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23 Apr 14

Kids need us. For students who struggle with behaviour challenges, it is never a simple solution. Teaching 30 students (with a variety of academic, social and emotional needs) for an entire day can be completely exhausting. When discussing solutions, though, we need to ask the question: who is this about - the teachers/admin? or the student? It likely falls somewhere in the middle but it is important to keep in mind the needs of everyone. In the end, it is our job as admin, teachers, and staff to create the conditions for student success. Meet students where they are and teach the needed skills from there.

18 Feb 14

Quality feedback is critical to student learning. Calling a grade, feedback, is like saying sharing a link with someone is collaboration.

01 Feb 14

In a still-sluggish job market, for many people job hunting can be a frustrating series of nos and non-responses.
To combat that, many job seekers with coding and design experience go to extreme creative lengths to stand out and demonstrate their skills in a tangible way.

23 Dec 13

The Personalize Learning Webinar Series presented The Inquiry Hub with David Truss and five amazing learners. The Inquiry Hub provides 9th through 12th grade learners an innovative, technology driven, full-time program that allows learners to pursue their own learning by shaping their educational experience around their interests and questions instead of structured classes.

19 Dec 13

If kids can access information from sources other than school, and if school is no longer the only place where information lives, what, then happens to the role of this institution?

04 Dec 13

Although the format and tools have changed over the past year, the philosophy has remained the same:

Unify learning at school, learning at home, and learning anywhere, anytime.

Empower learners to engage in and reflect on their own inquiry processes.

Encourage interest- and passion-driven learning.

Integrate peers, parents, communities, and global networks into the inquiry process.

17 Nov 13

By combining engaging online instruction resources and solid offline learning experiences, educators can transform their classroom and put the old column-and-rows setting to shame! Because of this notion, blended learning environments provide today's students a distinct advantage.

04 Nov 13

Technology in education, then, is useful only insofar as it extends our own humanity.

26 Oct 13

Professor John Hattie speaks passionately about outdoors learning activity centres deepening his understanding of learning - link here. He cites outdoor adventure programmes as 43rd on the list for impact on learning, but critically, its how they have the impact which matters most.

26 Oct 13

Blogs are certainly writing spaces, but they lend themselves to not just publishing writing, but also response and discussion which is that higher level thinking we are vying for...

26 Oct 13

I borrowed and adapted questions from David Truss's presentation "7 Ways to Transform Your Classroom". The questions participants discussed together and shared thoughts on were a powerful part of the day, in my opinion.

24 Oct 13

David Truss is a unique educational leader in a unique school. He’s vice principal at Learning Innovations Network Coquitlam in British Columbia, Canada. Education for him, his teachers and their students is inquiry-based, driving a learning built around asking questions and discovering answers.

23 Oct 13

The No Office Day Wiki is here; at present it appears about 30 of us have signed up to participate this week. It was born last spring, when, as I understand it, David Truss first enacted it and wrote about it as his international school in China, and then three of, including Dwight Carter, Lyn Hilt, and I myself, followed suit.

13 Oct 13

Shifting Learning – What Did You Learn At School Today? We hear a lot these days about project based learning, inquiry based learning, etc… What does that mean? What does it look like when schools shift away from “drill and kill” learning towards big ideas, questions, and “no right answer” kind of learning? And what do parents need to know about supporting their kids’ learning?

17 Jul 13

“The greatest impact on learning is the daily lived experiences of students in classrooms, and that is determined much more by how teachers teach than by what they teach” (pg. 19).

07 Jul 13

Take a peek our current draft of the Makerspace Playbook, intended to offer some guidance to those who are hoping to start a Makerspace at their school or in their community.

Besides this draft of the Makerspace Playbook, we’ve also made some progress on the companion document: High School Makerspace Tools & Materials,

04 Jul 13

This is my first question if I know every kid has a device: “What should the student learning experience be?”
That’s a question that can be addressed through design. And like any design provocation, you begin by deeply understanding the needs of humans first, in this case, the learner.
And then you make sense of that, you find what you want to design around by developing a set of design drivers (such as skills, habits of the mind, the physical and digital learning spaces, etc.) and then you ideate, ideate and ideate. Ask a second, third, fourth question … Yes … and … what if … how might we? Ask those questions. Prototype an experience, put it out there, find out what works, what doesn’t, and refine and adjust. Make it better.
Place the student and the learning at the center of the first question that you ask. Make it about them and what they should experience in your school as a learner. Don’t make it about whether or not the device supports Shockwave.

06 May 13

David Truss is the Vice Principal and Lead Administrator of the Inquiry Hub in Vancouver, British Columbia. We interviewed Dave about the design of the Inquiry Hub back in April, 2012. The Inquiry Hub opened this September so we interviewed Dave again to follow their journey.

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