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Joel Bennett

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May 20, 15

Generating Web Pages in/from Powershell

May 17, 15

T-Shirts & Hoodies, iPhone Cases, Stickers, Posters, Prints, Cards, etc.

May 10, 15

The Developer Assistant for Visual Studio enables developers to find and reuse over 21 million code snippets and code samples from within Visual Studio ...

May 04, 15

Simple taskboards for GitHub projects

Apr 30, 15

Web Service APIs for intelligent services: face recognition, speech APIs, vision APIs, and natural language comprehension.

Apr 26, 15

Everything about Defiance the game: walkthroughs, cheat codes, etc.

Apr 23, 15

An easy to use framework for turning console apps into manageable windows services!

Apr 17, 15

Liquid silicone and corn starch, with linseed paint for color...
Also note recipes for graphite-enhanced conductive gorilla glue, etc.

Apr 15, 15

GitLab is like GitHub, but open source, and ... better:
You can have roles and permissions, including branches which only allow certain developers to push. You can have milestones which cross multiple projects. You can rebase before merge commits in the web UI.
GitLab even includes it's own continuous integration server, and LDAP integration, etc.
Unlimited public and private repositories and unlimited collaborators for free!

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