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about 5 hours ago

"Welcome to SmartBrief Education’s original content series about the unique stories of teacherpreneurs. These are the innovative individuals confronting challenges, creating solutions and bringing them to market. Robert Ahdoot, a high-school math teacher and founder of, helps us kick off the series with a conversation with his mentor — and teacherpreneur — Bruce Powell. Powell is the founding Head of School of New Community Jewish High School in West Hills, Calif., where Ahdoot teaches."

about 5 hours ago

"Dear Student,

What do you know about the world you are going to enter when you finish school? What challenges and problems will we face? What jobs will be out there? What skills and learning will graduates need?"

Mar 02, 15

"Showroom Models - Roadmaps - Navigate text complexity with a text roadmap, a tool that brings together the quantitative measures, qualitative measures, and reader and task considerations of a text in one format."

Mar 02, 15

"College students could save an average of $128 a course if traditional textbooks were replaced with free or low-cost “open-source” electronic versions, a new report finds.

The Student Public Interest Research Groups, state-based advocacy groups that promote affordable textbook options, analyzed open-source pilot programs at five colleges and found that the savings for students can be significant."

Feb 27, 15

"The Navigator tool is an online database that maps every lesson in the district’s mathematics textbooks to the CCSSM. These linkages have been identified and reviewed by a team of CSC reviewers. This information is made available to teachers for their use in two ways: 1) textbook lessons are linked to the specific CCSSM standards addressed, and 2) any specific CCSSM standard is linked to all the textbook lessons that address it. This allows teachers to make informed decisions about which lessons to teach and in what sequence"

Feb 27, 15

"One new product is coming from Schmidt and the Center for the Study of Curriculum: The Navigator — a web-based application that Schmidt said can tell teachers where in the math book they’re using (as long as it’s one of the 35 surveyed) they will find material on a particular standard and where else to look if the book doesn’t have it."

  • One new product is coming from Schmidt and the Center for the Study of Curriculum: The Navigator — a web-based application that Schmidt said can tell teachers where in the math book they’re using (as long as it’s one of the 35 surveyed) they will find material on a particular standard and where else to look if the book doesn’t have it.
Feb 27, 15

"In our rapidly changing world, how a school responds to emerging trends often determines that school's future. At the International Center for Leadership in Education, we find and analyze the nation's most rapidly improving schools so that we can learn about—and showcase—what makes these schools flourish. Through this work, we have identified five transformative trends that are changing the face of education."

Feb 18, 15

"In the summer of 2011, I was handed an opportunity to design and teach a course loosely based on Apple’s in-store Genius Bar. The driving force behind this course was the impending launch of our 1-to-1 iPad environment. That summer, the Burlington Public Schools (MA) tech team was preparing to deliver iPads to every student in the high school. We were a five-person team, and three of those positions covered every school and device in the district. We were taking on these additional devices without additional support. "

Feb 18, 15

"Growing up, my family's Sunday night ritual was always the single word, dinner-and-a-movie. We were passionate about cinema, and a post-movie debate was always included in the evening's entertainment. In fact, one of the most memorable fights with my dad was over his inability to delay his analysis of Hoosiers before the end credits had even rolled."

Feb 18, 15

"The Academy Awards are just around the corner, and there are a number of nominated films that can be great teaching tools for educators this year.

With the abundance of media messages in our society, it's important to ensure students are media literate. The Oscars provide a great opportunity to use the year's best films to teach students about media and film literacy. Not to mention, films can also be an engaging teaching tool for piquing interest in a variety of subjects and issues. In this compilation, you'll find classroom resources from around the web that cover many of this year's nominated films, as well as general resources for using film as a teaching tool."

Feb 16, 15

"An excerpt from an important book: 'We have framed some questions which, in our judgment, are responsive to the actual and immediate as against the fancied and future needs of learners in the world as it is (not as it was): What do you worry about most? What are the causes of your worries? Can any of your worries be eliminated? How? Which of them might you deal with first? How do you decide? Are there other people with the same problems? How do you know? How can you find out? If you had an important idea that you wanted to let everyone (in the world) know about, how might you go about letting them know?...'"

Feb 14, 15

"As teachers across America contend with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), many are no doubt asking themselves whether these are really any different from previous standards. One way to answer this question is to look at the crosscutting concepts: eight broad concepts that transcend disciplines in science."

Feb 13, 15

"This year at iPadpalooza we were looking to do something a little different with all that “transition” time in between sessions. Often times, when you attend a conference, you find yourself in complete session-mode. You rush from session to session, never taking time to reflect, interact or collaborate with others at the event."

Jan 28, 15

"The rapid adoption of devices in the classroom has fundamentally changed the way we can create video. Every part of the creation process -- writing, recording, editing, and distributing -- is possible on the devices that can fit in our pocket. Vision is the most dominant of the five senses. Research shows that concepts are better remembered if they are taught visually. This is called the pictorial superiority effect, and it’s why video is such a powerful learning tool. A video is created three times: when you write it, when you shoot it, and when you edit it. "

Jan 12, 15

"Schools are presented with lists of Academic Standards for their courses which represent things students should know and be able to do by the end of the course. These standards documents are long and detailed. And overwhelming. A school that plans a 180 day calendar (a typical number of school days per year) will have a difficult time trying to find enough time to give equal attention to all standards."

Jan 12, 15

" From Visible Thinking Routines to 5 Modern Learning Routines January 11, 2015 - Featured Carousel, Learning, Sketchnoting, Visible Thinking Routine - no comments I have been a fan of Visible Thinking Routines which were developed by Project Zero from Havard, for a while now. I have used these routines with students, as blogging routines and in professional development workshops."

Jan 07, 15

"Recently, I was looking through my bookshelves and discovered an entire shelf of instruction books that came with software I had previously purchased. Yes, there was a time when software was bought in stores, not downloaded. Upon closer examination of these instruction books, I noticed that many of them were for computers and software that I no longer use or even own. More importantly, most were still in shrink-wrap, never opened. I recalled that when I bought software, I just put the disk into the computer and never looked at the book."

Jan 06, 15

"Teaching students to respect the intellectual property of others is important in this digital “cut and paste” world we live in. One great project to share with students that can better help them understand how and when they may use images created by others is the Creative Commons project."

Jan 06, 15

"It took just one relentless bout of the flu to remind me of the power of empirical evidence and the importance of shooting data. More than numbers, it was the evidence gleaned from my experiences and the images that I gathered along the way that helped my doctor solve the riddle that was delaying my recovery."

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