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Howard Rheingold

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about 6 hours ago

Great startup in Brooklyn with fun, generative product, looking for creative software engineer to join team of six

about 6 hours ago

"This week we introduce our new Quantum Tunnel host, Wei who helps Denis do a deep dive into the creation of the Magick System of Eternal Darkness in response to a quest from @linktheprogrmer on Twitter. "

about 7 hours ago

Thank you @hrheingold for so generously leading the way
– Charlotte-Anne Lucas (CharlotteAnne)

about 18 hours ago

#Networked_ p 273-4 SKEPTICISM LITERACY or "crap detection" @hrheingold: the ability to evaluate what you encounter.
– Barry Wellman (barrywellman)

May 25, 16

RT @DMLResearchHub: "We’re witnessing a sea change in our information environments that we need to help the next generation navigate." http…

May 24, 16

All the media I've extruded over past 8 yrs in regard to learning:
Links to most of the media I've created around learning:
Added excellent reinventors roundtable video w/ @mizuko & @stevehargadon to - my learnin/teaching resources
Many of my learning resources - syllabi, articles, videos:
42 of my vlog posts of digital media learning pioneers & all my learning resources
A collection of all the resources I've created around learning
I archive various media I've created around digital media & learning:
@hellekin You can start with to find out what I think education means
Many of my resources about digital media and learning available
I've updated my list of publications & other resources of mine about learning:
@Jessifer @davideelder Thanks, Jesse! Also a lot of resources at
Many resources from my work with digital media and learning:
Collection of digital media learning resources I've created:
I try to keep the various resources I've created about digital media & learning updated at
My videos, interviews, blog posts, talks, syllabi, learning platforms writing abt digital media & learning
Periodically I post this link to my material on digital media & learning: feel free to use, adapt, modify any

May 24, 16

Most exciting candidate since I've been eligible to vote, 25 yr old Erin Schrode, for Congress in N. Cal #erinforus

May 24, 16

RT @ByAnyMedia: LIVE 2day~3PM ET! @NYUpress chats w/ @ByAnyMedia @henryjenkins* coauthors via #NYUPChat @youthradio @hrheingold https://t.…

May 24, 16

RT @rosepowell: Fascinating article on how your dreams can identify non-obvious patterns you would otherwise miss:
Fascinating article on how your dreams can identify non-obvious patterns you would otherwise miss:
– Rose Powell (rosepowell)

May 24, 16

I hope to live to see this woman inaugurated as President of the US. She's 25, she's running for Congress

May 24, 16

I am getting involved in @ErinSchrode's campaign for US Congress in California. You can too! Learn more. #ErinForUs

May 24, 16

Photo by Justin Hall, effects by
.@kwooleyy My avatar is from a 1989 WELL party video, enhanced by

May 23, 16

"If a massive solar storm struck the Earth today, it could wipe out our technology and hurl us back to the dark ages. Lucky for us, events like this are quite rare. But four billion years ago, extreme space weather was probably the norm. And rather than bringing the apocalypse, it might have kickstarted life."

May 22, 16

Gaming Chair gives Full Body Feeling to Collisions - A PS-3 controller has an unbalanced motor inside that vibr...

May 22, 16

RT @AjitJaokar: Stewart Brand and the Whole Earth Catalog, the book that changed the world

May 21, 16

My social media/virtual communities students made these mindmaps as co-teaching teams:
.@amyburvall @SeaSaltLearning My Stanford students' mindmaps:

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