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Nov 23, 15

"If you are in a leadership role, you can better amplify your good ideas. For my first five years, I realized being product designer, you can have great ideas. But you need to be a great influencer to get your products actually made.

One year into my first leadership role, my boss told me that if I generate enough worthwhile ideas I could have a designer on my team. Then that turned into five designers. In a leadership role, your influence is just on a different magnitude and going through my career I realized I was missing that business acumen, so I sought it out in Phillips while there. And I learned how to put design in the context of business."

Nov 21, 15

È una parola rubata alla tecnologia dei materiali. Per dirla in modo semplice, indica la capacità di un materiale di assorbire e rilasciare l’energia (per esempio, un urto) che lo potrebbe deformare, tornando allo stato iniziale. È una faccenda di elasticità, insomma. Il termine resilienza è stato poi adottato sia dai sistemi informatici sia dall’architettura. Leggi

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