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Heidi Olson

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15 Apr 14

online canvas where you can record with webcam or audio as well as annotate with drawing tools, text, or images.

14 Apr 14

interesting approach to teaching math - posed as 3-acts

14 Apr 14

Enter a subject into the idea generator and you'll get a statement back that might just be the perfect headline or it should at least help you brainstorm or give you something interesting to think about. Try it, type in "teaching"

03 Apr 14

Evolution of English language and literature expressed through video, audio, imagery, and text. View as a flash timeline or by individual pages if you aren't flash-enabled

27 Mar 14

By adding your resources, you create pathway for learning. Add multiple online resources, as well as your own content. Create text on the fly and add quizzes. Embed or share link. Please it has search capability right inside of the dashboard area so you search and drag into your pathway. Share with embed code, link or QR code

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