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Colby Vorland

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about 12 hours ago

My reason for having a blog is to organize my thoughts to the point I might want to try to defend them in public

Apr 19, 15

This is why that Dr. Oz letter was a bad idea. His show Thursday will "show America who these authors are".

Apr 19, 15

Don't want to know what it says about me that this is the first playlist Amazon recommends

Apr 19, 15

RT @DrJenGunter: Dear Columbia University it's not about academic freedom it's about ethics and liver cleanses.

Apr 19, 15

RT @JohnNCoupland: Modest Warriors for Science - I’m encouraged that more food scientists are willing to talk in public about... http://t.c…

Apr 18, 15

I also encouraged the reporter not to run this inane story, but at least my quotes calling story nonsense made it in.

Apr 18, 15

George Church "lived for a year on nutrient broth from a lab vendor" WHAT

Apr 18, 15

@nutsci @YoniFreedhoff They even have data incorrect...only 7 kcals per pound per day
– Dr. Mark Haub (Haub_KSU)

Apr 17, 15

Study: Doc McStuffins More Evidence-Based Than Dr. Oz @juliaoftoronto

Apr 16, 15

UNC's Barry Popkin comments on BMJ's Sugar: spinning a web of influence, defends Dr. Jebb #rdchat #rd2b #r

Apr 16, 15

True. ....

So much space to fill
I can scribble out a short
Haiku with space left

still some left

Apr 16, 15

Good list, some I didn't know- "The craziest online healthy and fitness gurus" HT @CarbSane

Apr 15, 15

RT @AndrewBrownPHD: #California: The #FoodBabe of states.

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