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Joel Bennett

Joel Bennett's Public Library

Sep 25, 16

An idea for a decentralized network built on sharing the empty space on your drive and your bandwidth to make a free global network ...

Sep 22, 16

Black Screen is like the ISE of the linux world. Based on electron, with intellisense-like auto-completion, and color coding of errors, etc ...

Sep 20, 16

Handy WebAPI project with support for webhooks and slash commands...

Sep 20, 16

Manage authentication from your phone, with browser plugins, sharing, and more.

Sep 19, 16

Credential Guard isolates secrets that previous versions of Windows stored in the Local Security Authority (LSA) by using virtualization-based security.

Sep 03, 16

A badge service for docker images...

Aug 29, 16

Three-way merge tool that understands code and semantically merges at the method level...

Aug 24, 16

A distributed systems kernel, built at the datacenter level of abstraction, providing API’s for resource management and scheduling.

Aug 20, 16

A library containing all PInvoke code so you don't have to import it every time. Maintained and updated to support the latest Windows OS.

Aug 18, 16

A wifi-connected controller for remote-controlled air conditioners

Aug 17, 16

Here's a minecraft server that updates itself every time you start it. Beauty!

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