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Joel Bennett

Joel Bennett's Public Library

Feb 22, 15

Free for public open source projects, able to run selenium tests, integrate with Amazon, Heroku and more.

Feb 20, 15

This is the home of the spec for the PowerShell Remoting Protocol.

Feb 20, 15

Long running service processes on linux from nodejs scripts made easy.

Feb 16, 15

An IPFIX protocol implementation in C (with python bindings), including an implementation of RFC 5610, and support for sFlow and NetFlow v9

Jan 27, 15

A new browser from former Opera devs who are dissapointed with the company's direction.

Jan 26, 15

Web based charting tool that imports/exports Visio and interops with

Jan 19, 15

A phone number that rings all your devices, tracks and transfers calls between them, integrates with Hangouts, Gmail, Calendar, etc., and follows your contacts on social media.

Jan 15, 15

How to implement Active Directory-based silent authentication for OpenSSH to non-Windows systems using the Centrify Suite.

Jan 14, 15

Showing the relative number of Android devices that share a certain characteristic, such as software version or screen size.

Jan 13, 15

Syncthing replaces proprietary sync and cloud services with something open, trustworthy and decentralized.

Jan 06, 15

A long-distance wireless tracker (up to 4 miles from a home base)

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