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  • As we move our entire lives into the digital sphere, we humans like to maintain a bit of the physical space. We crave it. And embrace it. Where all the world’s music is at the touch of our finger (literally), I’m building a physical vinyl record collection that I’m proud of. And will happily share with people when we’re together.


  • I get it. You’re trying to sell your Pono player. I don’t quite get why anyone would buy it. David Pogue debunked its biggest selling point that it sounds BETTER than a CD.  Well most listeners actually thought the iTunes file sounded better in an A/B test. So there’s that. Even Pono’s engineers stated “no significant technical advantage over CD-quality.” And Pono isn’t mobile to the point of fitting in my pocket. It’s a damn triangle. And can albums cost upwards of $25?! Most of the vinyl I buy doesn’t even cost that much! How do you get off charging that?


  • Music is my passion, my love and my career. And I am happy to use as many of my senses as possible to fully experience it.

  • 根据中国政府的数据,去年,超过40万“海归”回到祖国。“他们能说一口流利的英语,拥有全球视角和较高的文化修养,”她表示,“他们的背景与香港职业女性相似。他们一拍即合。”


  • “Owning a Picasso doesn’t mean you can sell prints or reproductions, but that you’re the sole owner of a unique original. And that’s what Once Upon a Time in Shaolin is. It’s a unique original rather than a master copy of an album.”


  • “Or put another way Spotify is cannibalizing it’s own paying subscribers resulting in lower revenues even as it loses overall popularity with these students.”


  • “在这里,你可能很聪明,但在美国你可能会变得更聪明,”一位曾在美国生活和工作很长时间的员工表示,“在这里的思维环境下,很难有创造力。”


  • 一位早期合作者谈到李光耀的遗产这个话题时,阴沉地说:“人所为之恶,死后犹存;所为之善,与人俱亡。

  • S/EIS tax relief for business angel investors, R&D tax credits, Entrepreneurs Tax Relief, etc.

  • They all agree that the best companies are the ones that started because nothing else like them existed.


  • The idea for home renovation and design platform Houzz came in 2009 when Tatarko and her cofounder and husband, Alon Cohen, couldn’t find an easy and affordable way to renovate their newly bought 1950s ranch home in Palo Alto.


  • If Hartz could give one piece of advice to all entrepreneurs, it would be to "really invest in the people." If you can’t hire right away, then get great advisers, but always be seeking people who can help get you from Point A to Point B, she says.


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  • The Tyranny of Choice remains one of the biggest challenges for streaming services, namely how to make sense of 35 million songs. It has been challenge enough for the Aficionados at the vanguard of the first wave of subscription service adoption. It is a problem of far greater proportions for the next wave of subscribers, the later adopters who do not have the expertise nor intent to invest great effort into discovering new music. It is not as simple as ‘lean forward’ versus ‘lean back’. But instead gradations between the two. Beyond Apple’s inevitable Spotify-subscriber win back efforts, these early followers will be at the core of Apple’s streaming strategy.


  • As Eli Pariser identified in his excellent Ted Talk ‘Beware Of Filter Bubbles’ there is a risk that recommendation algorithms actually narrow our choice and limit discovery. That by continually refining recommendations based on previous taste and choice they make our world views increasingly narrow and ultimately boring. Music discovery is not simply about finding music that sounds like other music we already like. It is also about serendipitous moments of wonder when something comes at us from the left field and leaves us breathless. That is the antithesis of ‘here are three other bands like this you might like’.

  • “Aficionados, the super fans that drive 61% of all music sales revenue, are both being taken for granted and reducing their spend, trading down from multiple albums a month to 9.99 subscriptions.”


  • Declutter your life, declutter your mind


  • Anytime I buy something new, I need to throw out the equivalent of what I’m already owning. 


  • Have you given minimalism or one-bag living a try? What did you find out as a result? I’m keen to hear your thoughts and insights in the comments!

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  • In 1841, Albius discovered how to quickly pollinate the vanilla orchid with a thin stick or blade of grass and a simple thumb gesture. With the stick or grass blade, field hands lift the rostellum, the flap that separates the male anther from the female stigma, and then, with their thumbs, smear the sticky pollen from the anther over the stigma.


  • The hydra’s secret seems to be that it sheds its entire body and starts from scratch every few weeks. It’s essentially just a sack of stem cells, which are kind of like blank slates.

  • That means that the cost of goods sold (COGS) for the iPhone is about $293. Is that a lot? Where does that money go? What else does it tell us about how the company operates?


    • Bill of materials (BOM). This represents the cost of the components that go into the device. These are paid to suppliers.
    • Transportation/warehousing. This is the cost to transport and store the product before sale. This is paid to shipping companies and warehousing.
    • Manufacturing cost (including labor). This is paid to contract manufacturers.
    • Warranty expense. This is paid back to customers for returned product that can no longer be sold.
    • Note that R&D (engineering and development) and Sales, General and Administrative (e.g. Marketing) costs are not part of this cost structure. They are considered fixed costs and are not allocated to individual units of production.

  • 主力作战的香港守军(由英、加、澳等国的英联邦军人加本地印巴步兵、香港义勇军、香港警察组成)死战伤亡惨重到弹尽粮绝,只轻轻带过,变成好像是东江主力打似的。类似的歪曲历史手法一直贯通“文革”、“香港回归”等部分展览。作者说,“最惨的,还是很多人不觉得这些软性洗脑是问题,反正都在学校硬性洗脑了”。

  • “a shift in the way consumers are consuming music,”

  •     广东话的特色是发音洪亮。我认为用普通话唱摇滚没感觉,但如果使用广东话,就能表现出音乐本来的力量。上海话和苏州话听起来犹如莺歌燕语,人们经常说,法语听起来好像鸟儿歌唱,如果用苏州话演唱法国小调,或许更有味道。
  • 在说当地方言的瞬间,自己的内心会变得非常坦率。这是笔者在说日语普通话时不曾遇到的感觉。使用当地方言进行思考,似乎更能写出充满感情的文章。
  • 如果语言全部千篇一律,那么就将丧失音乐和思维的多样性。古代中国的文化之所以灿烂辉煌,是因为在中国各地,语法、词汇、韵律都存在差异,文章和诗文具有世界各国无法比拟的多样性。

  • concerning his actions during the civil rights movement, "Basically, I'd do the same thing today if I had to do it all over again.

  • 如果追溯到20万年前,这个世界上所有的人都是一家人,我们有一个共有的女性始祖,生活在非洲,被考古学家们称为“非洲夏娃”。大约6万年前,人们走出非洲,逐渐迁移到世界各地,风流云散,失去了联系。

  • The law is clear that the right to petition one's government for the redress of grievances may be exercised in large groups . . . . These rights may . . . be exercised by marching, even along public highways.[72]


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