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Aug 20, 16

8 writing lessons from Michelle Obama's DNC speech via @poynter

Jul 05, 16

American Dreams - The New York Times

Jul 05, 16

Did a Fear of Slave Revolts Drive American Independence?

Jun 29, 16

Immigration Poems for Teachers | Academy of American Poets

Jun 10, 16

Evernote Bootcamp: Tame Your Notebooks With A Table Of Contents #EvernoteTips

Jun 08, 16

#YouGottaHearThis "We Real Cool" performed by Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Gwendolyn Brooks, born #OTD in 1917

Jun 08, 16

Creating Memes to Explore Themes

Jun 06, 16

Brain Blast: Make the Last Class Count! | Todd's Brain | #edchat #teachers

Jun 02, 16

Student essay overload? Solution: Single Letter To The Class! #ncte #edchat #engchat

May 31, 16

What are the most common words used in several famous poets' works? This post has word clouds for Shakespeare, Dickinson, Whitman, Poe, Hughes, and more.

May 31, 16

'Really impressed by 'blog that advocates for authentic writing instruction: @plthomasEdD pointed us to it.Thanks!

Mar 15, 16

Drama Shows Us a Way Out of Violence (or, how Aeschylus & Shakespeare show us a way beyond Trump)

Mar 01, 16

FYI: Ms. Effie's AP Lit resources helped me from Day 1. Consider donating because she is awesome. #aplitchat

Feb 25, 16

"The humanities interrogate us. They challenge our sense of who we are."

Feb 25, 16

Let's Bury the 5-Paragraph Essay: Long Live Authentic Writing
#aplitchat #engchat #aplangchat #elachat

Feb 25, 16

Use your voice to type, edit and format in Docs—no keyboard needed! #GoogleDocs

Feb 16, 16

Middle School Memoir Unit Part 1: Picking a Topic and Getting them Motivated #engchat #mschat

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