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Jul 30, 09

Baby Cut From Murdered Mother's Womb Found, A baby cut from the womb of her murdered mother in Massachusetts was found alive in New Hampshire, police said Wednesday night, and suspect is in custody

Jul 25, 09

Maintaining the delicate balance between work and family is a struggle for all working moms, but for women politicians, private decisions about climbing the career ladder end up dissected on the evening news.

Jul 20, 09

On July 23, 1969, as Apollo 11 hurtled back towards Earth, there was a problem -- a problem only a kid could solve.

Jul 11, 09

Twitter might be a fast-growing social network, but it's not able to escape some problems. From downtime to community issues, Twitter has some kinks to work out. Read this blog post by Don Reisinger on Webware.

Jul 06, 09

Discipline Guide for children to help you learn how to effectively discipline your kids and know what to do when they misbehave.

Jun 26, 09

Police are searching for Michael Jackson's doctor, hoping that he'll be able to answer questions about the King of Pop's shocking death.
Los Angeles police spokeswoman Karen Rayner has confirmed that police towed a BMW owned by one of the superstar's doctors from Jackson's house

Jun 26, 09

Discover if it's right for you and how to prepare for it.

Jun 26, 09

Pop Legend Michael Jackson Dead at 50, Music icon Michael Jackson died Thursday afternoon at a Los Angeles hospital, FOX News confirms

Jun 19, 09

Zucchini is everywhere right now... i bought some at the farmer's market last week, Aldi's the week before, and I even have some growing in my garden. Th only think I know how to do is sautee it, but this roasted zucchini looked delicious as another option!

Jun 12, 09

Last week, I went to the grocery store and spent almost $200. I wanted to pass out. I felt sick to my stomach. So much money sucked out of our bank account. Even with my menus carefully planned out, list in-hand, I still spent way more than I anticipated. And it's like that almost every week. I know groceries are a necessity. It's not like I'm getting my hair highlighted and my nails done. We must have groceries. But still....

Jun 07, 09

If you shop at Kroger as I do, here's a new program to help you save even more. Just go to their site and register your Kroger
plus number! I don't know if it will only last until July 11th or if they will continue it, so I'll keep you updated.

Jun 02, 09

There are specific laws and rules that are to be followed by the personal Injury claimants living in the respective parts of the world. Generally these rules

Jun 01, 09

Great tips on this website for using natural cleaners and items for the home! One tip I learned tonight was using plants (ferns and spider plants) as natural air filters- they absorb toxins and release oxygen.

May 28, 09

Travel, musings and photography.
She inspires me.

May 22, 09

CafeMom is a community where moms get advice and support, connect with other moms, and express themselves in groups, journals, polls, and more.

* I like this mama site.

May 19, 09

These are the best cookies, and they are healthy as well- no refined sugars or flour, just honey, oatmeal, peanut butter, flax seed, and chocolate chips! They are amazing!

May 14, 09

Everyone seems to think these people are nuts- NOT ME! I think it sounds fun; infact, next week I'm doing it myself!

May 09, 09

I took my 3 yr old son this morning because I had heard Lowes offered free projects for kids two saturdays a month. Well, it was fantastic! He made a planter, hammered nails into pre-cut holes, and really had a feeling of accomplishment! I highly recommend it, if you have a Lowes nearby.

May 06, 09

Little bits of peace, love and craftiness.

I loved her post today about family drawing times; I want to start "creating" more with my fam.

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