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Feb 09, 16

Well, at least some countries are waking up: India has banned Facebook's Free Basics service

Feb 08, 16

@Jon_Lien_ fant denne bloggen. Hvor objektiv den er vet jeg ikke

Feb 07, 16

#RIPTwitter, it's not just a hashtag, it's a message. via @YourAnonNews

Feb 06, 16

Simple text editor. With remotestorage support

Feb 05, 16

#TPP signing in New Zealand today, but there’s still time to stop it @USTR

Feb 02, 16

.@TheNeuro_MNI goes #openscience. Won't pursue patents bc the point is "to accelerate science, not to make money":

Feb 02, 16

Norsk Blizzard-artist har laga figurar til ein norrøn skule i «Harry Potter»-universet:

Feb 02, 16

Justisministeren ville ha justitiariusmøte, Stortingspresidenten kan sin maktfordelingslære, og takket NEI. Bra!

Feb 02, 16

Hurra! Endeleg: Innsynstjeneste for Stortingets offentlige postjournal #offentleglova

Feb 02, 16

EUA publishes Roadmap on #OpenAccess to #Research Publications #OpenScience

Jan 31, 16

As @evgenymorozov explains, investors are subsidizing Uber's low prices -- to get dominance to raise prices later.

Jan 28, 16

Norge signerer i dag en erklæring som legger til rette for automatisk utveksling av land-for-land-rapporter:

Jan 27, 16

Beer utilising unsold and discarded bread #waste launched by food waste campaigner @TristramStuart @feedbackorg.

Jan 26, 16

Take, for example, Jake Andraka. Using open academic articles, Andraka was able to develop a tool that is used to detect the early stages of some forms of cancer — at the young age of 15. Had these articles been hidden in a server that requires a payment to view, Andraka never would have been able to develop such an important tool. One can’t help but wonder what more people would be able to do with more open access. Human development is driven by the sharing of information. But now the world’s knowledge is being locked up on servers owned by corporations that make a profit off of people attempting to access it. This is an injustice to the world.

Jan 26, 16

We just obliterated another heat record.

Fin grafikk som viser hvor varmt klimaet har vært gjennom de siste årene og at det tydelig blir stadig varmere.

Jan 26, 16

Smakebiter fra en godhetstyrannbok.
Gi oss i dag var daglige dose godhetstyranni:
Alle godhetstyraner kan nå juble over lanseringen av #godhetstyrani
Listhaug vs Bibelen
#Femtekollonistene er avslørt: #Godhetstyrann inspirert av farlig bok! #FrP #Listhaug Få denne unorske boka brent!

Jan 25, 16

Oslo kan få den første «plusshus»-høyblokken i Europa. Et stort steg mot fornybar-samfunnet, i så fall. #grøntskifte

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