a couple of open source apps trying to take over the space that HipChat and Slack have created ...

Jan 17, 16

Verb icons (e.g. "to run" or "to choose") with several styles and series.

Jan 17, 16

Task-oriented automation of your PC from you tablet or phone's touch-screen.

Jan 17, 16

Simple face-to-face video meetings without skype.

Nov 24, 15

Lightshow lets you test new and existing language grammars with GitHub’s syntax highlighter (linguist?)

Nov 17, 15

Logical Fallacies exposed as NFL Referee calls.

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