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Kelvin Kang

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Dec 22, 14

Nest Thermostat gets Google voice commands, Google Now integration #smarthome #nextgen

Dec 15, 14

Seagate starts shipping 8TB hard drives that cost only $260 looks like I'm setting up a new archive drives

Nov 13, 14

MapQuest, along with offer on-demand, membership-free roadside assistance

Nov 02, 14

There's hope for me RT@jrodgers: Why middle-aged entrepreneurs will be critical to the next trillion-dollar business

Nov 02, 14

Always a work in progress. Let's think big together.
– Kinetic Cafe (kineticcafe)

Nov 02, 14

One World Trade Center re-opens looking forward to our own launch there with ALDO
– Chris Carder (cwcarder)

Oct 26, 14

Musketeer: Help anywhere, anytime. via @BetaList I love the idea of this app - #crowdsourcing for emergency help

Oct 26, 14

How Sundar Pichai Took Over Google via @feedly Great story of how #niceguysfinishfirst. It's inspiring.

Oct 25, 14

Tired of explaining your startup and failing? How to fix that
– GeekWire (geekwire)

Oct 23, 14

The #desktop still matters It's just that #Windows is way less relevant then it used to be. There are other options

Oct 23, 14

5 Justifiable Ways Great Leaders are Ruthless in Business

Oct 23, 14

Google Cloud Platform acquiring API maker Firebase via @NewsRepublic

Oct 22, 14

Todoist’s Mac App Gets Update for Apple’s OS X Yosemite it's an awesome upgrade

Oct 21, 14

Google's redesigned #Gmail app supports Yahoo and Outlook accounts via @NewsRepublic one mail client to rule them all

Oct 20, 14

I've completed 692 tasks to reach Intermediate @Todoist Karma! See my thoughts on being productive using Todoist

Oct 18, 14

Will Android and Chrome marry? via @NewsRepublic @rubyblackbelt thinks so.

Oct 18, 14

Quite excited about the launch of Wirkn! I like that it's changing the way hiring works for the next generation -

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