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Darren Elliott

Darren Elliott's Public Library

Apr 16, 15

Making videos on your smartphone is common place in Australia with an increasing majority of us opting to record our memories on mobile devices.

From concert footage to cat videos and everything in between, the smartphone is not only a convenient pocket size camera, it’s also a serious film making tool. 

Smartphone’s are being used to make feature films, documentaries, news, and all manner of creative visual content. So to help you capture great footage on your smartphone, I've set out a few simple tips and tricks in the video above.

The tutorial video was shot, edited, and uploaded using only a smartphone.

Before you record:
Video takes up a lot of storage space. Check you have enough space before you shoot.
Recording video chews up battery life. Make sure your phone is fully charged. 
To extend the life of your battery while recording, turn off all your apps. 
Switch your device to flight mode so you don't get interrupted with a phone call.

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