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18 Apr 13

Decided to stick my MA dissertation online (its from 2007-08 and is on Facebook and construction user identity)

18 Apr 13

Did you know you can use #Google Advanced Image Search for images that are free for public & commercial use? #edtech

17 Apr 13

Is the role of the learning professional only/just about designing, delivering, tracking and managing content?

17 Apr 13

Science of the Invisible: Bloom's Taxonomy Visualized

@hopkinsdavid @nancyrubin @tkraz @nasreenr @carolinecooke @janedavis13 @timbuckteeth @tbirdcymru @gconole tnx for tweets & discussions too!
16 Apr 13

#octel "TEL Concepts and Approaches" is broad: from teeth with Margaret Cox of #TEL to the @donaldclark blogathon.:

13 Apr 13

Very useful - #ocTEL participant blogs on one page via @mhawksey

Sharing is the great thing about Twitter and the key connector of my personal learning network! @Irmgard @hopkinsdavid @mhawksey #ocTEL

RT @samwisefox: .@hopkinsdavid being mentioned as having a great blog- totally agree!!! #pelc13
12 Apr 13

#pelc13 Interesting critique of Open Badges from Kohn/Pink perspective

.@hopkinsdavid being mentioned as having at great blog- totally agree!!! #pelc13
11 Apr 13

Google Street View Hyperlapse: - new project from @tllabs @teehanlax #prettycool

09 Apr 13

Schoolboy, 15, bullied to death by trolls - this is absolutely tragic #esafety @Jgineqe

08 Apr 13

'Queen's University's report on online learning' -

08 Apr 13

The Pelecon 2013 blog #pelc13 - The place to go for live streams, abstracts & more content from pelc13

08 Apr 13

Reading 'The University of Open' may interest fellow #h817open MOOCers

06 Apr 13

Reward for thinking Even if no one else learns from what you write in social tools, you do – and this may be t...

06 Apr 13

Thinking to blog, blogging to think Few of us maintain conventional journals these days and blogs may be our o...

06 Apr 13

"Learning on steroids" we take for granted that we use the web to help us learn things all day in all sorts of...

06 Apr 13

Online conversations And if you are trying to keep up with the latest information, the answers you are looking...

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