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Yun Huang Yong

Yun Huang Yong's Public Library

Jul 31, 16

"Gambling is encouraged both within games and on third-party websites. In Counter-Strike, one of the world's most lucrative game franchises, players can pay $US2.49 to obtain "skins" or gun decorations from "cases" provided within the game by Valve, the game's developer. Images of the possible items within a case flash across the screen as if in a slot machine. The item gained can be worth as little as a few cents (common) or as much as a few thousand dollars (extremely rare)."

Jun 20, 16

"Rents are not subject to these price distortions and represent a much better measure of the true value of housing at a given point in time – how much someone is actually prepared to pay just to live in the property, with no promise of a payoff in the future. So once a the rental yield dips much below the historical average of around 5% in capital cities (4% in more affluent parts, and 6-7% in regional), we can say that property is overpriced relative to rents."

May 30, 16

Remember this the next time someone says "bank grade security".

May 14, 16

"In an extraordinary irony, the 100 trillion dollar note – a symbol of financial mismanagement on a colossal scale – has turned into one of the best-performing asset classes of recent years."

Apr 08, 16

"The IT and networking communities overlooked a wise saying from soldiers and police officers: "Make sure the other side has an easier way out than destroying you."


Apr 05, 16

"“Technology is an amplifier,” Acton says. “With the right stewards in place, with the right guidance, we can really effect positive change.”"

Apr 02, 16

"What? I fall probably on half my waves or a quarter of my waves. You learn by falling down. You have to accept ahead of time you will fail sometimes. You have to know that when people are laughing at you, they're not trying to do what you're doing. If they're ridiculing you, they're not trying to achieve what you're trying to achieve. They don't have the balls. So it's sort of that simple. It's psychology 101."

Jan 17, 16

"Most advertising incentivizes design that optimizes for our attention rather than our intentions. (Where advertising does respect & support user intent, it’s arguable whether “advertising” is even the right thing to call it.)"

Oct 13, 15

Assuming she wrote this herself her business savvy is astounding for a 25 year old. Mad respect.

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