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Ian Chan

Ian Chan's Public Library

Jul 14, 15

"User Experience adds to this knowledge by examining such issues as usefulness, desirability, credibility, and accessibility."

  • In the library environment, this includes user interactions with our diverse online environment (including mobile, browser-based, and other interactions), as well as the physical environment of our collection, study areas, social spaces, and help desks. Increasingly, forward-looking academic libraries view UX work as critical to the practice of evidence-based librarianship, and are incorporating UX into formal job descriptions and work plans.  
  • User Experience adds to this knowledge by examining such issues as usefulness, desirability, credibility, and accessibility
  • User Experience is a newer discipline that extends some of the techniques from usability studies, and integrates them into a holistic environment incorporating expertise from the fields of interaction design, information architecture, user research, writing copy, and visual design.  The effect of UX methods is a comprehensive understanding of optimal service design, regardless of touch point, service, or building

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  • The proposed UX team will have two primary goals – first, to help identify, research, and share best practices for designing high quality, efficient, and pleasant user experiences across the Library. Second, the group will be available to lead individual UX projects, where interested parties lack either the time, expertise, or resources to conduct them on their own, or desire multiple viewpoints on choosing a UX approach, analyzing data, or implementing findings. By having an ongoing, consistent group of individuals collaborating on UX, institutional knowledge of best practices can be carried forward in a more consistent and timely manner, and it becomes possible to have strategic discussions about the types of user experiences the library wants to create as new discovery tools and physical spaces are designed.
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