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Colby Vorland

Colby Vorland's Public Library

about 15 hours ago

Contrary to claims of some people, raw milk may increase allergy risk

Sep 03, 15

Latest publication showing an association between CYP7A1 rs3808607 and APOE isoform with plant sterol LDL-C lowering

Sep 02, 15

@pdiff1 oh that guy. Surprised that his exclusion criteria didn't contain body weight

Sep 01, 15

Rare article about the lack of evidence for most digital health technology

Aug 28, 15

This title could have been a bit better:
Birmingham Zoo closes aviary after bacteria found in bird

Aug 28, 15

@nutsci @DangeRussWilson @Recovery_Water You can stay hydrated by drinking water 3x/day? SHUT THE FUCK UP!
– Carl (EtTuCarl)

Aug 28, 15

@nutsci @daviddespain
– Eric Gumpricht, PhD (DrGumpSays)

Aug 27, 15

Am confused by the false dichotomy. Both matter.

Aug 27, 15

RT @SciBasedNutr: RDs get CPE credit for questionable courses on "toxins" (and much more bad sci) via @ScienceBasedMed…

Aug 26, 15

#LazyScholar | Save time looking for full texts of #scientific papers.
Uber chrome extension for literature meta data ,lazy scholar
Lazy Scholar save time looking for full texts of scientific papers +more. Because it is 2013 & this is not too hard.
Lazy Scholar? How about integrated scholar? Download this free Chrome app to do all the little things that count.
24% of full texts available thru goog scholar so use my chrome extension 2 get them fast :)
The 100,000th query through Lazy Scholar was passed this morning #arbitrarymilestones
LazyScholar Chrome extension plus some libx functionality can reduce some friction searchers face when offcampus
#lrt: In the comments: Scrapes citation information, searches Google scholar, creates ezproxy link. Cool. #openaccess
@Robot_Insect Also, you might check out the Lazy Scholar browser extension. @nutsci

Aug 26, 15

@nutsci. Someone posted a photo of you É give it a check to see how popular you're getting :p
– Kerrie Risto (KerrieRisto)

Aug 25, 15

RT @gorskon: Well isn't that interesting? @realDonaldTrump has his own naturopathic MLM scheme.

Aug 24, 15

@nutsci Sugary #Soda and the Logic of Nudges - @sabdukad from @mercatus contributes:
– InsideSources (InsideSourcesDC)

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