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about 18 hours ago

Laugh with Alan Watts... thanks Johnny.
– Freddy Hahne (AreWeReally)

@cogdog @ken_bauer If Jack Black and @hrheingold were to spawn I'm pretty sure it'd make @jimgroom

@hrheingold Finally with enough time to start reading your book. Difficult to find it in Spain, was not Smart Mobs
about 23 hours ago

My 2009 article on Twitter Literacy still seems to be useful:
RT @dmlresearchhub: "I think successful use of Twitter means knowing how to tune the network of people you follow." - @hrheingold http:/ ...
If U like Twitter Literacy may I humbly suggest Net Smart? (rare plug for my book)
"Twitter Literacy" goes back to 2009, but still useful, I think
.@tracymar5 It's old, but Twitter Literacy still useful @comm183
@tingkelly Hi Ting! You might find this useful:
5 years old but still useful for Twitter beginners & to explain Twitter to others: "Twitter Literacy"
And, this advice from @hrheingold on how to use Twitter #asa14
– JessieNYC (JessieNYC)
6 yrs old but still useful, I think, for figuring out how to use Twitter & why "Twitter Literacy"
Navigating through this " blend of craft and community" - on "#Twitter #literacy via the incomparable @hrheingold
Navigating through this " blend of craft and community" - on "#Twitter #literacy via the incomparable @hrheingold
– Amy Burvall (amyburvall)
@Jonathan_Worth @ken_bauer also "Twitter Literacy"

Jul 03, 15

@hrheingold Finally with enough time to start reading your book. Difficult to find it in Spain, was not Smart Mobs
– Raúl Martínez G. (raulmart75)

Jul 02, 15

2012, I wrote extended e-book, "Mind-Amplifier" to inform designers of mind-amplifying technology.

Jul 02, 15

RT @InSTEDD: New paid part-time role @InSTEDD: "global social innovation online ambassador". 10 hours a week: more details here: http://t.c…

Jul 01, 15

"In the 21+ years that I have been reading tarot/oracle cards, I have come to discover that there really is nothing magical, mystical, or fantastical about the cards in themselves… however the intention of knowing allows the universe to “work through you” (in a sense) to show you what you may be soon attracting because of your thinking patterns. The cards are not necessarily a tool to tell your fortune, rather a tool for self exploration of what’s happening here and now."

Jul 01, 15

"Marc Smith is the director of the Social Media Research Foundation. In his PDF 15 talk, he argues for the necessity of visually mapping online communities and presents tools with which to do so."

Jul 01, 15

I discovered Satie at age 16 and have listened ever since; more recently delved into his life as a pataphysicist

Jun 30, 15

"Now, a new study led by MIT researchers bridges the gap between country and city, employing a novel method to explore the dynamic structure of social networks on the urban scale. The study, published this week in Scientific Reports, shows that urban networks are not determined geographically as traditionally thought, but rather socially.

“I was interested to investigate the relationship of social networks and human distance with the built environment and urban transportation,” says Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) Associate Professor Marta González, co-author of the paper. “We found that geography plays only a minor role when forming social networking communities within cities. Unlike the country, cities have more dispersed communities.” Understanding how information spreads between social networking communities within a city will be crucial in the implementation of sustainable urban practices and policies in the future, she added.


Jun 30, 15

RT @dangillmor: These great folks are part of our media/news literacy free online course starting next week. 1/2

Jun 30, 15

Main wiki page -- syllabus for Rheingold U course, "Think-Know Tools"
Email if you want to be on first notification list for Fall online course, Think-Know Tools

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