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16 Apr 14

Thanks for posting :) @rubyblackbelt: Ruby, the good parts.

15 Apr 14

My (new) Twitter value is $341.84, according to ... What about yours?

15 Apr 14

Tired of explaining your startup and failing? How to fix that
– GeekWire (geekwire)

07 Apr 14

An independent developer is bringing a Plex client to Xbox One this is going to be the reason why I buy an Xbox One

01 Apr 14

Check out our newest wearable personal assistant #dragonfordogs
– DragonMobileApps (DragonMobileApp)

01 Apr 14

I recently wrote some of my thoughts on the #ChromeOS and #Chromebooks It's an 80% device for a relatively low price.

28 Mar 14

You Need To Really Know Every Person To Make A Virtual Team Work
– Chris Brooker (Cbrooker)
You Need To Really Know Every Person To Make A Virtual Team Work
– Chris Brooker (Cbrooker)

18 Mar 14

#Microsoft makes #WindowsPhone free for some phone makers Will developers follow suit and does it matter?

18 Mar 14

I am getting an extended free trial of @nextissuecanada, 100's of the best magazines coming my way! #NextIssuePerk

15 Mar 14

This is a brilliant design. It removes clutter while still remaining extremely functional

11 Mar 14

Evernote Adds Handwriting To Its Android App This just made my Note 8 spectacularly handy

10 Mar 14

With tweaked enterprise partner programs, Google’s looking more like Microsoft every day this is not a surprise.

08 Mar 14

How the rise of mobile apps will help Apple, Google and Facebook kill the Internet as we know it | PandoDaily

03 Mar 14 #Microsoft is finally recognizing and adapting to the changing computing landscape. This gives them a fighting chance

26 Feb 14

Coding Horror: App-pocalypse Now

20 Feb 14

T-Mobile's eSIM eliminates roaming charges for connected devices in US and Canada complementary plan to @WINDmobile's

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