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Nov 25, 15

"In a given subject, standards or benchmarks—and potentially state curriculum—there are skills and content students must master. Within a given curriculum map, the trick is to identify what skills and content students need to learn, and then identify where students will have the freedom to construct inquiry on their own. If the goal of an activity is acquisition of content knowledge, perhaps you can vary the presentation method. For example, students could have a checklist of information about a particular historical era and then choose a specific medium for sharing those facts with the general public—essay, slideshow, podcast, video, and exhibit being just a few of the options. Alternately, if the goal is skill mastery, students can apply the specified skill to problems and situations that they select on their own, such as applying the same mathematical formulas to analyze statistical data on a topic or field of their choice, be it professional sports or neighborhood crime. The most advanced students can be offered control over both content and methods—what's important to learn, and how to present it."

Nov 24, 15

"Stanford psychology professor Carol Dweck has become something of a cult figure in education and parenting circles. Her research into boosting student motivation has spawned a mini industry of consultants, sold more than a million books and changed the way that many adults praise children."

Nov 23, 15

This site provides the information necessary for completing the various Google Certifications - Educator, Trainer, Innovator.

Nov 23, 15

"Did he seriously just ask that? How old is this guy?” Well yes, I recently seriously just asked a group of students if they knew how to search Google. And yes, the students got a good laugh from my question.

“Of course I know how to use Google,” I have been told by every student to whom I have asked the question.

“Really? Let’s see. This won’t take long,” I promise."

Nov 23, 15

"There are different ways to hold a conversation.

I am using several platforms/methods to hold a conversation with the faculty of the Shore, Church of England Grammar School from Sydney, Australia. Our topic is documenting FOR and AS learning.

We are somewhat “flipping” my school site visit (scheduled for next June) and are using several of the below mentioned platforms/methods and resources to start the conversation around documenting for learning, build common vocabulary and understanding and plan for our face to face time together."

Nov 23, 15

"Steve Leinwand, Sue O'Connell, Pamela Weber Harris and other math leaders examine the Standards for Mathematical Practice. 'A deeper understanding of these eight practices enables us to envision what it means for our students to be mathematically proficient, and to select teaching practices that shift our teaching from a focus on content to a focus on application and understanding. The Standards for Mathematical Practice are actually the heart and soul of the Common Core State Standards. Sue O'Connell and John SanGiovanni from Putting the Practices Into Action"

Nov 19, 15

"Ted Dintersmith is a highly successful venture capitalist and father of two who is devoting most of his time, energy and part of of his personal fortune to education-related initiatives that call for a radical remaking of what and how students learn. He organized, funded and produced the documentary “Most Likely To Succeed,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2015. He, along with co-author Tony Wagner, recently released a book titled “Most Likely To Succeed: Preparing Our Kids for the Innovation Era.” And he is conducting a 50-state tour to encourage communities all over the country to re-think the purpose of school.

By Ted Dintersmith"

Nov 16, 15

"10 Tips to Get Started with Sketchnoting Workshop - I facilitated a workshop at Miami Device this past week. Most conference sessions feel rushed with only 45-60 minutes to share, but thanks to Felix Jacomino‘s the genius mind behind the conference, scheduled my 10 Tips to Get Started with Sketchnoting workshop for 2 hours! It gave us the opportunity to DO what we were talking about. Participants were able to practice sketching the content of the workshop as they were learning about sketchnoting! We walked, step by step, through building a sketch by remembering 10 tips:"

Nov 16, 15

"How to Use the “4 C’s” Rubrics - This excerpt appears in the Buck Institute for Education's book, "PBL for 21st Century Success: Teaching Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication, Creativity." Rubrics for each of the "4 C's" are in the book, and we offer guidance below on how to use them in a PBL context."

Nov 16, 15

"What is it? This article explains how BIE's new Gold Standard PBL model differs from our older model of the "8 Essential Elements of PBL" and why we made the changes.

Why do we like it? We think people who were familiar with our original model for PBL will find it helpful to learn about why some familiar elements are gone, but be reassured that the changes are an understandable step forward.

How can you use it? Use this article to help teachers and school leaders who have been using BIE's older model make the transition to Gold Standard PBL."

Nov 11, 15

"Later this week, some of the leading minds behind modern professional development will gather in Florida for the second Miami Device event.

Last year’s inaugural Miami Device drew a global audience of educators and thought leaders looking for inspirational ways to tackle professional development. For its second year, the event’s organizers have increased the scope with four keynote speakers.

ConnectIT blogger Eric Patnoudes recently sat down with Miami Device’s host, Felix Jacomino, to discuss the origins of the show and the new offerings at this year’s event."

Nov 09, 15

"WASHINGTON — American higher education is the envy of the world, with the most renowned universities attracting young men and women from around the globe.
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As Americans consider college possibilities, the choices are terrific: large and small, public and private, in every region, along with a robust community-college system that is a gateway for many immigrants and for training older workers."

Nov 06, 15

"Curious about the Common Core tests that have generated so much debate and so many low scores in recent months? Now you can check them out yourself.

The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, or PARCC, has released hundreds of test questions that were given to students in 2015 — roughly equivalent to a full test’s worth for each grade level and subject."

Nov 06, 15

"Here's a sketchy video I created for my technology pedagogy course. I have mixed feelings about SAMR, because it often implies that "lower levels" are not as good when often substitution works well. Royan Lee picked this apart well. I also think there are times when the best option involves avoiding technology. For example, there are times when sketching something by hand teaches observational skills better than using a camera. However, I still see a real benefit in the SAMR model, in terms of thinking about the transformative power of technology."

Nov 06, 15

"Straight to the point …. We all make mistakes! Mistakes are OK, mistakes help us learn! However, sometimes, these mistakes can be avoided and last week I made a mistake that should have been avoided and I was (thankfully) held accountable to it."

Nov 05, 15

"“We need a really strong, powerful question,” he says to a couple dozen fourth graders at John B. Russwurm PS 197, an elementary school in the New York City neighborhood of Harlem. The students, who are scattered cross-legged on the floor of the classroom, eagerly shoot their hands into the air.

Mitra calls on a boy in a t-shirt. “Let’s hear your question.”"

Nov 02, 15

"Do your students have a hard time defining — and thus, perhaps, avoiding — plagiarism? They’re not alone. In a cut-and-paste world, examples of both intentional and unintentional plagiarism are everywhere. "

Oct 30, 15

"We are very excited to have Jennifer Garcia joining us as our special guest presenter on Saturday, October 17, for her presentation: "Green Screens + iPads = iMagic!" She will be sharing projects her students have done using green screens on the iPads with DoInk's Green Screen App. We'll get a guided tour of the entire process including setup, equipment, apps, workflow, assessment strategies and possible issues to be aware of. We'll also get to see a few examples of her student work and have access to the online lessons she created to help you in building your own projects. We'll also get to see some examples from other teachers along with their resources. This will be most beneficial to teachers who have access to iPads in their classrooms, but it's always exciting to learn about tools, apps and the possibilities for enhancing digital story telling with any tools you may have access to and we would welcome participants willing to share the tools and project examples for digital storytelling projects you are using in your classrooms."

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