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Steve Fulton

Steve Fulton's Public Library

Started "Challenger's Deep" right after "Unwholly" @NealShusterman My mom said she should've unwound me as a joke #kmseagles #notfunny
Nov 24, 15 @mrfultonkms This makes so much sense. ELA teachers today #kmseagles

Nov 24, 15

Check out The Week Ahead in 3-215 (via @alizateach @MrsMcDonaldAAE

Pre-Thanksgiving fishing trip on LKN.

App Design: Refine, Design (mybalsamiq, Pixelmator, Illustrator, Photoshop), Build (Build ideas: App Inventor, Codecademy, GA Dash)
Nov 20, 15

Here's a link to @youthradio 's "toolkits and bootcamp" page | #nwpam15 #ed4liberation

"What is a writing workshop if not a maker space for text?" EEA, #nwpam15

Writing is making. Writing has power for the writer as well as the audience. #MWP #nwp
Nov 20, 15

11 LGBT superheroes that have forever changed comics via @

Production over consumption. Students as active agents instead of books/software. Writing is making. This is language of innovation-@elyseea

Choosing the moment of production rather than consumption--#writing! (Says @ElyseEA. yes! #nwpam15 #sdawp #cwp Writing is #making.

@steve8071 Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
Nov 19, 15

Time for bed after a long day of travel! (@ Gays on 16ths in Minneapolis, MN)

Join us for Session H14, Saturday at 11! @smokeylit @SaraKAhmed @nsteineke @StevenZemelman @Stephharvey49 The Art of Inquiry. #NCTE15
Nov 18, 15

#Congrats to outstanding honorees from Fred L. Wilson! #KCS #CreatingtheFuture @indytribune

@DavidHaleESPN @KCS_NC Damien is one of ours! #WondersNeverCease
Nov 18, 15

What we taught as if black lives mattered? Join us at the NWP Annual Meeting - THURSDAY Nov 19 at 2:30 pm...

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