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Ira Kaufman

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Aug 28, 15

"resources vanish toward unseen ends, once you learn how to translate the data, you’ll be amazed at how much there is.

Start by understanding that clicks, likes and shares have meaning and value. They mean that people are responding to your content or advertising. This quantifiable engagement will translate into higher Google search rankings for your site, in addition to driving both organic and paid traffic there.

See the direct results of your investment in social media by checking out the Google Webmaster Tools data that tells where visitors to your site are coming from and which sets of people are making purchases or appointments.

There’s more than enough data to precisely calculate ROI and help you appreciate the fact that higher traffic ultimately translates into more sales and more test drives. But keep in mind many social-media marketing strategies take months for their effects to be fully felt, so don’t rush to judgment.

How have you incorporated and quantified social-media advertising for your auto dealership? Let us know in the comment section below!


Aug 28, 15

"xperts on hand here for the DrivingSales Executive Summit presented with WardsAuto continually point to the growing power of social-media services such as Facebook and Twitter to influence buying decisions, citing stats that show 38% of consumers plan to use social media to research their next vehicle purchase."

Aug 28, 15

""We find that 80-something percent of the people look on the computer before they even set foot on our lot," says Scott Tolley, sales manager at Burlington Honda in North Carolina. "So, if you're not in front of them at that medium, you're missing the boat."

Burlington, a successful family business since the 1970s, is a prime example of a dealership reinventing itself to keep up with a rapidly evolving auto market. The website extends a firm introductory handshake to potential customers."

Aug 28, 15

"TechCheck Digital Asset Inspection

Get peace of mind with our TechCheck™ multi-point digital marketing inspection so you know that your online technology is working correctly and your customer-facing information is accurate. TechCheck™ inspects hundreds of potential failure points within your digital marketing presence to identify issues, missed opportunities and technology problems.

Each TechCheck™ inspection includes asset reviews of:

Primary website
Better Business Bureau
Monthly mystery shop to examine Internet lead responses from the first 3 days
In addition to the standard TechCheck™ the following may also be included:

Automotive dealerships also include asset reviews of:

Specials and inventory
Businesses with e-commerce websites also include asset reviews of:

eBay store
Google Shopping
Businesses with non-e-commerce websites also include asset reviews of:

Website conversion optimization
Referring websites
What is it really costing your business not to know where your digital marketing is broken? Let the website optimization and digital marketing experts at Opportunity Max start your custom TechCheck™ digital marketing inspection today to uncover issues that may be preventing you from competing and converting effectively online. You’ll receive a concise TechCheck™ conveniently to your email alerting you to where hundreds of your digital assets stand and where you have major or persistent problems causing you to lose opportunities."

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