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Colby Vorland

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about 20 hours ago

RT @sciencemagazine: Who's downloading pirated academic papers? A new data analysis suggests it's... everyone: http…

about 21 hours ago

Study: Americans Get Majority Of Exercise While Drunk @TheOnion

Apr 26, 16

RT @mem_somerville: Hain complaint: "These five compounds are _nucleotides_..... Nucleotides are not permitted in #organic products." https…

Apr 26, 16

@bigfatsurprise @dr_kevinlee Source +online up to 2013 +NHANES/USDA

Apr 26, 16

Fascinating account from Firefox cofounder who realized that everyone visualizes in their mind, but he can't

Apr 25, 16

@nutsci @bigfatsurprise Here's contradictory evidence for you. Agree with the conclusion?
– Erik Arnesen (erik_arnesen)

Apr 24, 16

This is consciously introducing bias. Interpret data for what they are based on study design, not hypothesis

Apr 22, 16

"Anti-aging gin" that has dietary collagen. How would collagen survive digestion??

Apr 22, 16

@nutsci @smarfdoc @MatthewJDalby from their site
– NutritionAsIKnowIt (IKnowNutrition)

Apr 20, 16

Nice interview of pop-nutrition book fact-checker extraordinaire @seth_yoder

Apr 20, 16

Taubes hired grad students to go through publications from @seth_yoder by @NutritionWonk

Apr 16, 16

82% versus 78% breast cancer survival in WHI "low fat" group vs control (no paper yet, prob many caveats) (PR only)

Apr 16, 16

Had to take a study break to watch some cricket spitting. Enjoying your updates @realscientists @bug_gwen!

Apr 15, 16

Irony- this line in an article that distorts science: "Nutr scientists are angry w/ press for distorting findings"

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