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Colby Vorland

Colby Vorland's Public Library

Feb 10, 16

FYI soffritti essentially did same study on aspartame, EFSA dismissed: @CSPI #rdchat #rd2be

Feb 09, 16

RT @DrMarkBurnley: "I'm the 38th author..."
"Wow, that sucks."
"I hadn't finished. I'm the 38th author called "Wang"."

Feb 08, 16

I missed the "metabolism summit" last week "Using temperature and pulse to assess metabolism and thyroid"

Feb 08, 16

This week's sketchy health summit is on the microbiome where you learn to "speak the language of your microbiome"

Feb 08, 16

"Diet struggles" Adele "Hello" parody

Feb 08, 16

@nutsci @Nutrevolve "Increased energy intake entirely accounts for increase in body weight in women... in the UK"
– Erik Arnesen (erik_arnesen)

Feb 07, 16

.@bigfatsurprise IMO hyping unproven #autism treatment can be dangerous. See my @wired article: @WAPFireland

Feb 07, 16

Have u talked to a certified diabetes educator or a registered dietitian? This is not accurate

Feb 07, 16

@_beccaharrison CDC study found 150 times greater risk
.@dietitiancassie raw milk is not better tolerated in lactose intolerance + much riskier
True - raw milk is not safe Your org endangers public health

Feb 06, 16

This is real?!

Roger the kangaroo welcome to my muscle hypertrophy lectures.

Feb 05, 16

UNC short course on "Nutrigenetics, Nutrigenomics and Precision Nutrition"

Feb 05, 16

expertise argument needs to die if your initiative is full of questionable folk+ u heavily promote journalists work.

Feb 04, 16

People seem to add ~14g of sugar (honey/jam/sugar) to plain yogurt → sugar content ~same as in sweetened yogurts

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