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Julio Acuna

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20 Apr 14

"An ODS is an integrated, subject- oriented, volatile (including update), current-valued structure designed to serve operational users as they do high performance integrated processing"

20 Apr 14

"SELECT event_message_id,MESSAGE,package_name,event_name,message_source_name,package_path,execution_path,message_type,message_source_type
FROM   (
       SELECT  em.*
       FROM    SSISDB.catalog.event_messages em
       WHERE   em.operation_id = (SELECT MAX(execution_id) FROM SSISDB.catalog.executions)
           AND event_name NOT LIKE '%Validate%'
/* Put in whatever WHERE predicates you might like*/
--WHERE event_name = 'OnError'
--WHERE package_name = 'Package.dtsx'
--WHERE execution_path LIKE '%<some executable>%'
ORDER BY message_time DESC"

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