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Colby Vorland

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about 13 hours ago

RT @gorskon: From Orac: The Cleveland Clinic: Promoting dubious diet device on Twitter and beyond: I’ve mentioned on quite...…

about 19 hours ago

WSJ surveyed all 45 surviving members of White House Council of Economic Advisers. Not one voiced support for Trump

Aug 26, 16

RT @YoniFreedhoff: Weighty Matters: In The Lancet, Kevin Hall and I Call Out Weight Loss Studies

Aug 26, 16

All The National Food Days should probably be turned into a Twitter account

Aug 25, 16

RT @Nutrevolve: Also issue of campaign effect on SSB intake. Promo ads 4 tax can effect consumer knowledge/behavior @JaysonLusk https://t.c…

Aug 25, 16

Unconventional Cardiologist Promotes a High-Fat Diet @nytimes
"I do not think he has an established track record.."

Aug 24, 16

Really good

Aug 24, 16

RT @BadAstronomer: HOLY HUGE ASTRONEWS: Astronomers find a planet orbiting Proxima Centauri!

Aug 24, 16

RT @VegetableManDan: Impact of the Berkeley Excise Tax on Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption (beverage frequency questionnaire results) h…

Aug 24, 16

Lazy Scholar 1.3 for Chrome: Search Paper History & New Paper Recommendations

Aug 23, 16

Oh nooo: "Diet quality and the attractiveness of male body odor"

Aug 23, 16

Soluble corn fiber increases bone calcium retention in postmenopausal women in a dose-dependent manner [crossover]

Aug 22, 16

RT @LazyScholarExt: Lazy Scholar 1.3 for Chrome: Search Paper History & New Paper Recommendations

Aug 21, 16

Meeting 1: Review of the Process to Update the Dietary Guidelines for Americans Sept. 1, 10am EST

Aug 19, 16

RT @vaughanbell: Paracetamol: widely used and largely ineffective via @AllenFrancesMD

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