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Joel Bennett

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Jul 24, 15

A management UI for Docker on Mac OS X

Jul 23, 15

A modern file system for .NET (it's frustrating, annoying and embarrassing that Microsoft never fixed this stuff). Supports advanced NTFS features: long paths, hidden volumes, hardlinks, transactions, alternate data streams, etc.

Jul 17, 15

Create highly customized leaflet maps quickly and easily. Works with any providers (Google, OSM, BING, MapBox, CartoDB, etc...)

Jun 21, 15

The .NET Portability Analyzer is a tool that provides you with a detailed report (example report) on how portable your code is across .NET platforms by analyzing assemblies. The Portability Analyzer is offered as a Visual Studio Extension and as a console app.

Jun 17, 15

Squirrel is a set of tools and a library for managing the install and update of Windows Desktop applications.

Under the covers it uses NuGet packages, and deploys apps silently to the user's LocalAppData folder, so it doesn't require UAC, but does put the app in a vulnerable location.

Jun 04, 15

Documentation for all those web things in one place.

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