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Colby Vorland

Colby Vorland's Public Library

Another pleasant evening endorsing people in Linkedin for made up and random skills. Yes, I think you're a brilliant goat wrangler!

@nutsci Should I change my twitter handle to Nutradomus? It's difficult being right all the time...c'est moi vie LOL

@nutsci Will be following your Tweets from EB!

well @LizzyWilbanks proof that my lab is interdisciplinary? - I don't understand 90% of the discussion at my own lab meeting
23 Apr 14

RT @expbio: There are 13 sponsored satellite programs in nutrition at #XBio! Register here: @nutritionorg

23 Apr 14

RT @ASPET: Kick off our Annual Meeting at #xBio by attending the ASPET Opening Reception. Sat, 4/26,

22 Apr 14

RT @PharmacistScott: Fact Check: For Cancer Risk, Diet Matters | AICR Blog

And one got a paper accepted for publication. Basically, this was the best Monday of ever.
22 Apr 14

RT @Haub_KSU: Will there be a push for increased sugary food intake since it decreases risk of mortality?

I feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of pancreases suddenly cried out in terror.

And the award for worst thought out #SportsNutrition product goes to....#BodyScience #LoCarbBalls #ThermogenicBalls
20 Apr 14

RT @adrianhodgson63: Rationale to eat chocolate today....sold! #easter #chocolate

@nutsci thanks for Lazy Scholar, Colby!
20 Apr 14

Cool, because I definitely want #Rstats to push-notify my iPhone when that analysis is done

  • tengo miedo de que mi año termine )=
19 Apr 14

"@kevinfolta: One again @stevennovella knocks it out of the park. @thefoodbabe food's anti-science Jenny McCarthy."

19 Apr 14

Can you name a compound not toxic in any quantity? RT @InformedHealth: If it is toxic there is no safe amount!
Good question. "Like" it RT @nutsci: I posted a question for @scifri
Wow, Obama letter to @JulieBorlaug expressing support for #GMO has stirred up a hornet's nest on Food Babe's FB page
If Jesus were to face the Food Babe. Happy Easter! (Cr:

19 Apr 14

#LazyScholar | Save time looking for full texts of #scientific papers.
Uber chrome extension for literature meta data ,lazy scholar
Lazy Scholar save time looking for full texts of scientific papers +more. Because it is 2013 & this is not too hard.

18 Apr 14

Nice post :) RT @sivasothi: The Lazy Scholar Chrome Extension: leap from abstract pages to full text pdf in a jiffy

@nutsci It is fun. But now I’m staring at 4,000 words of gobbledygook that I have to transform into coherence by tomorrow. That part sucks.
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