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David Hayward

David Hayward's Public Library

Aug 04, 15

"Create timed tests.  You can time the entire test or time each question.  This deters cheating since students won't have enough time to look up the answers on the Internet.  
Randomize the questions and the answers.  Students who sit next each other will have different questions even if they're on the same number.  On top of that, even if they're on the same question, the multiple choice answers can be randomized.
Create math tests with formulas in the test question and test answer.
If students are taking the test on the iPad and they exit the Schoology app, the test will end and be scored at that point.  This also prevents students from going on the Internet to look up the answers.  (Of course, if you allow students to retake the test multiple times, then they can try again so keep this in mind.)
There are many types of test questions available: True/False, Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the-Blank, Reorder, Matching, Short Answer/Essay.
The quizzes can be self-grading.
There's an option to allow students to retake the quiz multiple times (as a teacher you determine the number of tries you will accept).
You have the ability to score answers on the best score out of X number of tries or on the last score.
You can configure it so that only one test question is viewable at a time.
You can determine when the quizzes will be available "

Jul 07, 15

Clients of Kirksville Web Design and excellent Google Sites examples. Testimonials and Google Maps gadget.

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