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Toby Fischer

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Aug 04, 16

Ohio Educators 2 Follow #eduFollowChallenge -Day 1 @Dwight_Carter @SNewco @tobyfischer @OhioEdTech @drjcm @rgallwitz

Jul 12, 16

See #EdCampLdrOH attendee @mdroush #TEDxWorthington talk, "Five Rules of Design Thinking to Reach All Students"

Jul 12, 16

Complimenting vs. Competing @LaVonnaRoth @Vroom6 @drneilgupta @jessicaslocum3 @tobyfischer @JBatesEdLeader

Jul 12, 16 @McLane_Ryan Don't share this with your buddy Ryan lol. #edcampldrOH

Jul 11, 16

The Death Crawl scene from Facing the Giants Thanks @drneilgupta for leadership gut check! #edcampldroh

May 22, 16

5 Foolproof Professional Development Tips for the Educational Offseason #eduoffseason

May 04, 16

It's hiring season! >> "The 5 C's of Hiring" #ALedchat #leadupchat

Mar 20, 16

Check out my latest blog post: Say No to the DVD Option

Feb 25, 16

I think of #hourofcode fitting in with this, @tinkercad is all online, as well as video creation, so yes! #ohedchat

Feb 24, 16

Thanks @tobyfischer . I look forward to seeing them again and sharing.

Feb 18, 16

In which @mdroush gets 5 minutes on the big stage. #oetc16 #oetcx

Feb 12, 16

More resources for #OETC16! #OETCx

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