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Sally Dooley

Sally Dooley's Public Library

Oct 05, 15

free pdf book on creating a maker space

Oct 02, 15

ipad app for making slide shows and adding audio

Oct 02, 15

Using youtube to create a animoto type video.

Sep 30, 15

Professor's web site for students analyzing scholarly articles and write reviews

Sep 23, 15

Lets you edit and gives you a new url for edited piece

Sep 23, 15

Gives you a new url without the stuff around the video

Sep 21, 15

Share videos, teacher casts with students

Sep 17, 15

o sign up, you'll need an OpenURL-compatible link resolver, such as SFX from Ex Libris, 360 Link from Serials Solutions, LinkSource from EBSCO, or WebBridge from Innovative Interfaces. We also support several smaller vendors and regional products. Please contact the vendor of your link resolver to get included in Google Scholar.<br /><br />The vendor will normally ask you to fill a registration form that contains your subscriber IPs and the text of the link. They will then augment this information with your electronic holdings, and make this data available to our automatic indexing system. Your links should appear in Google Scholar within a week or two from the time the vendor makes your data available to our search robots.

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