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Toby Fischer

Toby Fischer's Public Library

Ready for #glhsedchat w/ a chat covering GROWTH MINDSET. Should be a good one! @ToddKeenan16 @tobyfischer @Hao_Laoshi @AnnBoerger @JR_evans

My #FF for HS Principal @Dwight_Carter A man who recognized Collaborative learning before it was cool to do so. Outstanding leader. #Edchat

@ToddKeenan16 @Think_Moore @MrRileyjo I took the leap love it. Inspired & use many ideas from friends @Pomme_ed who work with @tobyfischer

Thursday, February 19, 2015 - All South-Western City Schools are CLOSED! #NoSchool

Creating a strong, trusting relationship with Ss is key to helping them understand & practice #digitalcitizenship via @GarthHolman #UAEdTech

@EdCampSanJose No question! Looking forward to #EdCampCbus to connect with Eds such as @McLane_Ryan @SNewco @tobyfischer @Dwight_Carter
Feb 15, 15

My best RTs this week came from: @theipodteacher @EdTechRetweet @tobyfischer @lisashambaugh @mkostur #thankSAll via

@JeremyShorr @tobyfischer @brueckj23 @McLane_Ryan @mrwheeler @PeterDebelak @morgankolis @theipodteacher @MrMacRaild Thanks for the shout out

#FF #OETC15 Edition: @tobyfischer @brueckj23 @McLane_Ryan @mrwheeler @PeterDebelak @morgankolis @theipodteacher @ScottKinkoph @MrMacRaild
Feb 14, 15

Check out our favorite tweets from #OETC15. @ericcurts @tobyfischer @briandittfeld @OhioEdTech #oetc

Lesson 1: With the arrival of the age of abundance, we no longer need to prescribe what is important. #oetc15 @YongZhaoUO

@tobyfischer can't retweet it enough times!!!

@Pomme_ed @bobby__dodd @tobyfischer @TheRealMrBanks @MKov812 S empires competing to learn WWI map via game w Cbooks Ss leaders = engaged

Downsized and no longer have a basement. That's how @TheDHawthorne and I made sure our kids were "out of the basement ready." #OETC15

#oetc15 yes, school should be this platform, but sometimes the reality of a school hinders this kind of interaction @tobyfischer

I made a fool of myself rapping. The conceited jerk act was part of the 8 mile spoof, I love these kids! #OETC15

@sdemichele @YongZhaoUO Absolutely. Steal ideas as often as possible. #oetc15

Students are vastly talented and we spend a lot of time telling them they must be "common". #oetc15

I wish #jonsmithclass was listening to this talk right now. Wow. #OETC15
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