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Jan 11, 10

Yesterday, an article by one John L. Perry appeared very briefly on the Newsmax web page purporting to advocate a military coup against the Obama administration. Tom Maguire called "the silliest thing I read today, or maybe this year." The article was very quickly taken down, but in the meantime lefties were up in arms hollering treason.

SoCal Voice ranted, John L. Perry should be arrested and convicted for advocating overthrow of Government.

On Tuesday, September 29th, GOP wingnut John L. Perry wrote a piece on Newsmax advocating for a violent military coup to “resolve the Obama problem.”

Under the headline Pulled NewsMax Article: Right Wing Fantasy Gone Mad, The Daily Banter raved,

The pulled NewsMax article imagining a military coup in the United States really is a riot to read. While it is of course utterly offensive and would have probably led to the writers death in most other countries, it provides a fascinating insight into the mind of a socially dysfunctional fantasist.

Jan 04, 10

Gunny G: Leaders and Lack Thereof....

The truth about leaders and resistance, etc.

I have said myself many times, words to the effect that there is a drastic lack of leadership material within our country today.
Gone are the JFKs, Goldwaters, Ronald Reagans, Zell Millers, etc. Even more so on the military scene, gone are the Pattons, MacArthurs, Chesty Pullers, Evans Carlsons, etc.

Military leaders have now degenerated to those whom Colonel Hackworth referred to as "perfumed princes." The military has systematically purged/weeded out those individualists, real patriots by means of their PC and promotion systems, etc.

This brings more into focus the topic sometimes referred to as leaderless resistance.

Here are some writings on that.

The Tea Party Movement Does Not Need A Leader

Leaderless Resistance

Re Stang.

Beware o.t. Red Dot.


Jan 02, 10

When in doubt, I used to just stick an extra stamp on the damn thing and let it go with paying more than needed, in most cases. THEY KNOW THIS, RIGHT!?

Maybe that’s why prices keep rising; and why their requirements keep getting more complicated. They never come out on the short end–we do!

They always come out good on whatever happens here, not us. And still they cannot make a go of it. Always crying “poor-mouth,” always in the hole, needing big brother guvmint to bail them out.

Yet, they love to boast that they do not operate on taxes that we–the people–pay. They claim they are like any other business operating on their own (in this case, non-existent) profits. But yet they still have the (guvmint) monopoly on first class mail, I think, maybe? Why the monopoly?

Again, sounds like they got us coming and going.

Jan 02, 10

Devvy - Why I Do Not Trust Glenn Beck
By Devvy Kidd

Fox's $50 million dollar man.

Rupert Murdoch is a zealot for one world government. Murdoch is Beck's boss.

Formerly CNN's mouth piece.

I have actually received death threats from looney birds telling me to "lay off" Glenn. "He's the best thing Ameria has going for us."

This stems from questions I asked in my column: Thomas Paine video: falsehoods and propaganda

Jan 01, 10

The teaching part of teaching history with YouTube.
16 04 2008

As I write this, I’ve been told that an article I wrote called “Teaching History With YouTube (and Other Primary Source Video Sites on the Internet)” will be in the May issue of AHA Perspectives. If you’re reading this before then, I wrote my first draft of this essay on this blog here. That will have to do for now. If you’re reading this because of that published article welcome. What I want to do in this post is lay out some points I couldn’t put in the article due to space.

I’m not sure why, but when I wrote the article I expected it to be in their teaching section rather than technology. However, looking at the final product, classifying it in the technology section makes sense. I spend the vast amount of my allocated space on YouTube mechanics and content and almost no time on how to use the content.

Here are just a few thoughts on how to use it:

1) I find that students have a ten minute attention span for video. Anything longer and they zone out even if the material is really compelling. That’s a big advantage over sites like the Prelinger Archives which have whole short films.

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